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Armenia, Azerbaijan blame each other for civilian casualties

Russia is calling for an immediate ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh and says Moscow is ready to help seek a solution to the conflict via the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.
Azerbaijan and Armenia are accusing each other of targeting civilians.
At least 10 people have died in bombings on Stepanakert and Shushi.
Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from the disputed region’s biggest city, which has been under sustained bombardment from Azeri forces.

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  1. Avatar

    Did not expect this to be biased… Not only it keeps mentioning ETHNIC armenians to the area (which is true) but it fails to mention the fact that legally it belongs to Azerbaijan. 2) it mentions that turkish troops are fightting, which is not confirmed, and is most likely a lie by Armenians in order to involve other nations (russia maybe or the organisation of mutual defence)

  2. Avatar
    Marine Hovakimyan

    And why does Azerbaijan not show the bombing of at Artsakh? because Armenians do not violate the laws of brutal war!!! only fake speech!!!!

  3. Avatar

    Russia will spin Turkey on its dik, like they did everytime during Russo-Turkish wars. Turkey doesnt want none of that. Dont even for one second think to equate Russia's military capability to Turkey's, Turkey is a regional power, Russia is a world power.

  4. Avatar

    🇦🇲 🇷🇺 vs 🇹🇷 🇦🇿 but very shocking Israel 🇮🇱 with them 🤔

  5. Avatar
    Deyan Todorovski

    The Journalist is on the Azerbaidjani side. She is Turkish self.
    She always try to represent the Azerbaidjanis as innocent and Armenians as Separatist and aggressors.
    When the Armenians was setled in the Nagorno Karabach area the turkic nomadic people was still setled in the Altai mountains and the steps of Kazakhstan.
    This is the true about the Turkish and Azeris.
    Just read the History

  6. Avatar

    Make Turkey Macedonia Again!

  7. Avatar

    May peace be with Caucasus.

  8. Avatar

    I hope the armenian orthodox learn what their support of assad and iran's genocide of the Syrian people feels like when it happens to them.

  9. Avatar
    md ভালো পড়ে জানো,তার পর বল shahjamalhossain

    Armenia go back

  10. Avatar
    Mariyeen Acheege

    If Aliyev and Erdogan were not flaming aggressors’, this Turkish journalist would have no reason for complaining in the first place.

  11. Avatar

    Nagorno-Karabakh is inside Azerbaijan and is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan.

    emmanuel sarcos, the pocket Napoleon, told the Armenians to open another front so as to draw Turkey into the dispute.

    Surprisingly the Israelis are arming the Azerbaijan and Iran is supporting Armenia.

  12. Avatar

    Ложь — религия турков. !!!

  13. Avatar

    No one has ever conquered Armenians living in that region. They are there for thousands of years, and never have lost even one war.

  14. Avatar

    Do you realise how easy to strike Erevan from Turkey? You can throw grenade from Ararat with the sling. Also swift attack from Nakhichevan can cut Armenia from Iran for good. Stop telling it is Armenia that is at war for it is internal Azerbaijan matter.

  15. Avatar

    Occupation of Azerbaijan land comes to an end!

  16. Avatar

    Must buy iron Dom in Israel so that damage not more in city

  17. Avatar

    If Armenians do not want to die, let them leave our territory. We are fighting on our territory. 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  18. Avatar

    Pakistan supports Azerbaijan….long live dear brother country…we know Islam will be rewarded with victory now😍

  19. Avatar

    I know that you guys are Muslim from Qatar (Al Jazeera), but I seriously thought that you guys would have both perspectives of this war. all I'm hearing are you interviewing people from Azerbaijan but where are all the Armenians? You're reporting is casting a negative shadow on the Armenians.. soocut it out. Where is the fair and balance news that I have come to expect from Al Jazeera. If you guys want to take one side over the other then start calling yourself Fox.

  20. Avatar

    long live Azerebajin

  21. Avatar

    Mmm destroying electricity centers, its a very bad sign

  22. Avatar
    MASK MAN official

    Al jazeera is fake news channel always provide spam news

  23. Avatar

    To be inside a country, then claim you are part of another country, does not make sense. It can not continue and must change; enough is enough.

  24. Avatar

    Strange how no1 ask who sells these folks weapons

  25. Avatar

    The only solution as I see it, divide N/K and the area closest to Armenia can be joined to Armenia and the rest to Azeris. Azeris already have a larger country and the USSR upon its break up should have settled this instead of like the British left everyone to fight it out.

  26. Avatar
    A candle in dark

    UN is useless

  27. Avatar
    Mohammad Yeakub Ali

    Armenia must be should go from Azerbaijan Land otherwise war can't stop.

  28. Avatar

    Turkey will not sustain minutes with the war with Russia… Like they lost battle of Saraqib in Idlib Syria.. SAA lost Saraqib to Turkey & then Russia Strikes Turkish Proxies & get it back..

  29. Avatar

    I’ve seen so many cellphone videos from soldiers recording all the dead soldiers lying around dead from over taken areas. So sad young men have to die from wars started by old men.

  30. Avatar
    Mindfulness Organics

    Forgot turkey and Russia hate eachother and are probably fighting indirectly

  31. Avatar
    Mudassar Hussain

    Dirty from Al jazeera to made one side story against Azerbaijan

  32. Avatar

    Why doesn’t armania just give back the Azerbaijan land to them and end the war? Taking land by force never ends well, look at Israel taking Palestinian land by force, they have been at war for decades. Armania just give back Karabakh to Azerbaijan

  33. Avatar

    1 Aliev + 1 Erdogan = 2 🐏🐏

  34. Avatar

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