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At least 140 children with serious health conditions living at Moria migrant camp, says MSF

Youngsters with epilepsy, diabetes and heart disease are trapped on the overcrowded Greek camp.…

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  1. Avatar

    Deport them….Problem solved. They are Illegal Economic Migrants

  2. Avatar

    Send them to Dubai. Very wealthy nation

  3. Avatar

    Then they should go back from where they came from! We don't want you!

  4. Avatar

    Greece can't hold them all, and the door to Europe is closed to them, Sad situation. They look fed and clean, how they are living, thank God for that.

  5. Avatar

    There is no sound, check your sound

  6. Avatar

    Turkey use migration to take money from Europe.

  7. Avatar

    Unsustainable. At a certain point, its no longer about the reasons for them to run away, its about being impossible to sustain receiving people without the capability to absorb them.
    One might have the best intentions, but at that point it becomes a time-bomb.

  8. Avatar

    I SAW MY γιατρός Γρηγόρης μου, he is the best psychologist I has ever met as an Survival of Torture am and AM AN EXPERT BY EXPERIENCE. SHALOM.

  9. Avatar

    These people should not be the Europen people's problem. Go home.

  10. Avatar

    they need to go back to there country. there are how many middle eastern countries that can take them and help. saudi arabia, quatar to name a few they have billions and its there own people. what is up with this???

  11. Avatar

    Moria? Is this the great dwarven kingdom that were lost ages ago?
    Balrog 🙁

  12. Avatar

    but wait its cruel to inter them and give them medical treatment & separate them from their parents …….

  13. Avatar

    Their health conditions came with them. Epilepsy, heart disease, and diabetes weren't contracted in the camp. They came for free medical aid to a small, poor country that cannot sustain them.

  14. Avatar

    They do not have to come to Europe! Europe is not the only place in the world that can except these people. This is mass immigration ethnic replacement g e n o c i d e of indigenous Europeans.

  15. Avatar

    Take personal responsibility for your own people!

  16. Avatar

    While people all across Europe suffer serious medical conditions & can't access life saving medicine's or life changing treatments.

    Amazing how mainstream media coverup those news worthy stories <<< FREE ASSANGE

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