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Armenian PM warns Turkey to stay out of conflict with Azerbaijan

The Prime Minister of Armenia told Sky News that Turkey should stay out of the ongoing conflict between his nation and Azerbaijan.

Nikol Pashinyan is calling the hostilities over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh a civilisational issue.

He said: “Firstly, Turkey has become fully engaged, encouraging and inciting the conflict. Turkey has also transported mercenaries and terrorists from the territory of Syria to the conflict zone which is changing the whole context.

“This is becoming essentially Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia’s struggle against international terrorism.”

Sky News has not been able to prove the presence of Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan but the allegations continue to circulate in international media reports.

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    Love to 🇦🇲 from 🇮🇳.

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    We will win 🇦🇲

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    What constructional input can Turkey have, if Erdogan claims "Armenians didn't learn their lessons" meaning Armenian Genocide?

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    Source: UN.ORG

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    Turkey ll stay with azerbaijan giving media coverage.Armenia has all the wstern media giving them coverage.Pushinyo s ego s killing civilians in azeri non disputed lands.

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    Shogher Ghazaryan


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    Yeah bro.
    Gotta talk about the Russian mercenaries?

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    nelli chilingaryan

    Կեցցե' հայոց հզոր բանակը։

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    Turkey is an aggressor, has been and will be if not stopped now. Now is the time to show Turkey it’s place on the map and within humanitarian and moral grounds.

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    Helsine Ghazaryan

    #հաղթելուենք 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

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    We'll win., because we struggle for our homeland and our struggle is fair. God bless the Armenian soldier , Artsakh and Armenia. Peace for the world․

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    Support Armenia from Egypt

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    Janna Terlemezyan

    World, #StopTerrorists. Don't be blind. #RecognizeArtsakh

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    Asher Dorock Hazard

    Get a Vaseline priminister.. Stop crying.. There is a price for occupying Turkish lands.. And the bill is on your name now.

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    Հաղթելու ենք

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    We are defending our homeland and are fighting against the terrorists who are a real danger not only for our region but for the whole world.
    We are fair , either our desire is. Undoubtedly we will win!

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