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Balrampur: Anger grows after new India 'gang rape' death – BBC News

The death of a second Dalit woman in a few days after an alleged gang rape has shocked and angered India.

The 22-year-old was dragged into a vehicle after going to apply for admission at a local school and raped, her mother told the BBC.

The news follows the death of another Dalit woman, 19, on Tuesday after an alleged gang rape by upper-caste men.

Dalits are at the bottom of the caste system. Despite laws to protect them, they face widespread discrimination.

Both attacks took place in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. News of the first sparked protests in the streets in the state.

Police have registered complaints of rape and murder and arrested two men in connection with the latest case, which took place in Balrampur district.

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    this is called India. India government should change the law about rapist . They should be hanged very shameful of India.

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    Your society needs a shop vac

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    really awful situations in India. Its being more worse than early centuries.

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    Why does this Man from Milk Tray newsreader wear the same clothes every day?

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    Politics is Very Very Dirty Game. RIP Humanity

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    Nothing new, tyranny of upper caste has been going on in India for the last 3000 years.

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    They should learn how to use sex toys instead. Why all these?

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    Land of rapes.

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    Clearly the capital punishment as a deterrence is not working. We need to change approach addressing this problem. How on earth people becoming this violent? #respectwomen

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    India Hindu Extermist Government has Fail.

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    no. no. no. the government is fucked. we must take responsibility for the safety of ourselves. give the "pink ladies" lots of support. money, information, weapons of penis distruction. cut off a few hundred dicks. and ass fuck a few politicians. then. we begin to adjust the "caste system". all governments are complicit. stop looking to them for anything but more of the same. we adjust them….the hard way. support the pink ladies' way. …it works. horny dogs get neutered. is that clear enough ?

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    purpose of my life: studying

    I can’t believe how women are treated in India. We are human too.

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    Is no country safe from wicked people.

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    Cremation, it seems to me the cops burned the body, and how come there are so many rape and gangrape cases in India? And what's this lower caste? Are you telling me there's a systematic racism in indian society?

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    That's what the police do, burn bodies without consent :/

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    I'm coming to India.

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    Death sentence for rape.

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    Bjp is not good

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    super pooper 2020

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    Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos

    F from Pakistan 😭

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    Scarlet Madagona

    And still Indian people say on internet that feminism is bullshit and a complete overreaction……..

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    Shiva Sankeerth Peddapally

    All pakistani Maulana's are in BBC comments section 😂

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    This gets me so angry, I am sick of hearing about women being treated like crap in India

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    India Superpower 2020

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    Jai Bheem

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    Incredible India

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    îLLûmîÑâtï illuminati

    Shame on north india particularly ram rajyam yogi..

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    Nice country you got there, India.

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    Here in India, every jingoistic Indian says that they have a great culture. This is the culture we have. They are creating a Ram Mandir in UP, the rape capital of India, which is not at all saving women from brutalities.

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    Unbelievable! God help them!

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    This state is the birthplace of Ram and Krishna, the two major gods of Hinduism. Everyone can now see how effective these fictional characters are in saving the lives of innocents.

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    Devansh Kannaujia

    Please bbc launch a hindi news channel please.

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    Spirtual and Suffism group

    Dalits ( lower caste people), minorties are not safe in modi govt.
    Hindu dharma divided people into castes are u seen this type of system in world….and he behaves with lower caste people like animals….

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    Act of Bharatiya Janowar Party

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    Why you news channels and politicians always drag victims cast and religion, instead of accused once

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    Carlo Dwight Guzman

    Women are not safe in INDIA! POOR WOMEN

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    The question is, is she really dead? With no body where is the closure?

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    Hiralal Khobragade

    Impact of Manusmriti clearly visible on Indian society even after Independence. No place for women & Dalits in Manusmriti.

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    Cast? Your all the same indian ..

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    Show proof or I don't believe a word of it.

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    This is what they wanna do to British women too

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    restituto rebucas

    why not make a doll house so they just do some dolls.

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