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Ballot Watch: Independent voters hold key in Arizona

ABC News’ Alex Presha reports from the battleground state of Arizona where independent voters could help flip the state’s electoral votes from red to blue for the first time in decades.

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    It's only the stock markets that has stable you stupid cow!!!! And that's only because tax dollars were given to stabilize the market. How much stocks do you have?
    Don't you know people are losing there homes and children are going hungry everyday. I pity you .

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    This convinced me to like Arizona. Most of these Americans are voting Biden because they dislike the division of Trump’s agenda.

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    fast ford freestyle Biden 2020

    As an independent voter in az trump is a disgusting human being.

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    What about trump's pick! She had her kids sitting right next to infected trumps and STAFF! No protection no mask! If she runs her family like that! DON'T WANT HER MAKING DECISIONS FOR MINE! VOTE!

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    BIDEN 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    A Lot of whining going on now days by the bias media and their host with whining guest!! Whiningdaily@sincepowergone2016

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    ABC NEWS 10/12/20

    As Trump team rushes to train 'army' of poll watchers, experts on watch for voter intimidation

    8645 11 3 20 FDT

    VOTE HIM O U T !

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    Bless this couple, better than sitting on the couch watching the news. Even if they change one trump voter into a Biden voter they have done their bit.
    Watching from Australia and watching in horror the decline into insanity of trump I am very worried for America right now. I fear for what he might do as the decline gets faster and faster and NO ONE CAN STOP HIM. If there was he would have been stopped long before now. . So I think the whole world is watching in horror right now, just wondering how far his spite will take him.

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    This woman that's for tRUMP is a special kind of stupid.

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    Seniors, after waiting four years – The Republican healthcare plan is …. Don't take so long to die. The longer you hold on the less of a tax break some billionaire gets!

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    I AM at independent this year I am going to for Joe

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    Independent voters are free thinkers. I like that. 👍

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    Myself and the multi-generational members of my family, a mix of Democrat, Republican and Independent voters, all signed up for mail-in ballots this year here in Arizona due to the coronavirus. The ballots started arriving Friday and Saturday. We all sat down, opened our voter information booklets we received a few days/weeks ago for reference, and each person filled out his/her ballot. Afterwards, we signed them, sealed them, and drove to the nearest ballot Dropbox where each person dropped their ballot in. I’m proud to say when it came to the choice for President/Vice-President, the vote for Biden/Harris was unanimous!!!

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    I am latino and I'm voting Trump!

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    comrade RSA Incorruptible

    I love Trump as a person, sometimes I worried that his immigration policies would affect America greatness due to shortage of workforce.

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    Kyle & Dawn VanAuken


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    This is something to research: or another prespective from immigrants Dinesh D’Souza on Trump Card Documentary & Democratic Socialism 625,699 views •Oct 2, 2020 watch?v=zBVMHtVLNcI

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    if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

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    The stupid naive far leftist bums. They do not want to make their money. they want your money. Trump 2020.

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    According to reports, Republicans are actively trying to convince their Republican Governors to let them install their electors for their states. That is their attempt to steal the election from the Democrats. Three supreme court justices just showed they are willing to throw out mail-in ballots with Judge Amy Coney Barrett Republicans can make sure that Democrats do not win. Can anything stop this from happening?

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    I'm voting for chill biting Because he believes in God and he trusts God's got guidance he's our brother in Christ and he believes in God very much he lost his son his wife his daughter he lost so much he went through a lot of stuff in and he still trust God you still Praises God no matter what and he still is going strong God bless you brother Joe Biden

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    The world is experiencing all the conditions and the many specific events and signs that were biblically recorded indicating the end of the age and Jesus’ promised second coming. Prophecy is about 1/4 of the Bible letting us know what will happen in the future. Jesus stated in John 14:29 “And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe.” I have created a space that covers a good portion of them that have come to pass with other resources that are also trying to bring awareness, preparedness, and hope about what is very soon ahead. God bless. https://www.reddit.com/r/prophecy_watcher/

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    TRUMP 2020. landslide

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    Linda and Tom are heroes.

  25. Avatar

    Fake news, fake advertisements. I didn't see CNN, MSNBC, ABC….televise any Trump supporters rallies. I live in Arizona, I vote for Trump and all Republicans candidates.

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    Did that one lady actually say "Our economy has stayed stable and is doing well" Did I hear that Fake News right?! OMG the blindness of these people is astonishing!
    #Bluewave #BYEDON

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    Forgive me, but if you don't know by now that you have to vote Trump out, well then..

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    At least "Independent Voters" are clearly
    Voters who can think for themselves..🤔 unlike the "TRUMPSTER" supporters. It is
    OKAY to vote across party lines..and also disagree with your republican friends…but yet not sow division & hate between party lines..YEARS AGO..IT WAS
    NEVER THAT WAY!! Republicans & the
    Democrats alike..didn't VOTE strictly "RED" or "BLUE"..THEY VOTED FOR THE MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE OF CHOICE..
    BE SAFE! & VOTE! 💙💓💙💓

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    I sure hope that couple are being very careful, because I wouldn’t put it past a certain person to send his gunslingers to “take care of another one of his problems “

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    Az for Trump 2Q2Q

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    215,000 Americans MURDERED by the incompetence and indifference of the Trump Administration.
    Please Arizona, you know the only choice is JOE BIDEN 2020. This is not D vs R. It's life or death. Your country or authoritarianism.

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    I think Americans are finally realizing the damage that Donald Trump is doing to their country –

  34. Avatar

    I can't stand Joe Biden or POTUS, but God bless that first couple.

  35. Avatar

    Them 3 guys are the deciding votes?

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    Alot of stores closing here in TEXAS!! Here in the southern border most of the buissness came from travelers from mexico and by him closing border we have lost our economy!! Alot of friendly tourist spended millions here in the southern border!! Friendly as can be, nothing like whats in the news!! We also get a huge number of winter texans that come down from everywhere!! They even have beatiful mobil home parks and they also get together to help the poor people!! Bring alot of money to our economy!! Beautiful people💖

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