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Armenia-Azerbaijan: The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, explained

Massacres are unfolding in Nagorno-Karabakh. The enclave in the South Caucasus is the centre of dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Recent military clashes between the two countries have led to hundreds of people dying, including military personnel and civilians. They are the deadliest clashes since the 1991-94 war over Nagorno-Karabakh that killed about 30,000.

To understand why we’re seeing a resurgence of deadly violence, Emanuela Campanella takes a deep dive into the contested region’s turbulent past.

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    It seems like most of the opinions on this issue take sides with the Muslim azerbaijanis.

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    I don't trust a word that comes out of Global's mouth. Not on foreign wars, not on foreign elections, certainly on nothing domestic after getting bailed out by the government.

    Nothing but clickbait state media pushing a globalist agenda.

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    let the Armenians be free

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    Finally somewhat factual video. Still some context missing in the video…The ethnic armenia’s have always been majority in this area for centuries. The land was taken from them by soviet and given to Azerbaijan. They did democratic voting and separated themselves from Azerbaijan because Turkey and Azerbaijan were committing ethnic cleansing in the region…they wanted the land without Armenians. Armenian Genocide 1915 continued…

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    You are a liar)

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    Ashot Ettibaryan

    Erdogan’s Turkey represents evil, pure evil. That country is a threat to every country in Europe, Middle East, Russian and even China. Armenia is just a first step toward realization of the diabolical idea of “great turan”. Erdogan’s turkey and Azerbaijan today is what Germany was in 1939. Turkey and Azerbaijan MUST be stopped, severely sanctioned for the humanitarian disaster they are causing in Karabakh. Good for Canada for standings for what is moral, humane and right.

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    How Karabakh could be Azerbaijan territory, while 94% Armenians and churches 1400 years old
    ???? what F******ing Turkey is doing there?
    Turkey has 380 Billions dept, go fix that Armenia is not your Business

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    The real problem of Armenia is its new PM. He is inexperienced and arrogant. For two years he was bashing russian influence in Armenia and now he expects Putin to help him! 3 months Ago he nominated a 29 year old as the chief of the Armenian secret services without any previous experience in the field! Now, instead of taking strategic actions he tries to play the victim card while the Azerbaijani are advancing through precision strikes and according to Armenia only killed 300 soldiers… far from what Pashinyan claim to be a genocide! Pashynian, a journalist, is mainly interested by his image and social media!

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    I smell a war coming how everything is looking if this keep going on Russia Will step in the Iran then some more countries will step in

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    Armenia has a security agreement with Russia and Iran. Russian weapons are being transported to Armenia through Iran as we speak because Georgia blocks Russian military aid. Why should NATO countries take the Armenian side, which is what France wants, when we do know that Armenia clearly sits in the Russia/Iran axis as it has always done ? Have we all become Russian assets like Armenia ? Are we all serving Russia and to Mr. Putin now ? Is that it ? 🤷‍♀️ ✔✔🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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    Владимир Поляков

    В ООН принять резолюцию: армяне должны женится на азербайджанках, а азербайджанцы на армянах. И все будут счастливы.

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    If nagorno karak, whatever the name of the place is wanted to be part of armenia, so be it. Azerbaijan need to accept that. If not, then the UN need to do a vote to see which side the nagorno citizens want to be part with.

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    yes lets blow up the area that we are trying to capture, big stonks

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    End the occupation so peace will come.

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    The UN should let the people of artsakh/nagorno karabakh have a vote to determine what the people want their because clearly stalin didn't care for the people that lived there

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    What a hilarious map…..
    I never saw this nagaro-karabakh map before😁😁😁

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    this is over oil; russia has 5k permanent troops in Armenia and Azerbaijan is being aided by Turkey. there are two pipelines that run southwest of the caucuses to Turkey, supplying up to 1 billion barrels of oil per day, most of it destined for Europe. Turkey has a military pact with Azerbaijan to maintain this economic and strategic advantage which is actually favorable to Europe because it means relying less on Moscow for access to oil. However, should fighting continue, Azerbaijan will most likely shut down the 2 pipelines allowing it to trade with Turkey and EU, which would then be favorable to moscow because then EU would then have to rely on pipeline running northwest of the caucuses to russia to then be traded to EU. Russia has always used it's access to energy as a bargaining chip with the West. It all comes down to the oil and resources.

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    Finally some good-somewhat journalistic work.

    I doubt those in the Nagorno-karabakh want Azerbaijan since the majority of the people there are Armenians, and they just got bombarded…

    Edit, Azer and Arm didnt join the soviet union per se, they were part of the Russian Empire initially, just this time they were becoming republics.

    Edit 2: Erdogan's mission is to rebuild the Ottoman Empire, and that isn't a joke. He literally wrote a book on how he wants to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire. Just recently he stated that Israel was once part of the Ottomoan Empire…

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    Lmao!😂😂😂Turkey can't compete with Russia!…Turkey it just another small European 🐟 for Russia to crush!

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    Sad for the Armenians, its not ur wish to have a muslim neighbor. My best wishes for the Armenians. People of Azerbaijan who died will anyway go to allah for fighting the blessed holy war.

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    That's the thing with orthodox Christians..if they lived in Japan and were a minority they would say Japan Is a Christian land ….like serbs …Armenians have same mind ..maybe Kim kardashian will step in .suk of trump..he will help m

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    Keep peace💒

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    Daniel Karapetyan

    You need to look before 300 BC

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    They are not trying to extend influence, it’s just hard to sell weapons to both sides. They both decided to make profit off war as mutual allies

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    Turkey doesn’t stand a chance against Russia.

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    After ceasefire Azerbaijan will take full territory 😄

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    The Truth Is Right

    See, I was right. The Soviets are mostly responsible for this conflict. Before that, the Russian empire controlled the territory, as of course, the USSR subsumed pre-existing Russian colonial states into the Soviet Union.

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    i stand with azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

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