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Azerbaijan, Armenia accuse each other of attacks, despite ceasefire

Despite a Russia-brokered truce on Saturday, Azerbaijan and Armenia are accusing each other of attacking cities overnight.

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  1. Avatar

    Why wait for monthly salaries when you can make more than $30,000 in less than a month….

  2. Avatar
    puppyloverglitter22 fun

    Oh my god

  3. Avatar

    There is no country called artsakh

  4. Avatar

    Once again Israel supplying the weapons

  5. Avatar

    The whole conflict is pretty messed up

  6. Avatar

    Maybe Kim Kardashian can broker a peace treaty…she seems to be good at brokering deals..

  7. Avatar
    Machine Algorithm Alpha

    Who is this bean delivering the news?

  8. Avatar


    01:08 has the best 😍💖❤️ 💋💝

  9. Avatar

    Isn't it misleading having him in front ot green screen pretending to be in warzone…

  10. Avatar

    Neither of those two countries can afford a conflict, someone else is profiting. Who sells them weapons?

  11. Avatar

    None of this had to happen. We all need to learn how to get along. We all need peace.

  12. Avatar

    Why is it that everytime the people renting a home feel delusions that its their home. Specially when the landlord goes away on vacation for a few days.

  13. Avatar

    The Pope is praying for peace? Well then, that does it – war's over.  It's the only thing the Pope ever does, but I thought it was for more money for the Vatican – not that he plans on spending any of it to actually help people.

  14. Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving, thanks for sharing

  15. Avatar

    World's need peace way people get it's war crazy

  16. Avatar

    This is just bad I wish that these wars would end and everyone would be peaceful if not that then maybe work to gain peace

  17. Avatar

    "So peaceful" Armenia shelling cities, killing children, founded by Kardashian's$$?

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Armenian government committing genocide against Armenians rightnow! It has to stop killing people!. Armenians does not want to get killed at someone's land.

  20. Avatar

    Armenia stay strong!

  21. Avatar

    Historically there were three competing power houses in Asia: Russia, China and the Turks. Armenia has always been on the Russian side. Everything about Armenia throughout history, including the genocide claims, have all been designed by Russian military strategy and wisdom, so that tiny Armenia can be used as a Russian pawn for the foreseeable future. The current Armenia/Azerbaijan struggle may turn into a proxy war between Russia and Turkey just like in the case of Libya and Syria. Although Armenia have always enjoyed being Russia’s pawn and the benefits that come with that, there is a price that Armenia has been paying for the privilege. Armenia sits in the middle of a 250 million strong Turkic world and this world has been choking Armenia economically, which resulted Armenia being the poorest country in the region with the lowest GDP per capita. Armenia needs to develop better strategic thinking and reconcile with the Turkic world and move away from Russia. Otherwise it will keep on enjoying poverty for the foreseeable future.

  22. Avatar

    They shelled the church. That is why I hate Muslims

  23. Avatar
    Nineteen Sixty-Nine

    Since historically the territory belongs to Armenians, the Armenians living there should simply gain international reorganization of their independence. That's the only way to gain legitimacy.

  24. Avatar

    Jesus is coming back for the saved only be saved now!!!!

  25. Avatar

    Azerbaijan is fighting in its own lands to get back occupued territories by Armenia. As you know there are 4 UN resolutions 822, 853, 874 and 884, clearly mentioned that Nagorno-Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan. Please asking you to review these resolutions. Armenia joined the UN resolutions but Nagorno-Karabakh problem still remains unsettled. Armenia occupied Azerbaijan lands and is fighting against Azerbaijan for almost 30 years. Where does Azerbaijan fight? In Armenia or in its lands to get back occupied territories by Armenia? The whole world already knows that Armenia is aggressor and occupier. Azerbaijan is demonstrating to the world that there is no other way out but to take the military actions. There is only 1 condition: Armenian armed forces must fully and immediately leave Azerbaijan lands. Azerbaijan peacefully waited for 30 years this problem to be settled. As a result of artillery and rocket attacks by Armenia, 24 Azerbaijani civilians were killed, 121 injured, more than 300 residential buildings and civilian objects destroyed. Its time for 800K Azerbaijani refugees to return to their native lands and continue their lives.

  26. Avatar

    This land is belong to azerbaijan world know United nations know

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