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BC election 2020: British Columbia party leaders debate ahead of October election | FULL

The leaders of British Columbia’s three largest political parties took part in a televised election debate on Tuesday night.

The 90-minute debate featured B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan, B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and B.C. Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau.

The discussion was expected to center around COVID-19 recovery and which leader is best suited to guide the province through the ongoing pandemic.

There were also direct questions to candidates about current issues in B.C. as well as head-to-head debate between the individual party leaders.

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  1. Avatar

    So do the Greens have a chance to make it interesting?

  2. Avatar

    How are they not constantly talking over one another?

  3. Avatar

    The minute she said fires from south of our border are climate change she lost all credibility . The fires were set by humans specifically BLM and Antifa anarchists and terrorists.

  4. Avatar

    I really tried to feel sonia but wasn't successful.

  5. Avatar
    Benjamin J. Daniel

    honestly impressed by the number of trolls in the comments here

  6. Avatar

    The motive is to tell you want you to hear, but their motive is to just get elected….Or re-elected! Who really believes this crap! Your seniors are suffering but have been seriously neglected, especially low income senior! We as low income seniors need great help but Never included or mentioned in legislature!

  7. Avatar

    A very well managed and orderly debate. Makes me proud to be Canadian. Only a little “low road” behaviour but also some “high road” comments. Well done all.

  8. Avatar

    I cannot live on my pension! I will be living out of my humble car! What can your government do to help me! I followed the rules and did everything right but have been serious screwed ! Iwould like a reply’s! BTW I need two knee replacements and disability has rejected me! I am going to rot in my car! This is not the country I helped to to build and grow and raise my family! I am sad and ashamed! Politics aside! There are people that are desperate and need help!

  9. Avatar

    Let me see ppl vote 🗳 to have ppl write ✍🏽 rules, they charge around 50% of income in taxes for said services, if you disagree they come to u & ur family at night with automatic weapons 🤔☝️the party in 🇨🇦 conducts business on behalf of the Crown, they all proclaim Royal Prerogative Status – they can do no wrong, the policy enforcement teams have no respect for the people and their unalienable fundamental rights and freedoms- BLM let us not forget 🙏 u can’t vote for the Head of State as she is unelected, 🇨🇦 is a Constitutional Monarchy not a Democracy… they claim the Divine Right to Rule…are all 🇨🇦 Subjects 🤔😱 Opposition to leader’s behaviour, public criticism of it & declaration of moral unfitness of office, is NOT necessarily inconsistent with a submissive spirit to governing ‘authorities.’

    You really have to ask: The illiteracy of the Electorate is it Ignorance or Apathy?

    💻 🧐

  10. Avatar

    NDP has been a disaster for BC. The greens a sick joke – just call them NDP. Time for BC to punt these commies.

  11. Avatar

    It would be funny if the party that called for the early election get voted out of office.

  12. Avatar

    Don't vote for a doctor they are only interested in themselves, ruining medicare, supporting private practice and extra billing, wanting salary hikes even though they are the highest paid health professionals, just don't vote for a doctor.

  13. Avatar

    Andrew Wilkinson has the charisma of soggy toilet paper

  14. Avatar

    Hmm I just might vote Green this time.

  15. Avatar

    You know you're living in a leftist quagmire when the most conservative party is the LIBERAL party.

  16. Avatar
    Great. Big. World.

    Horgans tax war against home owners has caused developers to slow down and in many cases stop building. Now with the lack of supply, home prices are the highest we have ever seen…and this is during a pandemic. Horgan…nice guy with failing policies.

  17. Avatar

    The moderator should stop over-talking. I missed most to the dialogue. It is not tolerated in the house.

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Do NOT elect any party that would lock you down over COVID, a virus demonstrably less dangerous to B.C. residents than is influenza & pneumonia and suicide. Teach the authortarian-minded politicians a lesson they will not forget.

  20. Avatar

    First off… kudos to Shachi Kurl for being a great Moderator!!! She did a great job ensuring the candidates answered the questions and enforcing the time-lines that were given, accepted, and agreed upon.
    I know it's not fair to compare and contrast a Canadian Provincial election to a US Federal election but at this point, it seems like the rules don't matter anyways. But here I go, comapred to the circus of the presidential debate, It was really good to see the candidates discussing issues that affect everyone every day. The way the candidates presented themselves and answered the questions in a fact-based and realistic point of view was good to see.

    The NDP Government has done a lot to help BC residents work through the Cod-19 Global pandemic, and I resepct that

    The NDP is doing welll in terms of short term-solutions, but the Green Party is looking ahead, to a better future for BC, amd that is why I will be voting Green

  21. Avatar

    Respectful debate. I like the conclusion which I think might be the best idea of the evening : they've got a cookie !

  22. Avatar

    Who the hell wants greens in power???

  23. Avatar

    I think the MOMENT for me in this Debate was 1:02:51 Sonia Fursteneau – on Unconscious Bias – full mic drop – and you got my VOTE

  24. Avatar

    All a Bunch of CROOKS !!!

  25. Avatar

    56:43 Moderator: "It is time now for Wilkinson's question to Furstenau".

    Wilkinson: "Furstenau, is John Horgan bad?"

  26. Avatar

    Wow, what a choice they have in BC. You can vote for a liberal, a socialist or a communist. What a joke.

  27. Avatar

    3 left wing parties… what could go wrong?

