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Barack Obama likens Donald Trump to 'crazy uncle' in Joe Biden rally speech

Barack Obama has delivered a stinging rebuke of president Donald Trump in a speech delivered in Philadelphia while campaigning for Joe Biden. Obama criticised Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis as well as divisive behaviour including retweeting conspiracy theories that you wouldn’t tolerate from  anyone “except from a crazy uncle”. The former president also praised the positivity shown during the pandemic and recent Black Lives Matter movement . “We see that what is best is us is still there, but we’ve got to give it voice.”

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  1. Avatar

    "The crazy things they say every day". Oh lordy yessss

  2. Avatar

    Savannah Guthrie used the same insult during her debate with President Trump. Be more original Barry.

  3. Avatar

    I have never seen a previous president campaigning for a presidential candidate. The Dems must be desperate. PS. Where is Biden???

  4. Avatar

    Your the best!

  5. Avatar

    Obama tells it like it is..wish he was president

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    Pretty ironic that some of the people that are against what Barack Obama had to say are the same people that mindlessly cheer for anything that comes out of Donald Trumps mouth.

  8. Avatar

    Go away race baiter you are Irrelevant

  9. Avatar

    Thanks for posting.

  10. Avatar

    I am ashamed that I voted for Democrats for a very long time

  11. Avatar

    I understand, look Barack Obama trying to the rescue for his corrupt friend Joe Biden, amazing how many people is there 🤣 a list more joe Biden really

  12. Avatar

    The pretentious 'president to be' is the gateway through which the 'Dark One' can be exposed. This is an act of desperation lending oneself to 'supporting the unsupportable' with all the corruption about to flow like a 'river bursting its banks'. An act of pure insanity. A degrading act of support to 'prevent a greater act of degradation.' Criminal convictions.

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    Antonio Szytulskyj

    Barry go and teach beetlejuice how to clean up the mess she made of the third largest city in the usa.

  14. Avatar

    Obama speaks for how I feel.

  15. Avatar

    Who’s this guy!???

  16. Avatar

    No wonder he's so loved, he spoke like a politician.. he was able to manipulate you all with his "smooth words".

  17. Avatar

    I hope Biden appoints him to something!

  18. Avatar

    Seriously, what is wrong with this guy, hypocritical liar , lies in front the cars now, talking about other people’s twitter, if sleepy joe is found guilty on hunter stuff, this guy was in it too.

  19. Avatar

    Shut tf up Obama what have u done?

  20. Avatar

    One of his last speeches out of prison. This child eater. The devil has charm but is still the devil.

  21. Avatar

    Bless you, Barack Obama. You are a genuine president.

  22. Avatar

    Best president and human ever step on this planet

  23. Avatar

    Trump 2020.

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    That's the only way you will win by blocking the truth. Let's see how long that will last. Kadafi. We didn't forget and they wont forgive

  25. Avatar

    It's bad all over the world, coronavirus no one person can stop it.

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    Ludwig Von Cocksucker

    "If you like your Doctor you can keep you Doctor." Imagine if Trump said that and blatantly lied to the American People on tv. Let that sink in.

  27. Avatar

    Send this man to iran😁

  28. Avatar

    Absolutely True!
    Vote for America to regain decency, peace, a future 🇺🇸
    Vote Blue 🌊

  29. Avatar

    Omg Obama. Go away bro! We? Won’t tolerate? Trump is a Patriot! I like that he says it like it is😂. Landslide election! Trump 2020

  30. Avatar

    Bla bla bla bla .

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    “Can you imagine if i had had a secret Chinese bank account when I was running for re-election ? “

    “You think FAUX NEWS might have been a little concerned about that ? …

    “They would have called me BEIJIN BERRY”

    – Barack Obama

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