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Azerbaijan and Armenia leaders speak exclusively to Euronews

The heavy fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh keeps escalating. The historic dispute flared up again recently. Both sides contest who is responsible this time around. Both sides have lost civilians and soldiers in the fighting.

Last year both countries agreed to take “concrete measures to prepare the populations for peace.” Yet in the last fortnight – we’re now reporting on the longest period violence in the region for 30 years. And this time, the conflict has now actively drawn in other countries, increasing the danger of a regional conflict.

What are the next steps for both countries? How far and for how long will the hostilities go – and at what cost? And as the international community repeatedly calls for a ceasefire, what would it take to engineer peace? And is that even still possible, now?

Euronews asked those questions directly to the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, and the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.

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  1. Avatar

    The only good skill this Armenian leader has is true lie
    Perhaps it convince some idiot

  2. Avatar

    Mouseface dictator has Borats accent,gestures and similar mustaches. I expected him to say that Armenia burned Azerbeidjan pubic hair harvest.

  3. Avatar

    For anyone claiming it's Azeri land, that's simply because Stalin handed it over. Not because it's rightfully theirs.

    In order to appease Turkey, the Russians chose to donate Karabakh as well as Nakhichevan, both acknowledged parts of the Republic of Armenia during 1919-1920, to Azerbaijan, the Turks' closest cousins. Until then, Nakhichevan had actually no common border with Turkey but Atatürk's negotiator was able to persuade Moscow to annex a narrow strip of land to Nakhichevan so that the area could have a short strip of common border (15km) with Turkey. The decision was made mainly by Joseph Stalin

  4. Avatar

    As Azerbaijani President said that Armenia began attack on 27 September and Azerbaijan counterattack so Armenia can`t think of any ceasefire. There are neither Jihadists nor mercenaries here in Azerbaijan. Karabakh is internationally recognised. Azerbaijan is fighting over its territories on its own terrain. before last 2 pair days Armenia fired missile on non-conflict zones Ganja, Barda, Tartar, Beylagan, Khizi, Absheron. By the way not from Karabakh but directly from Armenia. And killed civilians including children. the day before yesterday armenia fired cluster rocket to Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan pipeline, in vicinity of Yevlakh. Thank God landed 10 meters away from BTJ pipeline. no damage to pipeline. but eject around. We Azeris are waiting for peace 30 years but Armenia within 30 years attacked on borders at Azerbaijani towns and killed civilians, like 1 year old girl Zehra. She was a victim of hatred and aggression of armenia.

  5. Avatar

    This Euronews interviewer seems to justify Armenia's response and asked lots of biased question.

  6. Avatar
    anonymous anonymous

    The anchor is biased towards Armenia, and will not quote the facts .
    UN resolutions Armenia to vacate the occupied territories simple ,there is no other solution

  7. Avatar

    So basically he is accepting the fact ghat the negotiations didn’t work so he decided to attack and resolve the problem by force which will never happen!

  8. Avatar

    Funny to see how Armenia speaks about peace, genocide, while they have committed numbers of wars crimes in Nagorno Karabakh (google for Khojaly massacre), made an ethnic cleansing and displaced 1 million azerbaijanis from their home in Karabakh. The armenian government didn’t have a referendum or any peaceful act for self determination. They gained the control of part of the of Azerbaijan lands by force, by military aggression. What about Azerbaijani refugees? These one million refugees cannot go back to Karabakh, all of their human rights are being violated for 30 years.
    Armenian side is not able to give any constructive response based on the law, all of their replies to the questions is just about emotions and wishes of armenians. International law demands unconditional and immediate response of Armenian troops from the Nagorno Karabakh, which is internationaly recognized as a territory of Azerbaijan. This is a demand of UN resolution, this is not speculation and artistic claim of genocide, peace and all lies that Armenians tell. This is a law. If one country doesnt obey the international law, it must be isolated and punished for that. Unfortunately, we don’t see that, what we see is ignorance of the law.

