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Bahamas Faces Public Health Crisis After Hurricane Dorian | NBC News Now

Hurricane Dorian’s destruction is presenting the Bahamas with several public health issues. Joan Kelly, a disaster response manager with Heart to Heart International, tells NBC about health concerns on the islands.
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Bahamas Faces Public Health Crisis After Hurricane Dorian | NBC News Now

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  1. Avatar

    50 dead, 1,300 missing, illnesses running rampant and losing everything must be so damned heartbreaking.

  2. Avatar

    The announcer seems like she's about to detonate

  3. Avatar

    this was a terrible storm and the govt of the Bahamas cant handle anything i feel very bad for the good people of the Bahamas

  4. Avatar

    Bahamas alley to China. China builds nuclear submarine base in Bahamas. Why China not helping Bahamians? Do you think USA will allow Chinese sub base so close to USA? Bahamas are lucky USA helps at all.

  5. Avatar

    This is too much for a small nation to handle

  6. Avatar

    They are part of the British Commonwealth the other partners are sending aid correct ?

  7. Avatar

    Wonder how many are running around in America now. 😕

  8. Avatar

    if you guys want to help, u can donate items through amazon!

  9. Avatar

    There are many many planes, and sooooo much food water meds clothes mobile tents etc sooo much stuff in this World, and to think it (takes this long) to love your neighbor like yourself….this happens every time….some countries boast of having the best greatest militaries around.. so busy chasing tankers etc. Please GET ON THE REAL JOB OF HELPING OTHERS INSTEAD OF THAT OTHER "THEATRE" FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!!

  10. Avatar

    The Bahamas is a sovereign nation gaining Independence form BRITAIN after 350 years – it has nothing to do with the USofA. It's also the 3rd richest nation in the America's after US and Canada having huge off-shore banking industries located there. Probably much richer then Canada if one gets into the huge, huge off-shore tax havens and 'non-profits' run from there. It is the richest nation per capita in the Caribbean. Prime Minster Hubert Minnis should be using pre-positioned assets, stocks and equipment as this happens (major hurricane) on average every 7.4 years.

    Damages were to 2 islands out of 30 major islands and 700 smaller islands. Other Bahamas islands are on TV asking for more tourists – they should be involved with their own cleanup efforts rather then ask American taxpayers to borrow more money they cannot afford to do what the Bahamas government should be doing.

  11. Avatar

    I went through Camille, a category 5 hurricane, when it came onshore at the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We only had the Cat-5 winds of 175 to 185 for a few hours. Even so, with the 30 foot storm surge we lost 260 people in a relatively unpopulated area. The destruction was TOTAL on the waterfront.
    That being said, the affected area in the Bahamas was subjected to similar forces for 36 HOURS. Pretty much nothing can survive that, and even before news reports came out from ground zero, I fully expected casualties to run in the many hundreds of people. I don't see how it could be otherwise.

  12. Avatar

    yup it looks like all your prayers have worked? as a tropical storm is now headed to the Bahamas. If you think praying to god as an effect on the temperature of the waters in the southern hemisphere. then well hey… I love it how people are like oh were blessed oh god spared us oh yea he sure did by having dorian moving over the bahamas at 3km per hour he sure showed his mercy

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