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Barrett Pressed On Affordable Care Act And Presidential Powers In Hearing | NBC Nightly News

On the third day of her confirmation hearing, Judge Amy Coney Barrett said she could not weigh in on whether a president can pardon himself. She was challenged on a 2017 article she wrote criticizing the court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act.
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Barrett Pressed On Affordable Care Act And Presidential Powers In Hearing | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    If they end the ACA during a pandemic, heaven help us! Vote blue! 🌊😷

  2. Avatar
    Let’s do it Joe Biden for president

    Amy Basically not answering any question they give her Situation about the president she should answer
    If you’re going to a job interview and they ask you questions you can’t say idk I have to see they wanna know if you fit for the position or not she not answer any questions
    Also Trump talk about Amy like she working for him red flags 🚩

  3. Avatar

    She is only getting the job because of her butt-kissing to tRUMP.
    We will have to live with this for 35 to 40 years. This is insane. Need term limits
    across the board. Hope the Z generation is paying attention and will do something about the entire system. We need to the big money out of Washington-they buy their candidates.

  4. Avatar
    Let’s do it Joe Biden for president

    Funny how when it’s come to stimulus Republican going on vacation yet now they’re in rush I believe Americans people want to wait until after the election

  5. Avatar

    She is the smartest woman I've ever heard, she intellectually smacked the democrat shrews around so effortlessly, I almost felt sorry for the them.

  6. Avatar



    01:42 I like that😍❤️

  7. Avatar
    Angela Newman Mya Sims

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  8. Avatar

    She's gonna turn to be another Trump lackey

  9. Avatar

    Barrett doesn't know the five basic freedoms granted by our first Amendment. The more Barrett speaks the more un-American she sounds. Things we know since school and Barrett doesn't know or support.

  10. Avatar

    Our 9 month old puppy, bear, needs hip surgery. We started a go fund me page for bear. Please read our story

  11. Avatar

    Leningrad lindsey seems to be illegally fundraising off this process

  12. Avatar

    NBC sucks for rewarding Trump!!! Boooooo!!! Thumbs down!!! Boycotting you for a whole year regardless of the outcome of the elections!

  13. Avatar
    Gunflint Viking North

    Donald Trump….. Completely lying about and blowing his response to coronavirus, killing countless Americans and just absolutely destroying the American economy again!!!!!!

  14. Avatar

    Vote vote vote vote blue for biden an Harris 2020

  15. Avatar

    DO NOT TRUST HER! We have to learn from Barr

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    People will die in the streets. Her religion should not be an issue. She needs to quit preaching . One of the beatitudes says"care for the sick." No health care will not care for the sick. She has no conscience.

  18. Avatar

    The Republicans will force this nomination through so focus instead on building the blue wave to flush out the "Orange Menace" from the WH … 😉

  19. Avatar

    Youtube filters out most comments

  20. Avatar
    Walter Lichtenberg

    Given that many nominees for various positions are extremely political, such as "stacking" the supreme court with either right wing or left wing judges, these positions should require a 60-40 vote.
    That way, a nominee will be much more carefully selected.

  21. Avatar

    Well that's that sorted then, we now have a devout Christian Judge. So that will be bye bye to the sexist, racist, failed businessman, compulsive liar of a president who only cares about himself. HAPPY DAYS 🙂

  22. Avatar

    Ted Cruz is a moron. He forgot his Mexican roots. Hits a disgrace that he carries one of our sur names, and he can't stand people coming from his own heritage. Hopefully his parents are deceased, or they'd be ashamed of his betrayal.

  23. Avatar

    Dogs Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz are talking about going back to their vomit and eating it up. Barrett is a foregone conclusion. She has sold her soul to the devil Trump, GOP, and far right black money!

  24. Avatar

    Objections are about. Preconceived opinions

  25. Avatar

    I can't believe that if Judge Amy Barrett has even one ounce of respect for the Law for the people of US. She should have let the people of US decide the president before even excepting this nominee as a Supreme Court Judge. The right things to do is to decline this offer, but seeing she isn't just goes to show how unfit she is to be as a Supreme Court Judge. She wants more of Her authority not the People.

  26. Avatar

    (Biden Email LEAK Shows Evidence Joe Biden LIED About Ukraine Dealings, Democrats Are Freaking Out)

  27. Avatar

    Nothing christian about being sneaky and lying.

  28. Avatar

    Stupid Democrats still licking Obama's boots

  29. Avatar

    Anybody seen COVID ?

  30. Avatar

    Go ahead. Do what you will on this. Right after President Biden takes office, impeach another Trump appointed supreme Brett Kavanaugh. Read why. https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-09-16/fbi-investigation-brett-kavanaugh-confirmation

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