Home / News / Barack Obama likens Donald Trump to 'crazy uncle' in Joe Biden rally speech

Barack Obama likens Donald Trump to 'crazy uncle' in Joe Biden rally speech

Barack Obama has delivered a stinging rebuke of president Donald Trump in a speech delivered in Philadelphia while campaigning for Joe Biden. Obama criticised Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis as well as divisive behaviour including retweeting conspiracy theories that you wouldn’t tolerate from  anyone “except from a crazy uncle”. The former president also praised the positivity shown during the pandemic and recent Black Lives Matter movement . “We see that what is best is us is still there, but we’ve got to give it voice.”

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    Biden is receiving money from China, Obama is corrupted af and lying for thrm

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    What a desperate and disgusting man is Obama. Vote for Trump if you want peace and freedom!!! 🇺🇸🇳🇱

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    Throughout this whole video trump was chasing his Russian wife around the bedroom singing the lion King song while banking with china 🇨🇳 🎵

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    Big Mike Matters.

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    We've missed him. 👌

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    how come no one talking about trumps team is making peace in the middle east

  8. Avatar

    Look kids now this is what a President sounds like. Yes, yes, he is using grown-up words. Make America read again.

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    The most important thing you will ever own, is your reputation. Obama's is intact. As for the sitting president……

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    Speech can be summarized in one sentence: Trump sucks really really really bad.

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    Moon's Youngest Sun

    Hearing President Obama speak felt like my thirst for water had finally been quenched, after a long time without it. The intelligence and common sense was so refreshing to hear. Hearing Trump speak is like being in a room with a whiny brat who won't shut up and keeps poking their tongue out.

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    Donald Trump 2020! Vote!!

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    Looks like The Roast of Donald Trump is going on tour this year

  14. Avatar

    Obama reminds me of Tony Blair

  15. Avatar
    Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish

    BIDEN 2020

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    Sense s talking

  17. Avatar

    ( Sigh )

    I really miss this guy.

  18. Avatar

    Once, when a President made sense!.. POLICIES, HOPE, VISION, TRUTH sprinkled with a bit of comedy to take down the present JOKER in the white house, KILLING AMERICANS and crippling America.

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