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Barrett faces questions on health care and voting rights on third day of hearings

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Oct. 14 questioned Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett after a nearly 12-hour session where she avoided saying how she’d rule on key issues the previous day. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Amy is probably saying in her head . You mo foes just wait when I get sworn in ya go going to see lol

  2. Avatar

    Judge Amy Barrett has Impeccable Character. She out classed and out smarted the Demoncrat creatures trying to pull her into their Swamp of Dark Money and Liberalism.

  3. Avatar

    This is the moment in time when your country has called upon you to 'Stand And Be Counted'. Vote to rid us of this traitor and all his servants.

  4. Avatar

    WTF? Barrett doesn't know what are the rights in the 1st Amendment?

  5. Avatar
    Elizabeth Henning

    The woman who doesn't know what the First Amendment says. The confirmation should have ended then.

  6. Avatar

    If you're a lefty, direct your rage at RBG who could have retired under Obama at 80 yo.

  7. Avatar

    As if the democrats couldn’t sink any lower.

  8. Avatar

    Ruth Ginsburg famously stated " No hints, no forecasts, no previews" when asked how she would rule on certain cases during her confirmation hearing. Evidently Demoncrats no longer respect RBG's opinion.

  9. Avatar

    Pro life 😂 trumps “cure” comes from unborn fetuses…. the most ironic platform ever goes to…

  10. Avatar

    She just wants the upgrade paycheck, she's not going to say anything, she's in regardless, once in she doesn't have to put up with any questions, she'll do as she wants

  11. Avatar

    To think somehow she is going to uphold the constitution when she could not answer what 5 rights our constitution protected is beyond absurd.

  12. Avatar
    xExplosiveMurkx MC

    so bias! your paper sucks! TRUMP will win in a landside! and yes theres voter fraud! and if the tally is 70/30???? FRAUD! it should be no more than 45-55! So stop ur bullshit fake polls and suppression polling! VOTE TRUMP! and SCOTUS will vote in trumps favor cause of u losers cheating! MAGA

  13. Avatar

    She's a tough cookie to brake. If she is even breakable.

  14. Avatar
    Christian Ferguson

    She will be confirmed and sit on the bench.

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