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At least 4 dead, 18 missing as France rescue efforts underway following flooding

At least four people are dead and 18 missing after intense flooding and heavy rains in southern France this past weekend as rescue efforts are underway.

Torrential rains hit the region, resulting in swollen rivers washing away homes, bridges and parts of roads.

According to local reports, approximately 1,000 firefighters were deployed along with helicopters and soldiers to the Alpes-Maritimes region to assist.

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    To the Early Squad reading this: Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, read my nameπŸ‚

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    OMG πŸ’”I feel so bad for them.

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    France tries to challenge Turkey and gets hit by flood lol. Allah struck them down.

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    ImAlwaysRight IKnowEverything

    this sweet fertile europe was so nice and fun to live on when i was a prehistoric man 100 000 years ago , now it move/climate change

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    Holy Mother of Nature. Fierce. Powerful.

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    I truly am praying for you.
    For each one not yet found.
    God knows just exactly where you are.
    If you are able, and still in prayer, or unable to pray.
    His Holy presence is upon you.
    He will come to you.
    In Jesus name
    I pray

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    What a shame. I hope the missing people are found alive and well.

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    Simon Peter Rufon

    Is nature taking over the land?

  11. Avatar

    Looks like a dam busted

  12. Avatar

    The end is near !!!

  13. Avatar

    Yes really tragic and sad. Good thing there is no global warming Trump

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    My advice is do not rebuild where that flood has destroyed those buildings, pick higher ground

  15. Avatar

    There are way too many floods way too many places. Not normal.

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