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BC election 2020: John Horgan reacts to projected NDP majority government | FULL SPEECH

In a historic win only one-and-a-half hours after polls closed, Global News on Oct. 24 declared the British Columbia NDP has won a majority government, with John Horgan remaining as premier.

Horgan delivered a speech on Saturday reacting to his party’s projected majority government win, thanking his loved ones and his opponents.

The premier called an election back on Sept. 21, saying the province needs a majority government to navigate the ongoing global crisis.

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  1. Avatar
    Richard Boddington

    The people of BC are spectacularly stupid. There is no other word to describe them.

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for the grand, John. How 'bout another?

  3. Avatar

    Hard working BC will continue to get cleaned while their money supports drug dealers, economic migrants and the Islamization of Canada

  4. Avatar

    I'm from Ontario, apparently I have no clue about BC politics 🤷‍♂️

  5. Avatar

    BC is either full of Brain Dead people or are all just freeloaders.. BC is the only province in Canada with a NDP provincial government in power.. Really stupid..

  6. Avatar

    Congrats to the NDP.

  7. Avatar

    Fantastic Horgon is the man and i'm so glad i voted for the right man <3

  8. Avatar

    Tell us again about how your deficit was actually a surplus, Horgan.

  9. Avatar

    He lies like a plank

  10. Avatar

    Hahaha…..like it matters who won. Nothing will change for the better for actual men and women. Another 4 years of broken promises just like if it was a liberal, conservative, PPC or green getting "voted in", higher taxes, more unemployment, more lockdowns, more small businesses closing, tourism dead and buried, more oppression, more freedom taken away with much much more socialism until we are completely in a full blown SJW communist dystopia. Welcome to the 21st century MF'ers, the Great Reset and the socialism wet dream the universal basic income in the 2nd or 3rd quarter next year. This is better than reality TV!

  11. Avatar

    The tax man is getting stronger by the minute..

  12. Avatar

    A win-win for all !

  13. Avatar

    Omg. I totally sure it was fabricated. NDP couldn't win. Everybody hated them for supporting corrupt libs.

  14. Avatar
    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Omg. They had only parties engaged in the recent corruption as the options. Sad

  15. Avatar

    Power grab … hurry up and give the people their covid money that was on hold while you gained power mongerer

  16. Avatar

    Here comes NDP communist

  17. Avatar

    TB kills 3000 a day every day day after day globally
    Roughly 1.1 million a year

  18. Avatar

    Oh, love to see "Conservative's" snowflakes.

  19. Avatar

    Anywhere in Canada you don’t vote for a party or a person, you vote for which corruption you are willing to live with.

  20. Avatar

    Now if only Ontario can follow suit

  21. Avatar

    Poor BC. The believed the NDP lies. I'm Albertan and we learned out lesson after Rachel Notley!! Never vote NDP

  22. Avatar

    Horgans own dad didn't think he was worth it, why would you .

  23. Avatar

    No Conservatives? I want to move to BC

  24. Avatar

    I hate this guy.

  25. Avatar

    To everyone who voted this guy in enjoy the tax increases soon to come.

  26. Avatar

    The New anti-Democratic Party have direct links to the Chinese Communist Party. Their (ndp) political philosophies have always been rooted in the destabilization of healthy working economies, in-favour of the enslavement of the majority (whites) to gift the minority with undeserved opportunity to promote civil disobedience. In B.C. apparently that failed mentality has been effective.

  27. Avatar

    I didn't vote NDP but I want to take a moment and congratulate both NDP party members and John Horgan on their win. I wish them the best and hope they impact everyone's life positively.
    God may be with you

  28. Avatar

    Prepare for more job losses. Look for the tax increases. Watchforthe handouts to the homeless and low income. Watch your hard earned dollars be burned up in scrupulous spending.

  29. Avatar

    An NDP majority means hell for the working class and tax paying citizens of BC. We will be footing the bill for social programs, welfare, special interest groups, and back room deals that will raise the debt of our province to never before seen levels.
    Thanks BC voters for screwing the working class.

  30. Avatar

    Life is pain

  31. Avatar

    Congratulations to all NDP WINNERS

  32. Avatar

    Ahhh migration, the Canadian version of gerrymandering.

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