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Autonomous drones and boats could repair wind farms and clean up the ocean

Drones and unmanned boats could be used to maintain the UK’s offshore wind farms and clean up ocean plastics in the next five years, experts have told Sky News.

Scientists from the University of Bristol, along with French-based firm Thales, are testing technology that will eventually remove the need for humans to carry out these labour-intensive and sometimes dangerous roles.

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    Ask Billy Ocean to help clean it up 😂

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    Anyone played Horizon Zero Dawn? This is one of the many small changes bringing us to that world.

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    Mad Hatter let loose

    Would they clean up the English Channel of boat loads of undesirables ????

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    Can't stop the boats coming from France though.

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    Soon these will be swooping in to carry your loved ones off to safty when they catch the covid. God bless the government.

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    Massive protests in Israel against the corrupt Netanyahu government.

    Why doesn’t the Western media report Israel’s crimes?

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    how about drones and boats and a government with some backbone to stop france from helping Dinghies come across the channel .

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    Another useless gadget while the country collapses

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    Why though? Corona is gonna kill us all off ain’t it?

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    Anyone who still believes in “job security” in the future will get creamed.

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    Disgraceful scenes from PSNI at the Stormont Anti- Lockdown protest in Belfast.

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    No, they will break and just be more junk….really guys try again.

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    Technocratic controlled police state is getting in gear..

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    What a load of cack.
    I can't see a tiny drone doing much about a major bearing failure or something else requiring proper manpower.

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    Have u noticed us members of public cant have access to these tech.

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    Sounds like they're taking jobs away to me.

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    Can see the remote controllers eventually being outsourced to India!

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    Swoop down on that Dentist in his Yacht trying to escape his FEMA Camp Assignment and leave a little Magnetic Mine.

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    But who/what repairs the drones and boats?

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    America has SpaceX..

    The UK has radio controlled boats and plastic AirfiX toys. What a joke!

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    temat zastępczy, gdzie mają pracować absolwenci szkół wyższych?

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