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Barrett’s friend and colleague: 'Be careful about too many assumptions'

Professor Nicole Garnett, friend and colleague of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, talks about Barrett’s personal qualities, judicial philosophy and why she might surprise us.

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    So you interview a close friend and think you're going to get an unbiased opinion? LOL!

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    Dr. Linda F. Williams

    How can a corrupt business tycoon without any knowledge of the constitution nominate a qualified person on the Supreme Court unless he has an underlying motive for his own self interest. Now we see how well HYPOCISY works as a tangeable cover-up. Simply stated, President Trump followers always fall into the same con artistry trap he has used his entire life to create a fake reality television within the oval office which inevitably transforms into the federal courts throughout the US. What makes us think that his choice of nominees to the Supreme Court would be any different?

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    SCOTUS appointees are not there to leave a “ Legacy”. They are there to rule according to the laws as they were written and interpreted by the legislature and to uphold our constitution. Anything else is political activism.

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    She speaks like a true friend and of course she won't talk negatively of her and of their"community". But fair is fair and time will tell when and how much her decisions will enable the cultists to remove affordable care and women's rights over their own bodies. But have to wonder how she'd feel about her friend's daughters when they get pregnant out of wedlock or when they have their kids and need medical care? So no, don't believe any good will be done to the US when this woman is sworn in. They're all just hypocrits and swindlers.

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    Mr google The end

    Don't trust a thing any of them say Mind control tactices: they choose the topics they choose wat you speak about and control wat you see Lets be honest most of you care less about this topic but here it is anyway Never trust the 6 major networks

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    Maga 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅

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    Power and money changes people…remember that first and foremost…moral integrity should prevail in wisdom…it’s the need of the many that out weigh the want of the few…Just Us…Vincent L.Ward Sr 10-13-2020

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    Perhaps the good professor should advise her friend to recuse herself. Why should Judge Amy sully her reputation by being nominated by a criminal president and confirmed by a dishonest Senate?

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    Just more propaganda from those who want to over turn Roe v. Wade. In any event abortion will be determined by States and Red States will be the ones using hangers to abort unwanted pregnancies not the Blue States. It will be legal in Blue States. And the poor folks from the Red States neither will have enough money to go to Europe or to pay for an abortion in the Blue States. Let a woman choose what happens to their own bodies.

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    How many supreme court nominees were nominated 22 days before the election?

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    Death Cheaters Guild

    LYING 🤥 Lindsay and the corrupt hypocritical GOP 🐘 send him/them packing 🧳!

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    shannon the Grand

    Can't wait till she takes away the Trumpers health care

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    Finally some humanity instead of hatred

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    I think Amy Coney Barrett is exactly what we've been striving for in an American citizen. The dems are painting her as a monster, when she's just human.

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    Well we can certainly make assumptions about the childish liberals whom the Dems would pack the court with.

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    So, a (good) friend of Amy Coney Barrett is telling us that she's a great person and not to make assumptions about her … wow … I didn't see that one coming; I don't know about you, but I'm convinced 🤦‍♂️😢.

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    A great lady for a great job

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    Excellent choice ABC to interview, very well done.

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    Thank you, Clemnerson for your kind, respectful reply to my inquiry – very good info.

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    She gave nearly the same reasons all of the GOP have been giving for why this nomination for the SC is "okay" during an election year! Nearly WORD FOR WORD, as if it may have been rehearsed!

    Do any of YOU know those actual NUMBERS off by heart, pray tell? She needed to memorize those, because she KNEW she would be asked this question!

    I did not hear the OTHER question those disingenuous a-holes never know how to answer adequately, and that is why it was okay for them to BLOCK President Obama's nominee, with a far larger amount of time before the election…

    It is obvious that answering THAT question is far more difficult; Lindsey Graham has one of the worst times while trying to do so, because of his flagrant lie in 2016 – "Hold the tape"…

    It it not whether it is constitutional, is it? It is about what is RIGHT, and this push to appoint ACB STINKS of the highest levels of government corruption and hypocrisy! We all recognize the reasons why they are doing this in such a rapid-fire manner, while so readily IGNORING other more pressing urgent matters of the senate! Don't think you can all keep repeating the same BS with us, because it won't change what this really is – dereliction of duty while at the same time being actively involved in a corrupt process, with NOTHING but nefarious intent.