  9. Avatar

    Idiot armenia cannot handle the situation.

  10. Avatar

    🇺🇿 🇦🇿

  11. Avatar
    Xaqani Xıdırzadə

    Pashinian is a bad liar. Missiles of armenia that hit the sivilians in Ganja city of Azerbaijan destroyed one armenian descent azerbaijan citizens home. Her name is Karina Grigorian. There are average 30000 armenian citizens in Azerbaijan. Living, working. But you can not show us an azerbaijani living in armenia. The word of genoside is not a joke.

  12. Avatar

    Lmaooo why did she keep cutting him off when he was as speaking facts 😂 I guess the truth hurts.

  13. Avatar
    Toghrul Sabzaliyev

    Nagorno Karabakh was internationally recognized land of Azerbaijan even before Stalin! And Stalin ordered to keep it as part of Azerbaijan, not to pass to Azerbaijan from some country.

    Check Paris PeaceConference in 1919.
    Moreover, even if Armenians are right, in 21st century, making territorial claims based on its own culture and historical truths and pursuing them through a violent way is the middle-centuries norm or mindset combined with nationalism that Armenia has been pursuing

  14. Avatar

    nagorno karabakh this land of ajerbaizan from india
    go azerbaijan into nagorno karabakh✊✊

  15. Avatar
    Sit Down Nobody Talk

    armenian forces have to obey the international law, respect the sovereign borders and leave the occupied lands. Azerbaijan has every right to defend its people and its lands.

  16. Avatar

    Historically the land does not belong to Armenia but Azerbaidzhan ,

  17. Avatar
    Melik Matevosian

    🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲❤️💙🧡Victoury is ours💯

  18. Avatar

    Pashinyan keeps saying genocide when it’s not happening this shows there was no genocide in1915 they lost and said genocide they’re loosing again and started saying genocide again what a failed country..

  19. Avatar

    We don't give California to Mexico just because ethnic mexicans live there. So we are not in ancient ages. We are in 2020. United Nations recognizes those lands as Azerbaijan. That's it. Armenia must withdraw his troops or be punished.

  20. Avatar

    Mr Peshinyan, always lies. His forces always firing to civilian infra structure. 1) Armenia not attacked by Azerbijan.

    2) All the fighting is INSIDE Azerbaijan.

    3) Armenia's army is in Azerbaijan.

    4) Armenia fires missiles at Azerbaijan civilian area.

    5) Armenia has occupied Nagorno-Karabakh & also 7 Azerbaijan regions around it.

  21. Avatar

    Before you azeri supporters jump to conclusions go read some history… For thousands of years karabakh has been part of Armenia, in 1920s Azerbejian did not even exist. After Stalins fall Soviet gifted karabakh to Azerbejian. How in the world do you gift a a part of land to a different country ? Erdogan is behind all this and aiding Azerbejian with full military support. Syrian fighters are being paid $1500 a month to fight the Armenias while Turkey and Azerbejian are saving their blood. Long live Armenia !!!! Rip to all the soliders who have given up their lives for our country !!! Turki mamannnnnnnnn

  22. Avatar

    Karabakh is Azerbaıjan

  23. Avatar
    Heather Davidson

    They are paying turkey for the weapons in turn isis gets larger and it becomes a western threat. This is why Armenians outside of the territory are protesting.

  24. Avatar

    Peace will never be achieved until Armenia will except the fact that their occupying a land that does not belong to them, just the fact that Armenians settled in that land does not mean that it belongs to them and so if they want to achieve peace they have to redraw from the occupied territories of Azerbaidzhan and let the Azerbaijani refugees go back to the land, otherwise Azerbaidzhan has all the right to fight for their land.

  25. Avatar

    Nagorno-Karabakh declared its independence on September 2, 1991. Azerbaijan declared its independence on October 18, 1991.

