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Axios interview: Trump coronavirus claims fact-checked – BBC News

Trump Axios interview coronavirus claims fact-checked

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  1. Avatar

    cmon your the BBC, take the time to post the whole thing and do it right..

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    Fact Checks are so important

  3. Avatar

    Like anyone would believe a so-called fact check from an organization who's on the left.

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    This newsreader has an eminently punchable face.

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    Trump is so dangerously ignorant

  6. Avatar

    Trump: You can’t do that

    Me: hahahaha….. help us….. anybody 😭

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    That is a face you just want to hold underwater until the bubbles stop.

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    come on guys.. dont be that guy.. i like you guys cause you dont have fake news.. This interviewer set trump up. it was messed up

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    Trump the Apprentice your Fired We are the new Apprentice in the New World order New normal Restrictions World now The Ritual Mask.

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    Nice one BBC BBC hires 800 licence fee agents to go after the over 75s https://youtu.be/Tx6SyiW9Bic

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    Oh he's back, Partridge better than Trumps tan. Oh fact check. John Hopkins who practiced event 201 a few months before the plandemic. I think Trump either made a mistake intentionally or unintentionally if he is playing a role of a rightwinger in the false left right parridigm that Partridge here and the others present to us. You don't want to look at the raw data and look at the percentages and in that case America is not on top as Partridge claims at the start of the video. Instead he capitalises on Trumps gaff if it is a gaff of going off the raw data. He's quite old so maybe had a senior moment. Non news story.

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    Johnathans foot wanted to kick that screw ball right in the chops !

  13. Avatar

    What is their database producing these figures; Donald's are coming from the CDC which without question, has far superior and more resources than a public university.
    So you're sniveling liars that tried to sabotage OUR election, with the Christopher Steele dossier which your government should have arrested him for!
    You lying sacks of shit you think we're all stupid but we're not!

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    Virginia B. Britton

    November 3rd

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    📮👉 Donald j. Trump: Absentee voting is different from mail-in voting and has more protections against fraud.
    Fact's ruling: False

    Here's why: As many states prepare for increased mail voting due to the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump has repeatedly raised concerns about the voting process. He's falsely suggested that there's a difference between traditional absentee voting and states' expanded mail voting, especially when it comes to verifying and securing votes.

    Why absentee and mail-in ballots are the same thing, and that, whatever term you use, the verification process is the same.

    So when Trump says he's an absentee voter in Florida because he's "at the White House," that's not accurate. It doesn't matter where he is; Trump, like any other registered Florida voter, can cast a ballot without going to an in-person site.

    No differential treatment. Regardless of the terminology, elections experts say there is no difference between how "absentee" and "mail-in ballots" are treated.

    📮😨👉Watch "Trump campaign official falsely implies mail-in voting leads to fraud" on YouTube

    📮👉Watch "BREAKING: November Is Coming – Demand Vote-By-Mail – #NovemberIsComing" on YouTube

    ⚠️🚨Watch "Militarized BORTAC Border Patrol Raids & Ransacks Medical Camp on U.S. Border, Arrests 30 Migrants" on YouTube

    👉Watch "Strategy Behind The Madness: Anti-Trump Ads Expose #45's Lies, Mail-In Voting Attack, COVID Failure"  on YouTube

    ⚠️👉Watch "Sen. Schatz: Trump And GOP Allowing An 'Economic Extinction Event' | All In | MSNBC" on YouTube

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    PsychicLove Tarot

    It is far cos have so many people test it . So why forcing this all time

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    Per capita is on point ! Wake up America

  18. Avatar

    Fact checking Trump is a ridiculous exercise. He is clueless and uneducated.

  19. Avatar

    Trump is ALWAYS RIGHT, he'll win in November and the left can't cope with it, same as Brexit, Trump 2020 to save us from left wing Fascism from the likes of the BBC, Sky, LBC, the Guardian and many more.

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    India end Crimes against Humanity, Social Murder and State Terrorism in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu &Kashmir cause Kashmiris wants freedom from India:

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    Why dont you fact-check Boris Johnson's statements over the pandemic BBC, weve got enough problems with lying politicians over on this end of the Atlantic that you could be informing the public about

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    Darth Vader's Dad

    In other news Bill Clinton was at Epsteins little St James island 26 times yet the BBCCCP is still to report on it, Hillary Clinton to testify infront of Congress on the missing emails, George Floyd video clearly showing his was resisting arrest and BLM is Neo-Marxist terrorist organisation.

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    Look at the leftie snowflakes melt TRUMP 2020 TDS is strong on the BBC

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    He is so scruffy, I can't stand it 😂 jesus help him.

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    Fake news. Edited video.

    Are you scared to show the whole interview?

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    Isn’t like 1/10 words out of his mouth a lie so

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    Very very viral 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    We need to find a technology to take that media,banks,politicians sewage out of our life! ….we also need to get gun back to our household !

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    Give him his Burger King crown.

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    Chef-anie holtzzz

    I'm so embarrassed and ready to Vote
    #votebiden #byedon

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    Trump is an ass

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    US Population 327 Million
    US COVID Cases 4.8 Million
    US COVID deaths 158,000
    Germany Population 83 Million
    Germany COVID Cases 215,000
    Germany COVID deaths 9,200
    UK POPULATION 67 Million
    UK COVID CASES 310,000
    UK COVID DEATHS 46,000

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    BBC licence inspectors frightening old age pensioners into paying for the television.

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