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Atlantic premiers concerned as WestJet ends most flights in region

Premiers are expressing concern after WestJet announced it would shut down most of its operations in Atlantic Canada.
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  1. Avatar

    This will create opportunity.

  2. Avatar

    As long as I have a face, vassy has a place to sit. She’s an amazing host of P&P. Firm but fair

  3. Avatar

    thats great news ! keep the virus from landing with people or lock all travellors up for 14 days when they arrive in Hfx.

  4. Avatar

    Why are they concerned? Hasn’t Covid restrictions by the same premieres basically halted travel? Unfortunately I think there’s only one politician in the world understands the economy needs to be open. Stop complaining in one article then promote covid restrictions in another!! Secondly we need to stop supporting areas where people don’t invest themselves.

  5. Avatar

    Stop the lockdowns or there won't be any economy left in this country. Most businesses will never come back! Lack of any desire to invest or attempt to borrow for new businesses.
    The politicians and health officials still receiving paychecks, benefits and pensions. Remember that point!!!

  6. Avatar

    Violating Section 6 (Mobility Rights) of the Charter of Rights has economic consequences. Lock your borders down & prevent Canadians from travelling within their own nation…and this is what you get.

  7. Avatar

    They may not come back !

  8. Avatar

    The Maritimes live back in times not in time present and I lived there most of my life so I know why that's why I left

  9. Avatar

    Trudeau's job creation program?

  10. Avatar
    The Steaming Bean

    Not surprised considering the shut down and blocking travel from other parts of Canada.

  11. Avatar

    This is only the beginning of the effects of lockdowns !!

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar
    Johnnie Pemberton

    Covid hasn’t caused anything! Government has caused everything!

  14. Avatar

    Good news there will be less contamination at all

  15. Avatar

    More than a month ago Sharon Kirkey already wrote: "The 'Atlantic bubble' has held off COVID-19, but is it worth the cost to civil liberties?" “The Come From Away province told Canadians who’d come from away to bloody well stay away,” Michael Bryant, executive director and general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) wrote. “Contrary to our constitutionally protected mobility rights, and contrary to Canada’s raison d’être, we unstitched our confederation, in a panic.” It was kind of scary to see how quickly on the Power Panel discussion seemed to switch from relaxing the Atlantic bubble to writing big cheques to the businesses hurt by it. Have none of them read the Great Barrington Declaration?

  16. Avatar

    I bet it has not been almost a year since he has seen his child.

  17. Avatar

    No news on Breaking Joe Biden corruption. Interesting…

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