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Ballot Watch: Colorado and Utah’s successful mail-in voting

ABC News’ Clayton Sandell gets a behind-the-scenes look at Colorado’s vote-by-mail operations, and speaks with officials in Colorado and Utah about President Donald Trump’s mail-in fraud claims.

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  1. Avatar

    Project Veritas literally caught ppl working for Ilhan Omar harvesting ballots. MSM learn from project Veritas on how to actually do journalism. Defund and boycott the MSM. The enemy of the american ppl.

  2. Avatar

    ByBL- If you believe there is no fraud once that ballot leaves your hands. Then the sky is orange and lollipops grow on trees.

  3. Avatar

    You can put up any FAKE numbers on the screen to distract viewers however you want just like fake polls. But the results behind the scene is another issue. Democrats are known for LIARS.

  4. Avatar

    They only claim fraud when the Republicans are winning…lmao

  5. Avatar

    You repeat a lie enough and it becomes truth….huh.. I'm the greatest lover, l'm the greatest lover, I'm the greatest lover…

  6. Avatar

    I worked in Phoenix Arizona, and the ballot ability to manipulate for whatever candidate they wish, is built into the system. It's a fine art, I worked for the system, Nevada is also extremely talented at putting in whoever they wish and removing whoever they wish, my brother who lived there and worked with that system as well, who got me the job working here in Arizona. If you Americans fall for this, then I guess you deserve what you get. Find me a Democrat, a real Democrat, who doesn't know that this goes on. What a pile of bee. S. B. S.

  7. Avatar

    That guy right there with his mask and his hands raised is a complete liar. Total liar.

  8. Avatar

    wide spread Voter fraud doesn't exist…. filthy fucking liar using semantics

  9. Avatar

    You're all dead by lightning by now then pal

  10. Avatar

    False claims? Ballots have been found in ditches, "misplaced", thrown in the trash and invalidated in large numbers. Look at the new jersey situation earlier this year. New York had issues as well just fkr a few examples. If tenant to change to mail in voting it needs to be done properly through meticulous planning over years to get it right not haphazardly rushed to be ready for this election. The states that have been doing primarily vote by mail all implemented their systems in a more reasonable fashion by planning it our well in advance of implementation and have had years to iron out any kinks

  11. Avatar

    If there's a way to cheat, Trump will figure out how and accuse the left, even while his right is already doing it.

  12. Avatar

    chump is worried about losing this election. He's doing everything he can to make citizens think that the only way he can lose is with fraud. NOT TRUE. He WILL lose because we will vote BLUE in MASSIVE amounts.

  13. Avatar

    Ballots are made out and then put into the boxes, it's not the tabulators, I saw guys with two 3000 ballots in the backseat of their car that they picked up at the airport and then delivered to boxes all around the state, wake up BSers

  14. Avatar

    You are also more likely to be stuck by lightning than be killed by a cop but look at all the rioters

  15. Avatar
    jasonanddenee scribner

    Wake up America stop the madness. The Republican Party is nothing but a bunch of lying cheating good nothing crooks.

  16. Avatar

    Yeah bullshit, that’s why a mail man was arrested yesterday and had federal charges against him for dumping ballots in dumpster

  17. Avatar

    We must remember that these Mainstream media outlets are garbage cans full of the left's rhetoric and lying propaganda. Ballot fraud is occuring at an incommensurable level, and their job is to play down the seriousness of it all to the group thinking masses (brainwashed, stupid fools that are incapable of critical thinking or individual thought), and those that just believe everything they hear from these lying mouths. If a person just takes an hour to look into and research the cases thus far of ballot tampering, ballot duplication, Democratic ballots sent to individuals that are registered as Independent or Republican now being registered as Democrat, the buying ballots/votes for cash incidents going on in Minnesota, dead cats or relatives receiving ballots, etc., it becomes evident that, minus absentee ballots, voting by mail is too flawed, too prone to fraud, and too unreliable to utilize in a fair, high-end election. Don't fall for their lies. Don't fall for their debonair, smooth weasel words to "have faith" in this corrupt system. Turn out and vote in person.

  18. Avatar
    Michael Finnicum

    Stanley Millgram experiment. Right now.

  19. Avatar
    Bad Dude CornPop

    Former democrat here. I will be voting for President Trump in person. Have a nice day. 😊

  20. Avatar

    How many case do we have to reference before the fake news accepts that it is overwhelming how much fraud happens with mail in ballots. There’s nearly 40 examples of fraud that have happened in 2020 alone already. Another one just came out yesterday.

  21. Avatar

    The entire state of Utah’s population is less than the city of Los Angles. Of course it is easy to do mail in voting in the the least populated areas n our country. What about NYC? How will you count 3x’s the number of votes from this single city?

