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Bangladesh gender violence: 632 rape cases reported in 4 months

Hundreds of Bangladeshi protesters clashed with police this week after a video of a woman being attacked was posted online.
Human rights groups say abuses against women are only getting worse in the country.
Al Jazeera’s Leah Harding reports.

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  1. Avatar

    Wow this is terrible

  2. Avatar

    5year old girl got raped!!The govt must give all the rapists death penalty no matter from who that rapists are!!

  3. Avatar

    Mohamned was a repist

  4. Avatar

    We demand to hang the rapist….. From Bangladesh. Already government said that the law would be changed.

  5. Avatar

    Before anyone commenting on religion, I want to tell you,We don't do protest to save rapist from hanged like India.

  6. Avatar

    Thanks for the news report on Bangladesh policy crisis Al Jazeera. Sadly, people are protesting not only against the rapists, but also against the dictatorial, undemocratic, corrupt government of Bangladesh. World leaders must look at the current situation in Bangladesh and put pressure on the government to end these criminal activities.

  7. Avatar
    Big Louie St. James


  8. Avatar

    Omg ,this is disgusting,

    5 omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏

  9. Avatar

    This kind of small potato like Tarek Siddiki and co are living in the remote village of a third world country, so they are thinking a country like Canada is in Africa … hahaha. They are considered by the FBI etc as insects only. So these evil people will learn what is called Canada , USA, EU . Then they may qualify to be a decent person. The days of FACIST Hasina and co are very very LIMITED. They should mind it good. So …

  10. Avatar

    Don't worry bro.
    We are support you.
    Carry on….bro
    Freedom …
    Freedom to think,
    Freedom to live….

  11. Avatar

    its so much on going to in Bangladesh. Our only one demand is raf free Bangladesh.

  12. Avatar

    I don't know what i can do to a 5yo rapists regardless of being a politician

  13. Avatar

    I feel shy to say, " I am a Bangladeshi " 😥😭

  14. Avatar

    4 women everyday…this doesn’t happen in the West…there’s a big systemic cultural problem in South Asia.

  15. Avatar
    প্রবাস কষ্টের

    OUR country government is a rubbish we need a low in Bangladesh if anyone Rape Have to give hang

  16. Avatar

    Prayers to all the victims. Hope you get justice very soon. Lots of love from the US ❤️🇺🇸🇧🇩❤️

  17. Avatar

    Neither woman nor any creature of that matter is safe around Cult Community.

  18. Avatar

    Government already proposal new law to supreme Court.. let's see what happens

  19. Avatar

    Until any women of a political member is raped, I guarantee you the Bangladesh so called Prime Minister is not going to do anything. She is just a Prime Minister by fame not name

  20. Avatar

    1) Protests continue to demand the fall of the (Hasina) government.
    2) protests are continue Against rape.
    There are thousands of rape in Bangladesh into a few month whice some case are visible & most of invisible.
    90% criminal / convicted / guilty are members of current government party's.
    🔴We want Justice & we want the fall of Sheyk Hasina's government

  21. Avatar

    I m boy… My age 20 years.. I m the victim of sexual assault at the age of 11 years… And second time at the age of 19 in my collage..

  22. Avatar

    Hasina is a oppressive ruler.
    The Bangladeshi people don’t want her.
    🚩We want Justice
    🚩We want Justice
    🚩We want Justice
    🚷 We want the fall of Sheyk Hasina’s government!
    🚷We want the fall of Sheyk Hasina’s government!

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