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Arsenal's Mikel Arteta: 'I feel that I have failed with Mesut Özil'

Mikel Arteta has said he must bear the brunt of responsibility for Mesut Özil’s demise at Arsenal after the midfielder was left out of the team’s 25-man Premier League squad. The Gunners’ head coach said he felt he had not been able to get the best out of the club’s highest-paid player, who said in a statement on Wednesday that ‘loyalty is hard to come by nowadays’.

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Arteta feels he has ‘failed’ with Özil after Arsenal playmaker hits out ►

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  1. Avatar

    Wow….. I am the first viewer…

  2. Avatar

    Ballsy but he speaks the truth

  3. Avatar

    I can't see whats happening behind the training session But Ozil always passionated when it comes to matchday #YaGunnersYa

  4. Avatar

    He's speaking the truth

  5. Avatar

    Pressure from Fly Emirates and China has forced Arsenal to Drop Ozil from the team and the club altogether just because he spoke his mind freely, that is not a sporting decision in a million years, what a shame.

  6. Avatar

    Is it a footballing or business decision?

  7. Avatar

    After 10 years being an ardent fan of Arsenal..tis now Goodbye to you. Thanks for the memories.

  8. Avatar
    Guardian Football

    Arteta feels he has 'failed' with Özil after Arsenal playmaker hits out ► https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/21/mesut-ozil-disappointed-arsenal-squad-snub-says-loyalty-not-reciprocated

  9. Avatar

    Why the feed arteta, till he used to take all the blames alone

  10. Avatar

    Mikel arteta,dont put the blame on your shoulder because we all knew it all along it 's not your fault at all.. Carry on your job as the maneger of this wonderfull club.. We all know it's hard for you to make this hard decision but carry on.. Arsenal will be arsenal and ozil wil be ozil.. As Arsenal and Mesut Ozil fan we are dispointing but there is nothing we could do..big money talk here..

  11. Avatar
    Netherdrake Mursheed

    Honestly u r a puppet of the board and have an attitude like ur mentor Guardiola who mistreated some BIG players like Zlatan, Eto'o, even Joe Hart … stop talking lies in interviews like pep does..

  12. Avatar

    Dont do that guardian your not the sun shame on u

  13. Avatar
    Tanvir SuperMarvel Ahmed

    Key words "I HAVE TO leave him out the squad" clearly has been forced on Mikel 🙁

  14. Avatar

    I have been a season ticket owner and am disgusted on what he just said. I have never wanted Arteta to fail until now.

  15. Avatar
    Tanvir SuperMarvel Ahmed

    It's not arteta honestly, its the board. Some fans are talking absolute nonsense saying its nothing to do with China but it is. Yes Ozil played last season but the contract with China hadn't expired till the end of the season. The contract was renewed again before the start of the 20/21 season and China put in a conditional clause which meant Ozil would not be allowed to feature as State broadcaster CCTV would stop payments and Arsenal would miss out on millions. Arsenal have restaurants in China and other ventures those would all be affected. Ozil is not being excluded for footballing reasons.

  16. Avatar

    Goodbye to arsenal..prefer another team to win epl and CL

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