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Baby Yoda Brings Comfort To Firefighters On The Front Lines | NBC Nightly News

As deadly wildfires ripped through the West last month, a 5-year-old Oregon boy and his grandmother sent a Baby Yoda toy to firefighters with a special note attached. The gesture has become an unexpected source of joy for crews on the front lines and for fans following along with Baby Yoda’s adventures online.

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Baby Yoda Brings Comfort To Firefighters On The Front Lines | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    Go Yoda👍❤😇

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    Don't try, do. May the force be with you.

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    01:13 has the best 😍💖❤️ 💋💝

  5. Avatar

    Thanks to all our firefighters out there protecting us !👍😁👍

  6. Avatar

    this isn't news it's a advertisement for mandlorian season 2

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    This made me cry, something so simple is bringing so much joy, and I know Carver is so proud💕💕

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    Hopefully Baby Yoda is Republican

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    3B Bright & Brave Brain


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    we need more stories like this

  15. Avatar

    Good job, Carver! And THANK YOU firefighters!

  16. Avatar
    Maurice Lenoblet Duplessis

    Mange d'la marde niaiseux

  17. Avatar

    We need more kids like Carver, he could be a great president some day

  18. Avatar

    So if Carver touched their inner child,…..

    then will he go to jail?

  19. Avatar

    Y our
    O verdue
    D oll
    A rrived

  20. Avatar

    What a beautiful thing to do Carver! U r one of the REALLY good guys! Thank you to all the firefighters God b with you all ✨

  21. Avatar

    Made me cry. American's ! This is who we truly are.✌💕🙏

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    Jesus is on earth very soon…the only way out of eternal torment..rescuer alert

    How cats pray god….proof of the existence of god

  23. Avatar

    Vote FOR Trump.

  24. Avatar

    wow this is a month old.

  25. Avatar

    Like yoda is using the Force;D

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    Baby Yoda is found for the master Yoda, should take out fires on west coast.

  27. Avatar

    A very good job they are doing. these brave firefighters.

  28. Avatar

    All of this because the Democrats can’t win an election without using evil in return. Those fires are purchased for the drama effect. You want a peaceful life, vote republican.


  29. Avatar

    Why are their dislikes?

  30. Avatar

    Get to work and stop playing with toys. What a joke.

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