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Barrett says Roe v. Wade is not a ‘super-precedent’

Under questioning from Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Oct. 13 said there were still challenges and disagreements about the landmark decision legalizing abortions. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Daniel Republican

    Abortion, it's not really the elephant in the room, it's a tool to perpetuate the politicians…

  2. Avatar

    She'll overturn it first chance she gets.
    How is anybody not getting that?

  3. Avatar

    The question Dems should be asking Barrett is this: "if a rapist got you pregnant, would you personally want to get an abortion?"

  4. Avatar

    So if I started questioning Brown v. does that make it not a super-precedent?

  5. Avatar

    WOW! I didn’t realize until now just how nasty Amy Klobichar is. 👿👿

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    As an atheist and abortion supporter I recognize Roe v Wade was judicial activism. What's not written in the Constitution is suppose to be decided by the states.

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    Expletive Deleted

    What a crock of DNC talking points and campaigning. No actual questions. None. Hours of DNC talking points. Hours of no actual questions relating to the nomination.

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    Spying OnMyKeystrokes

    I have spent over a decade enduring BS by progressive participants who attempt to force me to be exposed to psychiatric garbage through criminal administration of drugs, and attempts at entrapment designed to achieve that outcome. THEY DO NOT CARE IF SOMEONE ELSE CONTROLS WHAT IS DONE TO MY BODY. They are accepted and protected by other liberals and progressives. They're doing it to attempt to create a situation where I forget about their past criminal infringement of rights and intellectual property theft, protected from prosecution because the perpetrator(s) are too gay, too mason, and too pig to be allowed to fail. I am supposed to be drugged so I am not bothered by their daily stalking routine, and they behave as though they believe themselves religious nobility. They conduct themselves like the party bosses in every film you see about the Khmer Rouge. Ignorant, full grown hall monitors. I am a fervent anti-monarchist. Therefore, I don't give a f'ck if the SCOTUS overturns Roe V Wade. Why should I care about someone else's right to decide what goes on with their bodies when the participants in the very party championing that idea will not extend the same to me?

  9. Avatar

    she is so patronizing and it sounds like she feels like she's the smartest person. She is so officious. Forget RoevWade — she will definitely overturn it. We're doomed. I don't like her attitude.

  10. Avatar

    stacking the courts — look what the Republicans are doing. They are so hypocritical my blood is boiling. With Bennet on the Court, women are doomed for generations!!!!!!!!

  11. Avatar

    another donnie dog…..woof, woof..yes , master

  12. Avatar

    Klobs, your apparent inability to understand this simple concept, may have something to do with why you are not qualified for SCOTUS.

  13. Avatar

    How is this a controversial answer?? A super precedent by definition is one where there is not opposition, it has been unanimously voted on and agreed by policy makers and the public. Rowe does not fit that description since it’s constantly being argued. How is this being spun into a negative comment by Barrett?

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    Zippitydoodah Zingus

    super-precedent is a made up word

  15. Avatar

    the title is misleading but Barrett gave a confusing answer or just a non-answer

  16. Avatar

    Amy Conley Barrett is very respectful and intelligent.

  17. Avatar

    Poor Klobuchar, way out of her depth.

  18. Avatar

    Roe vs Wade? No abortions in USA or elsewhere. Easy, safe, non-invasive VASECTOMIES all seven continents for grossly over-populated human animals that are destroying the ONLY home we have!! We, in our greed, have begun the sixth mass EXTINCTION of Phanerozoic history. Want more viruses like Covid-19?

  19. Avatar

    Judge Amy should recuse herself. Why sully her future reputation by being nominated by a criminal incompetent president, confirmed by a hypocritical lying Senate? Is being a Justice really worth a lifelong stain?

  20. Avatar

    Not what she said at all. Klobuchar tried to outsmart her and lost. We’re talking about the brightest legal minds in the world… getting questioned by senators.. This is the result. Or better, watch the senator from Hawaii. Jaw dropping.

  21. Avatar

    ACB is good, really good.

  22. Avatar

    All she seems to be saying it that based on the general consensus, Roe v Wade is not a super-precedent. It doesn't seem like that statement has anything to do with her personal opinion or stance on the case. I could be wrong, but that's what I understood from Barrett's response.

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    Questions……. health care, abortion, death penalty. Life cycle. I voted for Trump in 2016. Please answer the questions.

  26. Avatar

    I disagree with full term abortions. We need the police. Police just need better training. I pray that the police received adequate training . You have a child with Downs. What if hypothetically speaking a Local sheriff questioned her?

  27. Avatar

    I am very grateful for you.

  28. Avatar

    I guarantee that this will be a SNL skit this week. And Amy Coney Barrett's voice will be the joke.😂🤣😂

  29. Avatar

    In 150 years people will look back at abortion like we look at slavery today.

  30. Avatar

    When senator Klobuchar Is standing before our Lord with her head bowed tears running down her face her make up a mess her hands behind her back her feet turned in and a huge wet spot on Her front of her dress and God says to her why why
    Senator did you believe in ABORTION And she’ll see to the Lord Votes many many votes and power

  31. Avatar

    My standard question for all pro choicers – now that you've lived your life, created memories, a career, gathered a group of family and friends, are YOU glad YOUR mother chose life?

  32. Avatar

    Klobuchar and Maize are the poster children for Term Limits – when Lord, when?

  33. Avatar

    She didnt say no super president wow wp is outta touch

  34. Avatar

    Klobochar is so smug

  35. Avatar

    I think Amy won that exchange

  36. Avatar

    .very educated..made

  37. Avatar

    Yeah her tracks lead American women into a dark place. A step backward. She is a wolf in sheep skin. I don’t trust her.

  38. Avatar

    Is DC vs Heller a super-precedent?

  39. Avatar

    Amy is a woman who doesn’t believe in women’s rights. She shouldn’t have a government job where our taxes pay her salary and certainly not on the SC.

  40. Avatar

    Klobuchar is out of her league. She stops ACB because she can't follow.

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