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Bangladesh: Hundreds protest over viral video of attack on woman

Hundreds of Bangladeshis have staged protests and scuffled with police this week after a video of a disadvantaged woman being attacked was posted online.
Human rights groups say abuses against women are only getting worse.
Al Jazeera’s Leah Harding reports.

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  1. Avatar

    India,pakistan,Bangladesh,most asian and Muslim country suffers alot from these cases!

  2. Avatar

    Its the ruling political parties goons. They have become the kings of the country.

  3. Avatar

    Islam is garbage.

  4. Avatar
    Md. Mustafa Morshed Saif

    গণতন্ত্র নিপাত যাক, কে কে একমত?

  5. Avatar
    Bparis freedom Ranger

    Most of rape is done by dictator Lady hitler hasina’s party Awami dog league

  6. Avatar

    Cut organs in public

  7. Avatar

    thanks for the info al jazeera

  8. Avatar

    অশ্লীল পোশাক পরে মাগীবাদী দের প্রতিবাদ 😂😂

  9. Avatar
    Mohammed Abdulla Mogral

    hasina should be thrown in jail

  10. Avatar

    0:17 she’s adorable I’m so proud of the youth standing up for justice and what’s right

  11. Avatar

    Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins, He was buried and resurrected on the third day.
    Believe on Him to be saved.

  12. Avatar

    As a Bangladeshi i feel shamed. I don't know what should i say against this crime means rape.
    But this case is very alarming for Bangladeshis girls at that moment. So i have a request to those popular journal , especially Al jazzera please do something for our young generation and make them easier to protest loudly against this rape as well as government.

  13. Avatar

    I won't complain about my life again. Ever. 5 year old raped?!😔

  14. Avatar

    Rise your hand to support the women and death sentence law need to pass against rape.. Shame on the person who allures his sexual desire to the innocent girl is highly recomended to disable his ejection process through injection or stone ..

  15. Avatar

    Ruling government should wake up and take every necessary steps to make safe our respected women…..

  16. Avatar

    Get back to the kitchen!!

  17. Avatar

    The real culprits here are the miscreants of the ruling party of Bangladesh. They are backed by a corrupt government and terrorize the common people and brutally rape them. World leaders need to look at Bangladesh's dictatorial government and its horrors.

  18. Avatar

    you mean women in a Muslime country aren't safe? come on, I don't beleive. NOT

  19. Avatar

    Seriously, how much rape goes on in India?

  20. Avatar

    Why do they only show the poor side of Bangladesh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. Avatar

    Shaikh Hasina is a lier.

  22. Avatar

    At last aljazeera told true. Thanks aljazeera

  23. Avatar

    It's such a horrendous situation.. people can just walk away even if they commit rape and murder, simply beacuse they are connected with Awami league ( the ruling party for nearly 2 decades).

  24. Avatar

    Awami league (the ruling party) needs to step down, they already crippled the nation.

  25. Avatar

    Shame on ruling party of BANGLADESH.

  26. Avatar

    Ami tumake sudur budor

  27. Avatar

    In UP Hatras, India Rape case, the victim family gets the punishment not the rapist.

  28. Avatar

    Saludos a bangladesh también en bangladesh me conoce me alegra Así es que sería recíproco con ustedes les ayudaré ya no quería entrar en batalla porque le metí un flechazo a cantidad de centros se puede decir cante naciones con una sola flecha lo madrugó montón de países y ahora se lo voy a lanzar otra flecha sumar la cantidad de centros incluyendo contra de solución para los países donde paran matando mujeres no solamente mi ancla 19 Oriente diferentes países deben crear el Ministerio de la mujer así como mi patria Ah Y también crea no deben crear es el Ministerio de la mujer en bangladesh en diferentes países de medio oriente para que le defienda sus derechos no solamente un ministerio no me gusta burócratas el Ministerio de estar unificado a poder judicial fiscalía ayuda social no sé entidades que puedan atender inmediatamente a la mujer no como que me falta es que solamente atiende que te votan Como animal no las organizaciones gubernamentales deben estar unificada exclusivamente Para apoyar a la mujer inmediatamente incluyendo económicamente y más beneficios eso deben crear en bangladesh y también medio oriente así se podría poner más derechos a favor de ellas hagan eso de nuevo otra flecha para todos los países

  29. Avatar

    afgan , pakistan , india and bangladesh can be called the rape belt
    they have worst implementation of rules

  30. Avatar

    'Death penalty' for rape is not a serious punishment. It's a major disproportion. Especially given that women take these terms (sexual assault, rape) very lightly and can falsely accuse people or blackmail. Wanting 'death' for rape is based on pure feelings and emotions. Not on logical thoughts.

  31. Avatar

    Just another example of why Al Jazeera is such a good news channel for airing terrible injustices such as this.

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    হাসিনা তো বেশ্যা ও কি জবাব দিবে 😁

  34. Avatar

    Most of the rape cases are false… That means these people are working on agendas.

  35. Avatar

    Proper application of Sharia and Veil can only solve this problem.
    Femenism,Atheism,Secularism only bring violence.

  36. Avatar

    All problem bangladesh one woman prime minister sheek hassina she every criminal PROTECT

  37. Avatar

    Shame Bangladesh Shame on you

  38. Avatar

    Prime minister sheek hassina own party bd awamilige other part student leuge should be rape murder every criminal part this party all in all criminal give protection prime minister sheek hassina

  39. Avatar

    What's the government doing . No rules and regulations. Shame . Such a low act

  40. Avatar

    Rapists country in the world

  41. Avatar

    Yuck. Fear not. God is cleansing Earth right now as I speak. The virus will become more and more virulent. Then other disasters will follow. Your country will be flooded.

  42. Avatar

    RIP Bangladesh

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