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ASUS VivoWatch SP Health Tracker | Features overview

ASUS VivoWatch SP is an intelligent wearable health tracker that offers 24/7 health and fitness monitoring and insights to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve fitness goals. Paired with the ASUS HealthConnect app featuring HealthAI technology, you can easily track blood pressure, heart rate, exercise and sleep and receive personalized health-management tips based on health measurements, manual recording and personal habits.

Learn more about ASUS VivoWatch SP:

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    Really, u r awesome asus❤️❤️

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    vamsi chowdary koppula

    When was release in india and price…??

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    Guri Kamboj Official

    One ot the best ads

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    I love Asus <3

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    Mom: Don't even think about it

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    ณัฐภัทร ธาตุศ่สตร์

    Please sell in Thailand

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    Menunggu di INDONESIA berharap jadi produk resmi 🇮🇩

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    I do not know why but I feel old watching this commercial video. Like insurance product.

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    Kartik Pardeshi Pardeshi

    Price 10,000 chahie

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    Akif Demirturk ツ

    Asus is 100% one of the top 10 best companys

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    Great , And please Consider ASUS smartphone to be waterproof , too . Thanks

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    Android tablet please….

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    Not gonna lie Im a Fun of Asus right now

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    That's like competitive

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    We can bet on

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    idk why but Asus' Vivo lineup is kinda hilarious

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    pls give me asus gaming laptop pls i am a low specs
    – dhanushnk1401@gmail.com

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    https://www.digistore24.com/redir/275200/vv69724/ buy the latest e-book about health and fitness

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    Jadavnandan Borah

    Launch it ASAP, in India as well, tired of seeing Chinese domination

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    Mikołaj Czerwiński

    I think hardware is super cool, but os is not that good

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    Güzelmiş Asus abi👍

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    Hey ASUS wanna send me a pc

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    Happy national day to Taiwan

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    Wow! 😍That looks gorgeous!😍 looking forward to getting one in the future!🖒

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    Disky Aria Jetmiko

    If you've ever at jungle, you don't want to carry smart watch lol, for battery purpose

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    Prateek Priyadarshi

    Asus have you forgotten India one of the largest markets … Where is Zenfone 7 series and please launch this in India.

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    Please create a rog strix watch it would be awesome.

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    It will available in India? ??

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    Where is Asus zenphone Max pro m3 ?

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    Vivo watch, why not zen watch?

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    asus. you have to launch the ryzen 5 4th gen laptop under 45000 .. india..so that we , the poor students can buy…plz

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    When will the 10 version update of Asus Zenfone Pro Max 1 😡😠😠

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    Cost in India please ??

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