    I trust this "friend" no more than I trust ACB, or the GOP's great speed run to have her confirmed before a possibly contentious election that is ALREADY UNDERWAY!

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    So is this Nicole also a FEDERALIST? Please Google them and their creation by filthy rich Conservative Republicans and have been manipulating our government & our justice system for decades!

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    Prophetess/Evangelist Precious

    what has happened to America this country that we love look at what going on in the White House the political party doesn't care all they do is lies it's a shame ,,, the people can't get help to pay their bills ., there will be NO Second Stimulus Check NO matter what they say we the people have to help our neighbors in need. struggling,,, America was once a great Nation [psalm 33; 12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his inheritance. AMEN [[

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    Targeted Individuals Be Strong

    First, I would like to thank your network for helping humanity finally see this world's deception from the people. Without your propaganda and over the top lie after lie being projected to your audience to such a dilusional, insane, and ridiculous blatant extreme. The general public would never be researching and educating themselves on the truth being hidden from them. Appreciate the push. On to the main message of my comment. Therefore, there is good news and bad news. Which would you like me to continue with first?
    I'Ve always been the good news first kinda of person. This I choose because with the good news first it makes it more tolerable to hear the bad. HoweVer, with the lies and deception your network continues to spew towards your waking audience who is finally wiping the sleep from their eyes and letting out an oVer thousands of year old yawn. Unfortunately for you their awareness is way more ahead of your current expectations. Just because they aren't banging on your doors and windows with pitch forks, torches, and ropes, demanding you and your associates be dragged out in there Brooks Brothers PJ's, for them to proVide justice. Which you and I both know should of taken place ALONG TIME AGO. This kind of justice will allow healing to the families, souls, and bloodlines for all those crimes against humanity, which included rape, torture, pedophilia, treason, and much more that your network protected with your lie spewing deceptiVe fork tongues. Oh look what I did. I started to already giVe the bad news for you away already. Well let's go ahead with the bad news first then. Since the Cat is out of the Bag, as the rats begin to scour about. Kinda of like the 90% you giVe to your audience first. "Good news doesn't sell", you might reply. This depends on the your audience. Is it good news for them or YOU?
    That is a factor that has neVer concerned you before, so why try putting on the sh-t shoVeling suit and crocodile tears now. You are going to need eVery dump truck and tractor around the globe for what will be brought to the surface in the next eight months. ForgiVing you for your deep state deception campaign to assist the puppeteers working for a child blood sacrifice swallowing monster that assures the power and control to those leVer pullers and button pushers who reside aboVe you is not going to be easy for your audience. Now that you haVe been pushing fear infused panic upon them and their families for months with the deep state false plandemic that has destroyed many of their businesses as well. I know you were told it would haVe more deVastating results then it did. Karma of the uniVerse is about to giVe you your karma back to you. The cosmos always giVes back eVerything you giVe it, times ten though, in extreme cases such as this. Therefore, I'm sorry to bring you and your fellow proVocateurs this predictiVe foreshadowing, but I do it in order to shake, maybe a few of you, into coming into the light before this all takes place. It doesn't haVe a Very happy ending for those on the dark side. Unfortunately, light wins this time around. "The good news", you are demanding right about now, I suspect you might be saying. The good news is kronos still exists in order for you to shed your darkness. Redemption and grace was giVen to you already for eVeryone willing to ask for it in forgiVeness to those Victimized by your crimes and deception. The Age of Pisces is ending. It is the Age of ForgiVeness. All that wants to moVe forward will be forgiVen. As the Age of Aquarius is starting. The Age of Truth is the equinox of all darkness being reVealed and healed by light. EVerything will be brought to light. Whether you like it or not. All disclosure is eminent. You see, there is a higher creatiVe force, much higher then the blood swallowing luciferian demon demanding your allegiance and blood of earth's children. It is balancing, protecting, clearing, and remoVing much of the old, negatiVe, and binding the destructiVe energies