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Battlefield Returns to Steam – Official Trailer

Discover or relive classic all-out warfare across five titles as Battlefield returns to the Steam platform.

With Premium Pass versions of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 1 along with Battlefield V Year 2 Edition, there’s never been a better time to join the fights across land, air, and sea.

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  1. Avatar
    holax smackdownfan

    Can you slowly release an new modern Battlefield game like Battlefield 3/BC2 instead of this boring WW2 style with no sense

  2. Avatar

    Where’s hardline the best one

  3. Avatar

    they returned to steam but they didnt return to glory

  4. Avatar
    Kacper The gamer

    Let's all agree that battlefield is way better than Fortnite

  5. Avatar

    Humvee in bf4?

  6. Avatar

    Bf 3 morre good than all bf's

  7. Avatar

    I just wanna see a teaser for the new Battlefield game

  8. Avatar

    Hei from Indonesia 😁🤣🎁😂

  9. Avatar
    Giovanni Willian

    I belive all battlefields are in the same world, a world of war


  10. Avatar

    i hope that we will not have to buy again the games on steam because everyone can't buy them again

  11. Avatar

    Steam? I hope it means l get to find server and put AT mine on dirt bike

  12. Avatar

    Where is this bgm mp3

  13. Avatar

    0:10 is powerful af

  14. Avatar

    It's a beautiful trailer😍😍😍

  15. Avatar

    put the BF4 dlc for PS3 free haha

  16. Avatar

    BF3 , BF4 , and BF1 were amazing games and still are ……. we dont talk about BF5 though

  17. Avatar

    How to kill epic games who's already dead even after more than 30 free games

  18. Avatar

    So am I going to have to buy BF3 AGAIN since I can't join any Origin server?

  19. Avatar

    I would say this is good, but after it being completely fucked because of the fact that it still uses the old battlefield website just ruins it. The game doesn't even start properly. Please note I've only played the steam BF3 but everyone on all the others are complaining about the same issue. You fucked up again EA.

  20. Avatar

    1.3 dislike epic games users

  21. Avatar

    EA is preparing for something big….

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