    An independent Azerbaijan has never held a valid international legal claim, nor ever exercised state authority over the Armenian population of Artsakh

  26. Avatar
    Panglao crypto earnings

    Great leader of Armenia

  27. Avatar
    Frederick Hashbury

    Man i was hoping this debate would end up like Memri TV debate lol

  28. Avatar

    0:50 my whole life changed with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  29. Avatar

    Armenia just remained politically correct instead of being sincere. He says there's Armenian people there yet they attacked..

  30. Avatar

    Qestion " Mr Pashinyan, do you want to make peace?"
    Answer: " 1915, genocide, Turkey"
    Question: " why are you shooting civil cities?"
    Answer: " 1915, genocide, Turkey"

  31. Avatar
    Güney Azerbaycan

    The summary of Nikol Pashinyan's interview with Euronews: Fearmongering, hate, and propaganda.

  32. Avatar

    There is shouldn’t be any debate unless armina withdraw his troops from occupied territory of Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  33. Avatar
    Mistrikusi Laminasi

    She keep interrupting explanations.

  34. Avatar

    Bravo President Ilham keep fighting until get free all occupied lands from Armenia.

  35. Avatar

    Pakistan 🇵🇰 is with Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 Love ❤️ from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  36. Avatar
    alejandro alex9990

    That region belongs to Armenia its stupid what the un did agreeing on the soviet distribution. I support armenia its THEIR historic land, not azebajians as they claim. Azeris and imperialist turks just want an excuse to ethnic cleansing armenians

  37. Avatar

    No one is attacking Armenia or Armenians. Azerbaijan is fighting in its own internationally recognised territories and we accept the Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh as our citizens.

  38. Avatar

    good azirbajan we support to you from indonesia

  39. Avatar

    azirabajan🇦🇿indonesia🇮🇩 support

  40. Avatar

    Republic of Nagorno Karabakh never was a part of independent Azerbaijan, currently people in NKR are fighting international terrorism brought here by Turkey, all Aliyev is saying is a lie and propaganda

  41. Avatar


  42. Avatar

    Armenians claim that Muslim Azerbaijan intends to destroy the Christians. I wonder why Muslim Azerbaijan never wants to destroy the rest of the Christian people in Caucasus too? For example, Georgia, Ossetia? There are even many Christians living in Azerbaijan !! When will armenians stop to lying?

  43. Avatar

    The first country to convert to Christianity was Greece and the Armenians became Christians, not because Jesus came to them directly, but because they got to know Christianity through Greeks !! 100 years later, Georgia and Albania also accepted Christianity, but not through the Armenians, but again thanks to the Greeks! Armenians only ever believe in what they would like and quickly forget the whole truth !! What I am writing here has been historically proven and can be found on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are also false facts to be found that were spread directly by the Armenians! It is true that whoever cannot love his neighbor cannot be a true Christian. Jesus himself kept repeating, true Christian loves his neighbor, no matter what origin, belief and skin color he is. Armenians don't do that. When the big earthquake hit Armenia on December 7th, 1988, the Azerbaijanis came to the rescue first. Already forgotten? And then you heartlessly killed them and took away a large piece of land (Karabakh).

  44. Avatar

    How can you talk so softly and act innocent when you are in war with each other??..
    Both countries should forgive and work for peace at the region…

  45. Avatar

    How can you talk so softly and act innocent when you are in war with each other??..
    Both countries should forgive and work for peace at the region

  46. Avatar

    I wish the people of Azerbaijan and Armenia peace. Find a way to sit down and negotiate like civilized people so the civilians don't have to suffer on both sides. Do it now before it gets out of control, it is still possible to find peace. Put your pride aside.

  47. Avatar

    Карабах принадлежит Азербайджану, если армянский солдат не хочет умирать, его нужно выбросить с наших земель

  48. Avatar

    Armenia is another Israel in Caucasus. Its expansionism must be annihilated at the buds.

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