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Barack Obama campaigns for Joe Biden in Philadelphia – watch live

Barack Obama is expected to speak at a drive-in campaign rally for Joe Biden, 13 days before the US presidential election

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  1. Avatar

    Up Trump! 2020.

  2. Avatar

    Obama who? Is this person Obama someone who ever accomplished anything other than give speeches?

  3. Avatar

    Obama sanctioned Bengahzi . blood on his hands

  4. Avatar

    The Biden champagne is in trouble or it wouldn't be bringing in this guy. Can't bring myself to actually say his name…but this guy 🤣

  5. Avatar

    How to lose any modicum of credibility and respect, however small that already was, that came with being a former President of the United States.

    Had he came out and slammed both Biden and Trump, we'd all find some newfound respect for him. Alas. Money and partisanship go hand in hand.

  6. Avatar

    Obama's desperate to get trump out to stop the investigation into his election meddling in 2016

  7. Avatar

    25 mins? I guess Biden doesn't have enough money to pay a full hour of Obama… meanwhile in north carolina, Trump, at his age, still a stallion of a man, shouts and laughs and claps and dances for a full hour…

  8. Avatar

    Ooooooooo Bidens in trouble

  9. Avatar

    Nailed on sociopath right there.

  10. Avatar

    Obama, no one wants to hear you. Get off the stage you had your time.

  11. Avatar

    I’m British so I don’t know much about American politics, but there are some things that Trump says which I agree with (and a lot I don’t agree with), and Obama/Biden have things I do and don’t agree with. BUT! Obama is a much better speaker, listener, he is a brilliant leader. Obama is what America needs at the moment, and Biden is the closest we are going to get to that.

    As I said, I don’t know very much at all about USA politics and what each party supports, but just as a person Obama is great.

  12. Avatar

    Barack Hussein …..
    You are the worst president ever in United States history…… liar 🤥

  13. Avatar

    All you lot care about is smear stories about either side. It's weird. Like you're all definitely being manipulated into fighting each other, and I mean all of you, Reps and Dems.

  14. Avatar
    Tiktaalik_ Tiktaalik

    I miss obama

  15. Avatar

    Obam is just a hypocraite. He lives in a rich fancy house and just begin for a money maker. Same as rest.

  16. Avatar

    Wow people came out by the 5’s and 10’s to see bathhouse Barry 😂……TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE!!!!!

  17. Avatar

    Where's all the cheering crowds ,sounds like a grave yard ,but that's what you get when your a career self serving politician
    like phoney Obama.

  18. Avatar

    Obama was a failure when he was president so will biden…. Obama knows it

  19. Avatar

    Just look up who Biden and his family are connected with. Stanford Financial Group Ponzi scheme, Rosemont Seneca China connections, China general nuclear power group investments, Billionaire Yelena Baturina Moscow's mayors wife payed him 3.5 million, Hunter Biden Jason Galanis China company, Patrick Ho joe 80,000 Diamond bribe and much much more.

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