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Astronauts Wear Adult Diapers During Spacewalks

Spacewalks can sometimes take eight hours. Let’s face it, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

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  1. Avatar

    Can anyone say which type of motors used in space stations,and in space??

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    Made by Roland nedelkovich

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    Good information

  5. Avatar

    One large sh*t for man,another large "fart sound" for man kind.

  6. Avatar

    Interesting and cool!

  7. Avatar

    Hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go.

  8. Avatar

    Wow thanks for making this full fill Information video 🙂

  9. Avatar

    wait, is the title a fact or will they now put on diapers and see what happens,,

  10. Avatar

    Astronauts Wear Adult Diapers During Spacewalks…as opposed to baby diapers?

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    Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    and when they are on the pad. until the rocket leaves earth the the toilet is turned off until third stage staging and solar array deploy. image sitting on the pad for 4 hours that is a long time for bathroom breaks which is why astronauts go before they board the ship.

  12. Avatar

    What happens when something hits the clear the front of the helmet? How do you stop yourself just constantly being pummelled till it gives up?

  13. Avatar

    So, do you go more often in space? Less?

  14. Avatar

    My doubt cleared 😂

  15. Avatar

    Is that Proffessor Dave in the intro? Lol

  16. Avatar

    Space gangstars lol

  17. Avatar
    Saffrontrash 321

    Space gangster 😂😂

  18. Avatar

    Very enjoyable vid I liked it!

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    Nobody has gone outer space. You people are full of crap. Lmfao.

  21. Avatar

    The question or answered though is do you ever change it? Or they stay with a soiled diaper for the time stuck up there

  22. Avatar

    What diaper brand?

  23. Avatar
    therealnickx88 gaming,vloging,etc


  24. Avatar

    And apparently if they're driving non-stop from Houston to Orlando for a kidnapping attempt too…

  25. Avatar

    Have anybody seen this diaper for adults call www.abuniverse.com.there is a lot of money being made off an adult baby diapers that looks just like pampers baby today’s baby diapers 🍼🍼🍼

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    I hope y’all know that always discreet boutique underwear is made by proctor and gamble.because proctor and gamble is stamp on the bag of pampers and luvs and always discreet boutique underwear and pads too”.the underwear is made soft just like pampers and luvs diapers and have the same look too”.i compared all of them together.a lot of women don’t know this,but it’s true ladies.your eyes don’t lie.

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    I collect a lot of vintage plastic back diapers size medium and size six and seven and xlarge kids pull ups.cloth or plastic backing.they are very comfortable to wear.im looking to buy more. I already have over a 100 diapers I collect so far in my room

  28. Avatar

    Women wear diapers more than men do because they wear them when they are born and when they have there period and after they give birth to there baby because they start to have bladder leaks from giving birth.

  29. Avatar

    Going back to my roots… ok, i mean its chrones disease and a 29 yr old virgin who shits his pants, its cool tho, i can be a astronaut!

  30. Avatar

    "If I can't be an adult baby on Earth, I'll just take it to space!" – Someone probably

  31. Avatar

    I wear a diaper on the first date. It still counts as 'going' all the way. 😉

  32. Avatar
    It's Candy Time Boys and Girls

    Good thing they don't serve very spicy mexican food in space.

  33. Avatar

    My name is Mike pawloski my mother cought me in her pantties brew and then I was putting on a unitard over and my mom sead your are going to put on my pretty pink hi cut one pice on over your black bodysuit then were ging into to tie you in tight then I got some grils coming to see y ok who your sisters and there bring you something your going to wrenched up in the air dressed like you are then your going 5 feet off the floor for the next 7 days you'll be changed every day if this is what y want it is I want it Bradley I want to no what it feels like for wamen to put me in front of her and then told what to do now as a female

  34. Avatar

    The H.U.T. gets a special name, but the “Lower Torso” doesn’t. That’s not very fair, now is it?

  35. Avatar

    We never walked on the moon

  36. Avatar

    Couldn't it be much easier to hold it in the whole time? I mean the rocket launches dont last that long… Plus! I'm pretty sure once suits are made more simple, we may no longer require these "space diapers" or all this junk…

  37. Avatar
    Poley The Polar Bear

    Remember folks, don't forget to wear your space diapers.

  38. Avatar

    I wear a adult nappy for scuba diving but I also wear a condom catheter device too

  39. Avatar

    Houston we have a problem…..

    I forgot to bring wet wipes😳

  40. Avatar
    DesignatedEagle F

    If I go to space, I'm wearing nothing but diapers.

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