  28. Avatar

    Don't vote for anybody who support the current gov or the lockdown. They are ll sellouts

  29. Avatar

    …Look Green Party, I care about the environment as much as you do, and props to you for going more into helping out the people as well as the environment, and while the NDP doesn't agree with you on everything I think they're better for BC than the Liberals are…if the Liberals were brought back in they'd do WAY more damage. Besides, it's hard to deny that we're in complicated times right now, I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing to care for the environment, (using the bus, buying eco friendly laundry and dish soap, fixing stuff as opposed to throwing it out if something breaks, electronic recycling, soft plastic recycling, textile recycling [when the dropoff place starts accepting again due to Covid] and that's on top of regularly putting stuff in blue bins and yellow bags), but I'm going to vote NDP because I think they're behind the Low Income folks, and that, in turn, can mean some good things for the environment, take the BC Rail scandal for example, imagine what'd happen if they sold it off to a conglomerate that didn't care as much about keeping the engines properly maintained…much more pollution.

    I'm sorry about Kinder Morgan/LNG and Site C, but Mr. Horgan has a point, it was the Liberal's idea, not his, by the time they came into the picture it was kinda late to put a stop to them, but I think he'll make the effort to see that it's all done properly, with as little damage to the environment…I can trust him to do that more than I can trust the BC Liberals to do the same…

  30. Avatar

    Horgans planning more Plandemics for the next two or three years???? WTH

  31. Avatar

    1st time I got to see Horgan for the snake he is…and both parties confronted him about it for a reason

  32. Avatar

    The Greens scare me. They will kill all industry with their hair on fire 🔥. These people are extreme. It’s about redistribution of wealth

  33. Avatar

    geen party looks high on weed

  34. Avatar

    non for profit is the biggest profit taker these days

  35. Avatar

    All three pander to a fixed narrative. Energy production is sovereignty. Their clean energy will be Nuclear SMR and radioactive waste for 600 million years buried under Lake Erie-carbon is your friend with a time line like that. Racial division and white privilege is a method to keep people at odds. Do you know who Susan Rosenberg is? Weather Underground? BLM by its own public admission is a Marxist anti-traditional family organization which advocates the USE OF ILLEGAL VIOLENCE. Pandemic will be shown as a statistical exercise of faulty models of self-serving bias much like the Climate change carbon tax. Research, do true research occasionally the powers that control said info have not deleted it. Start with interview of Ayn Rand with Mike Wallace 1959 and see why a government that is involved with the economy is a really bad idea. All towing the globalist agenda they couldn't care less about you and yours. Actors Act.

  36. Avatar
    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    I've just read this comment section. Omg. Nobody says about hyper spending, covid hoax, freedoms takeover. They talk about who's left who's right. It's the end of Free Canada. Welcome to the soviet Canada.

  37. Avatar

    The green leader is a complete whack job

  38. Avatar

    Is this Sonia 1st-to-know chick really needed for this debate?

  39. Avatar

    Sonia : "Seniors are not commodity, must be treated with respect and dignity"
    Dear Sonia, do you know that NDP, the party that Green gave power to form government, are taxing-to-dry senior homeowners with their SCHOOL GRAB? Many have to withdraw their pension fund to pay for it.

  40. Avatar

    If thers an opioid crises its created in the streets by drug abusers not by senior citizens in legimate pain. Why are you all lying to people…. this covid thing is a political pawn admit it….. I would never vote for this green party, the leader is so full of nonsense Shame on all the parties for saying such lies

  41. Avatar

    In the age of podcasting where genuine and candid conversations between important people are consumed by millions, I don't think this frigid debate format, where every question and answer are premeditated, accomplishes anything.

  42. Avatar

    Let me explain NDP's housing policies' "ACHIEVEMENT" :
    Entry-level properties' price = SKYROCKET.
    Mid-Level properties' price = STAY.
    Mansions = DOWN.
    So unless you have a taste of a mansion, whoever could NOT afford a property under Liberal, is now even MORE CANNOT AFFORD under NDP, because entry-level properties are skyrocketing expensive. Only some rich mansion-hunters from Asia enjoy NDP's "achievement". They say, "XIE-XIE NDP". Now they can grab a mansion in Vancouver on discount.

  43. Avatar
    Laurel Reese Rose Forbes

    Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  44. Avatar
    Wraith's Requirem

    Yeah, ask for more money to do nothing. It's the Canadian culture. Why don't they just administer a death pill at a certain age and be done with it. That way they can have their dignity and finally be free?

  45. Avatar

    Covid benefit of $1,000 from NDP. Dude, covid benefit should be given between April to June, thats the peak. Not during you call for election, that's a BRIBE.

  46. Avatar

    The BC Liberals are NOTHING but a gang of neo-con raiders that want to move as MUCh public money into the hands of the super rich as quickly as possible. That is all they did with nearly an entire generation in power. We lost exceptionally functional public services in the name of "efficiency" – sold off in no-bid deals to billionaire friends and corporations. Now we struggle to keep the damn ferries working without costing commuters an arm and a leg for a single crossing. A vote for them is a vote against the future, against your children and against the planet.

  47. Avatar

    Horgan is somewhat like Trump, CAN'T STOP LYING.

  48. Avatar

    What is going on with Wilkinson's hands? Clearly an advisor told him to be more expressive and use his hands when he speaks. YIKES!

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