that haVe been in place for thousands of years. New systems of old are getting pulled down as new ones are being introduced that don't only benefit the ones on top the pyramid of the cosmos currently. Perfectly in balance is the purpose. Remember, so aboVe, so below, this you already know. So it doesn't matter whether now on your own accord or banging on your front door by thousands of furious pitch fork and fire lite torch weilding fellow brothers and sisters. It will be brought out. Therefore, the choice to your own redemption is yours. The audience reading this need to be aware that healing and forgiVeness must take place. We all carry some responsibility in our ciVilization coming to a point like now. We didn't giVe them consent directly, but allowing it to happen and your personal liberties to be stripped to this extreme is also consenting. Being selfishly driVen by your materialism is also an abuse against yourself, while effecting your brothers to sisters around you. EVeryone must take personal responsibility in this result. We can eVolVe out, but it takes understanding and coming together. Dogmatic, racist, classist, political, and gender diVides only keep the eVolution of humanity down. When you disrespect your brother or sister and fail to see all aspects of a hurtful action to you or society, it is blindness of your higher self. These diVides have to be dis-solved. Using those diVisions listed to create diVides through falsifying and deception (hint CNN, ABC, and other mainstream deep state bought) in order to full fill a narratiVe must also end now. Like the Floyd incident. Which has happened to many others in similar or other ways, that some in law enforcement unfortunately took to far. I don't say this in order to down play Mr. Floyd's unfortunate and tragic death. If it wakes us all to the realization and understanding of how it got to this point in history. It may be the most magnificent eVent eVer, if it changes the wheels of everything to a destructiVe end.. Does that mean eVery police officer is a racist murdering thug with the license to get away with it. No of course not. Does it mean we take pay from them and their families for corruption and mistakes of a few. No of course not. Why do we need so many to govern and enforce our actions. Are we all not ciVilized enough to help one another, not disrespect one another, to loVe each other as much as we loVe ourselVes?
    If we liVed more in tune with UniVersal Law we wouldn't need so many police, would we not? Go ahead pull my message of unity and truth from your platform. I have made sure to capture it's posting to make clear of future evidence against you for violating my rights which is endowed to MY CREATOR, NOT YOU. Which I do not consent in you doing. We cannot allow the puppeteers to sit on top laughing and plotting our demise to diVide us, as we fight and kill one another for only their gain and not for all humanity. There you go ABC. It may not be any good news for you and your team, but it should giVe you an understanding outside the Veil of what is taking place and a collectiVe and hopeful outcome we wish to happen for all of our future. I hope eVeryone the best and forgiVeness is offered to all those who wish to aquire it. We don't forgiVe those who do not want it. We will neVer forget those who carried it out or helped without empathy in doing so. We don't forget those who were tortured, committed, imprisoned, raped, and murdered for trying to bring the light and truth forward. Expect us to bring light, healing, justice, and understanding to all our brothers and sisters. Expect us to finish the game.
    Trust the plan

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    She probably thinks she was called by god

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    Thank you ABC for not knocking her. She is a fine woman of faith. She will uphold justice and defend the constitution.

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    does somebody really appreciate GOP's action and the judge's action? because i don't. the only question in this matter is to get trump as a election winner one way or another. if not election, then with help of supreme court.

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    Does it fucking matter if she's nice or not? If she strikes down ACA, do you think all of the millions of people who can't get care and/or DIE will give AF if some Karen says she's nice? WTF???

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    She can’t work to hard at her job because she’s got 7 kids so either she’s not a mother or she’s not much of a judge there’s no possible way she can be a success at both it’s just not possible anyway you look at it 🙄

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    Something they can do together as a couple? So her husband will make her decisions for her. She’s a “handmade” (her words), and has to do what her husband tells her.
    This is NOT what a SCOTUS is supposed to do.

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