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Arizona County Receiving About 100,000 Early Ballots Per Day | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Vaugn Hillyard gets an inside look at how Maricopa County is counting and sorting the thousands of early mail-in ballots before the day of the election.
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Arizona County Receiving About 100,000 Early Ballots Per Day | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    Get out and vote for Biden 2020!! Time for a positive future…enough with the manipulative con artist.

  2. Avatar
    Gunflint Viking North

    Donald Trump…. Completely lying about and blowing his response to coronavirus, killing countless Americans and just absolutely destroying the American economy again!!!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar

    TRUMP is the DEVIL

  4. Avatar

    Remember Trumpkov supporters" SOCIALISM FOR THE RICH BUT NOT FOR YOU" !!

  5. Avatar
    Christopher Colon

    Real News BCP https://youtu.be/Bfl-PYWlEtc

  6. Avatar

    : creepy joe and his son have pictures of under age girls on their laptops. NBC won't report that to you . The FBI has the laptops lol. They're so f!@#$.😁

  7. Avatar

    putting the faith of a country to those not well-educated people is simply WRONG!

  8. Avatar

    Haha, Don Lemon of CNN Meltdowns "On-Air" because of the Black Community HUGE Support for #TRUMP2020

  9. Avatar

    Looks like trumps insanity is a great motivator. The last 4 year have been too exhausting for everybody. The bullsh@t artist has got to go!

  10. Avatar

    Are Trump supporters not allowed to wear MAGA hats to the polls this year? Is mask wearing mandatory to vote? In all these states with long lines for early voting I haven't seen one red hat or a person without a mask. Or are they too embarrassed to show up in a public space where they know a lot of Democrats are also coming out?

  11. Avatar

    Is it possible for people to register and vote in more than one State? If it’s possible, democracy is screwed!

  12. Avatar
    Ex President Savage

    Do you really want another 4 years of Trump? Vote Biden.

  13. Avatar

    Stop tRump from riggin our votes:
    • Vote early if possible
    • Vote in person (wear mask to protect yourself from covid)
    • Vote in your car if they offer it
    • Bring friends/family along to vote
    • Bring snacks, water & light chair if queues are long
    • Check your voter registration status NOW to make sure GOP hasn't purged your registration as it will give you time to re-register if they have purged your address details https://www.vote.org/voter-registration-deadlines/
    • Don't waste your vote by selecting 3rd party candidates as that helps Trump,
    VOTE #BLUE for Biden to save the country

    If there's voter intimidation:
    You have the right to vote! If anyone tries to stop or intimidate you, call the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-687-8683 or visit here for help: vote.org/election-protection
    Or watch this for what to do:

    • If voting by mail, drop them off at your local election board in most cases, or authorized ballot boxes at various locations in your state. Check they are OFFICIAL ballot boxes first before you it drop off, as magatards have been placing fake ballot boxes in various areas. Not mailing your vote in will lighten the burden on the Post Office that DeJoy and Trump has kneecapped. Find your official drop off ballot boxes by state: https://www.vote.org/covid-19/

    • If you have no choice but to vote on November the 3rd, bring your phone with you to record any voter intimidation. Watch or read the above links to know what to do if someone tries to intimidate you (plus you can record and report them) vote.org/election-protection

    For more info on voting dates, polling locations, your voting rights, registering to vote & more visit: Vote.org/

    Good luck & stay safe everyone! Feel free to copy & share this message to help others

  14. Avatar

    Nice. Perfecting a system for two decades. Nice. When I moved from Chicago to Oregon, I was stunned at how easy voting is here. I've got several official drop boxes right outside the election center and we can track out ballots too. Ballots never go online for tampering either.

  15. Avatar

    trump is mentally unfit

  16. Avatar

    We need that system here in tx

  17. Avatar

    Trump has a secret Chinese bank account. Fact

  18. Avatar

    Dunno Trump is packing and ready to deflect to Russia

  19. Avatar

    If you're still undecided… at this point!!?? Where TF have you been!? I'm from the Netherlands and I would vote for a barnacle in stead of Tangerine Twittler McTinyhands if I could vote.

  20. Avatar

    Nice 👍 hair today

  21. Avatar

    Very few people are undecided by now. Most of those who claim to be undecided are the once who don't want to reveal who they are voting for!

  22. Avatar

    7:11 This woman is ignorance incarnate.

  23. Avatar

    Adios, GOP!!! Democracy has chosen Freedom!

  24. Avatar

    I'm already impressed.

  25. Avatar

    And I saw in Florida today Rows and Rows of people sitting at tables opening ballots one by one and trying to match the signatures very reminiscent of the hanging chads, some of the southern states are still in the dark ages.

  26. Avatar

    Tomorrow night our lives will change, Tomorrow night we'll be entertained, and execution, what a sight….. Tomorrow night! vote blue

  27. Avatar

    As a mail in ballot voter in AZ since 2008 i have never had an issue with it. Makes it difficult to swallow Trump crying foul about it. It has always worked here.

  28. Avatar

    What happens to ballots that are rejected? Are the voters notified and allowed to rectify the issue?

