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Attorney for student bullied by teacher for conservative views joins 'Tucker'

Jesse Binnall, attorney for Episcopal High School student bullied for her conservative values, speaks out on Tucker Carlson Tonight. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    I hope this school get NAILED! Shut them DOWN!

  2. Avatar

    The new world order — willingly submit to "our" views, or face the consequences.
    Religious views, or conservative views, or traditional family views are ultimately intended to be outlawed.

  3. Avatar

    Commenting here is futile except to inspire hate. No right wingers will listen, they're too full of hate. No left wingers will listen, they're too full of hate. Putin, Iran and China are happy with our leadership and media and it's results as we become a 3rd world country and get out of his way. He just won the Cold War without firing a shot.

  4. Avatar

    Great job Tucker. Why is Fox protecting G.Soros?Why would they suppress N.Gingrich with info about how GS paid protesters. Maybe Fox isn't so different from CNN.

  5. Avatar

    There's nothing "woke" about them.

  6. Avatar

    donald trump says he will not accept the results of november that is how the dictators of cuba and venezuela and nicaragua and russia have been in power and to this day they are still in power hypocrites fox news

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Sue the teachers and school district

  9. Avatar

    What business is it of the School what she posts on Social Media , This is Crazy . These , so called Teachers should be Fired .

  10. Avatar

    That boarding school was one of the most conservative in the country just a short while ago. Tucker's boarding school now had TEN full time Diversity administrators for about 800 students. What do they do all day??

  11. Avatar

    Lawyer should have said the student did nothing wrong.

  12. Avatar

    Private school snowflake left winger in Virginia….who is shocked? I am a public school teacher and very pro Republican. I cannot fathom calling a student a name like that for just about any reason, but especially not because he/she has a different political philosophy. What kind of a person does that? I might disagree and ask him/her about their reasoning, but bully a student and name-calling? Shameful.

  13. Avatar

    When "education" institutions stop teaching critical thinking and facts, and just "preach" what you must think, they become indoctrination camps.

  14. Avatar

    The liberal party of tolerance shamed and bullied a juvenile school girl. I can’t believe it…

  15. Avatar

    Ok, so I tweeted about this exact video last night and talked about how the distasteful the left is, and I swear to God Twitter took the tweet down. It's nowhere to be found on my tweet history log. The leftist mob on social media is absolutely CRAZY.

  16. Avatar

    WATCH THIS VIDEO"I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind for Trump" BY "Bedros KEUILIAN" WATCH TO THE END

  17. Avatar

    They start early brainwashing children! Let the kids make up their own minds about what and who they want to be. My parents NEVER forced their beliefs on me.

  18. Avatar

    I wonder, Jesse, if the parents will react at all. I find most parents extremely self-serving.

  19. Avatar

    I’ve made sure to make my sons understand that not everything they teach in school is gospel and to question things put to them ….and think for themselves we must be careful who is teaching our children and ensure they are not trying to push political views down children’s throats . Parents must make a stand and ensure these moments are called out and these woke schools will be broke schools

  20. Avatar

    Am I going crazy (rhetorical) or is Tucker’s background different?

  21. Avatar

    This is very sad that all of you do not know the full story. I am an EHS alum c/o 2019 and being a Black Latino I have been victim to many racist encounters with the professors and even my fellow students. This school is not a "woke" factory what so ever. It is a conservative southern Boarding school that has a very alarming history. I have spoken to multiple students that attend the school and they have all said 'kenzie was being racist of social media and they told her that that behavior is not acceptable at all. Yes, the "teacher" who is not a teacher is wrong and I will not name them because they have had a very positive influence on my life. I just hope a Primary source can clear this whole story up instead of me a secondary source. Also, you are only hearing 1 side to this entire story. Please speak to the students who have actually encountered this young lady on a daily basis. Thank you.

  22. Avatar

    This is nothing new even before the internet my teachers in NYC where biased against white kids it was very clear

  23. Avatar

    Oh those tolerant lefties

  24. Avatar

    I gotta admit, he’s got a very punchable face.

  25. Avatar

    Take all Schools, who treat Our Kids like that OUT PERIOD……

  26. Avatar

    Teachers ARE bullies who push their views on you. Homeschool your kids its gonna get worse

  27. Avatar

    We are now in the End Game, "Only One Chance to get it Right" Dr Strange said this. (Trump is our Thanos).

  28. Avatar

    Does it seem logical to interview the “victim’s” lawyer as the source of unbiased information about the incident?

  29. Avatar

    Schools are turning into cult gatherings…

  30. Avatar

    "As the world drifts further away from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it". George Orwell.

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    We are judged by how we treat our old & what we teach our young 🤦‍♂️

  33. Avatar

    Public school monopoly at its best! Where has it got us ? 19% of high school GRADUATES can’t READ! 55% of Americans read at a 5th grade level? These people cannot succeed in the American Dream 🤔. Minorities suffer the worse -= The Left prefers them dependent for life I guess?🤔

  34. Avatar

    It's so disgusting that it's impossible these days to have a healthy conversation between difference views. I'm terrified for my kids when they start school. Leaning more and more on homeschooling. At least then I can teach my kids what a great country they live in.

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