  22. Avatar

    Biased media,

  23. Avatar

    So 100,000 isn’t a big number?

  24. Avatar
    James and Cheray Lucas

    I worked for the Polls, and between that card and that Ballot Machine, those numbers better add up.

  25. Avatar

    The claims are not baseless. Just because you don’t report on it doesn’t mean the fraud is not happening.

  26. Avatar
    Martial Mechanics

    ABC please be honest and cover the Ilhan Omar fraud scheme that has been verified, then we can talk about your “widespread” qualifier in regards to voting fraud.

  27. Avatar
    Nomore Bumbledore

    Whaddaya expect? Mormons and morons?

  28. Avatar

    Reviewing signatures by human is not accurate.

  29. Avatar

    more fake news from the marxist media puppets , can't want to see the disaster from lost ballot stolen ballots fake ballots that will destroy the American election process. 3rd world country here we come. go to the polls vote …respect cov dont be afraid we are America ,show these socialist as*W*pes , how its done

  30. Avatar

    0:46 I don't need anymore my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  31. Avatar

    Weird, democrats don’t believe there’s voter fraud? Wonder why?

  32. Avatar

    Mail in voting is safe cuz fraud only happens sometimes, sounds legit

  33. Avatar

    The orange clown POS TRAITOR IS JUST MAKING EXCUSES bc he can’t face the inevitable like a man and his supporters are just so fuckn dumb!! Lol

  34. Avatar

    Jesus Christ is coming for His people soon brothers and sisters!!! Wake up and look at all the evil in the world and the biblical prophecies being fulfilled around us! REPENT of your sins and ACCEPT (confess with your mouth and believe in your heart) our Lord Jesus Christ as YOUR SAVIOR and receive salvation and eternal life through Him‼️ He died on the cross and rose on the 3rd day for OUR sins! Whether you believe or not judgment comes to all EXCEPT those who put their FAITH in Him. Through Him we are no longer under condemnation but under GRACE! Dont wait until its too late! God bless you all! Amen 🙏🏽🧡

    Dont have a bible? No excuse! Heres a free app: http://bible.com/app

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    0:57 I stopped my job with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    This is America. With One Government representing Democrats, Republicans, and a sundry of additional parties. It’s an amazing system that works in spite of the fact that is never 100% agreement. How? Perhaps the one thing that almost all agree on: Government moves at near the speed of a snail. The experiment that is America has made it has far because most of our leaders have understood this is a Marathon, not a Sprint. In our Country’s worst moments; The Succession of States, The Civil War, Vietnam. etc, there’s been a common thread. Our Government has ostracized large parts of the population and refused to acknowledge and represent their views. Concern over voter fraud, whether it is real or merely a threat should be considered the greatest threat that has faced our Nation during the last two Century’s. Folks real or not, the threat of an election utilizing mostly untested which has proven problematic in the past is not a part of the fabric of our political union. I refuse to accept the lies of anyone that has offered to serve. Public Servants must be held accountable. I do not know the potential threat we are creating. Those in the media and government telling you otherwise are liars. In the ending fact or fiction will have little impact on America. We are stepping into the arena of perception. Most Democrats are, some Republicans maybe, but the. Truth is America is nowhere close to ready. End the lies, stop the speculation, and Spread the Logic! To many Americans are against Mail in ballots. Changing the path to fast, and selling the public the bullshit that they are safe.

  37. Avatar

    1:50 my whole life changed because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  38. Avatar

    BALLOT HARVESTING ISN'T EVEN BROUGHT UP! Why? Because no one wants to admit that there is NO CHAIN OF CUSTODY ON MAIL IN BALLOTS! There's no poll worker to sign off on who presented the ballot for tallying; nor is there a transparent and visible voter registration record at the polls. Only some checking on one name to verify that it exists in the records somewhere with nothing contested with duplicates. Each political party can do as they want with counting the mail in ballots, so it really becomes, IT'S NOT WHO VOTES THAT COUNTS BUT ONLY WHO COUNTS THE VOTES THAT COUNTS! These are the ultimate potential problems when there is no adequate chain of custody on ballots.

  39. Avatar

    Even though Pence did really good with the "pack the courts" attack, CHarlottesville-selected editing from the media, "losers and suckers" story being debunked, Biden's high taxes, Green New Deal, fracking/no fracking from Biden's team. He could also attack Harris with her calling Biden a racist and rapist. We love to see her reaction even though she got destroyed. lol

  40. Avatar

    They should put up signs next to or on the drop box saying "Camera monitoring" or similar … to make it seem secure.

  41. Avatar

    How Democrats will Cheat to Steal The 2020 Elections. Video: https://youtu.be/biN26peihJs

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