  29. Avatar

    When we have clowns fighting to rule over us, we are finished as a country. 24 Trillion dollars can never be repaid. It's impossible at this point. Soon, the oligarchs who own the debt will pull the plug and cart off with whatver is left of the country just like they did in the old Soviet Union before Putin came into power. Trump is the Mikhail Gorbachev of the United States in this point in time. Mikhail Gorbachev…like Trump…had good intensions for the Soviet Union, but he ultimate faced an uphill battle against corruption. Once the United States Collapses, the real roaches lurking in the darkness shall reveal themselves thus cementing the misery of the American public and opening the eyes of the blind. This misery will pave the way for a tyrant (most likely a military tyrant) to assume power which will forever shape the American culture. America will rise again, but it will rise in the same fashion as Russia did in the last two decade.

  30. Avatar

    What do you think about the hunter Biden left laptop I think everything inside the true

  31. Avatar

    She got the History of Surfing on the shelves, even tho she's never surfed in her life. Sad attempt to make herself look like buddhist surfer guru, like that Bodhi dude in Point Break!
    'Ooh, surfing is a spiritual experience! One with the ocean!'

  32. Avatar

    How many mass debates does it take to change a light bulb?

  33. Avatar

    Arizona is superb.

  34. Avatar

    you have to be brain dead to vote for 65% in taxes this means you make 300.00 you take home 105.00 you don't get it back ..READ THE BILL ..Stop listening to a Man that has been in office for 47 years and done nothing but wright the Crime bill with Clinton to incarcerate as many black men as they could for petty crimes .
    you have FACEBOOK GOOGLE TWITTER AMAZON MSNBC CNN CNMBC WALL STREET WALMART TARGET GEORGE SOROS and so many more these are the Richest people in the world voting for Biden , if Biden was raising taxes only on the Very Rich as he say's no way in the world would they be Voting for 65% tax increase , you have to be insane to believe this. He keeps saying not to worry i will tell you more about it after the election !
    it speaks Loader than words IT'S FOR THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS LIAR . also means NO MORE SOCIAL SECURITY NO MORE 40.K ..2nd reason the Huge Corporations are for Biden is having open boarders will give them slave labor they will work for 5,00 a hour and your jobs will all be gone .they stand to save BILLIONS on labor ..and the taxes we are paying all goes for the immigrants for free Housing Food Medical School that they are offering for them to come over. Americans get nothing free. THIS IS CALLED COMMUNISM ! we will be living in the street no way we can survive this bill read it people don't be puppets .It is the most insane bill i have ever seen in my life time..i am a demarcate but refuse to vote for Communism.

  35. Avatar

    At a time when America really needed a Franklin Roosevelt, GOP gave us a Hoover that really sucks!

  36. Avatar

    Georgetown Law Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection
    ICAP has created fact sheets for all 50 states explaining the laws barring unauthorized private militia groups and what to do if groups of armed individuals are near a polling place or voter registration drive. Select a state from the menu below to view the corresponding fact sheet.

  37. Avatar

    Way to go Arizona!

  38. Avatar

    People are voting early to make sure their vote gets in for Biden. I think that rational people just can not vote Republican after after their support for Trump throughout his cheating , impeachment, denying COVID-19 and creating chaos in America.

  39. Avatar

    I think Arizona could tell us a lot about how the election will go for the rest of the night.
    If we see a much closer race than the polls show or he outright wins, it could imply good results for President Trump. If it's called for Biden by a margin close to the polls, we'll probably see good Biden results.

    Everyone get out and vote for your candidate, no matter who it is. Just get out there. 2 weeks, boys!

  40. Avatar

    Why does one wear a mask the other doesn't? one has bad breath and the other doesn't?

  41. Avatar

    Give Me One More Time

    Give me one more time
    Give me one more time
    Give me one more time
    I'll do it better next time.

    Give me one more time
    Give me one more time
    Give me one more time
    For all of you left alive.

    I know I made your lives so miserable.
    But what you don't understand
    I had things to do at home.
    I need to get those golf courses painted green.
    If you give me one more time you get to watch me on TV.

    Give me one more time
    Give me one more time
    Give me one more time
    I'll really mess up your life.

    Trump parody
    Humble Driver

    Watch "Give Me One More Time "Trump"" on YouTube

  42. Avatar

    Many, many Trump supporters are voting for:

    HERD IMMUNITY = Covid death rate out of control = 227,409+.

    THEFT = Billionaire pays $750 a year on tax and hires criminals.

    RACISM = Aug 2017 Very fine people on both sides….

  43. Avatar

    WHO 3 point plan: Social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

    New Zealand followed leader Jacinda like sheep, had 25 deaths and now Covid free.

    Herd immunity: Do nothing.

    US followed leader Donald like sheep, and are dying in droves with 227,409+ DOMINATED AMERICANS!!!!!

  44. Avatar


    Do you have $200,000? What about your mum, dad, friends and neighbours?

    Trump paid $750 tax last year. You work hard, pay tax and then pay a tax cheat's Covid bill.

    227,409+ DOMINATED AMERICANS!!!!!

  45. Avatar

    why would anyone vote for Mark Kelly? He supports the radical wing of the Democratic party -AOC AND OMAR! And we know Mark is totally anti gun and wants to take away all guns!

  46. Avatar

    Despite Republican voter suppression, the Dems are energized like never before, and the people are not gonna be silenced!!! VOTE!!! Michael Steele: ‘Remember the Elected Officials Who Made You Stand in that Line’

  47. Avatar

    "The essence of Democracy is participation." VOTE MARK KELLY, BIDEN/HARRIS!!!

  48. Avatar


  49. Avatar

    you go arizona

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