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Ari Fleischer: There is no reason not to proceed on Supreme Court

Ari Fleischer and Jason Chaffetz weigh in on Democrat’s attempts to hold up Supreme Court pick because of the coronavirus. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. Avatar

    President Trump Victory 🇺🇸 USA I
    With GODs Help over the COV 19
    And Four 4 More Years !!!

  2. Avatar

    Vote for President Trump
    Vote in Person !!!

  3. Avatar

    Fill that seat!

  4. Avatar
    Lear King of Albion

    Ari is wrong. I can come up with a reason. “For the first time since Chuck Schumer stipulated by voting to not convict, that Bill Clinton did not lie under oath, Chuck is telling an honest truth about something apolitical and very important.” FYI, My hands started hurting as I typed that…..

  5. Avatar
    Jarod Rhine-Davis

    What’s wrong with DC and Puerto Rico becoming states?

  6. Avatar
    Exhibitionist Yoga Pants

    I was raised in a pretty normal household and have a pretty normal life. But after listening to the president speak and reading his tweets my understanding is that anyone who votes for Biden is part of the "radical left." Following the logic, does that mean if I vote for Trump I am part of the "radical right?"

  7. Avatar
    Preserved Heritage

    The Constitution is bigger than any one politician or the whole lot of them…

  8. Avatar
    George Henderson

    Thoughts and prayers with Kellyanne Conway as well as with POTUS and the First Lady.

  9. Avatar
    Exhibitionist Yoga Pants

    Justices are appointed on their experience and history of good judgement. Barret attended the Rose Garden corona super spreader event without wearing a mask. That does not seem like good judgement to me, considering how many very important people have contracted the virus that attended that event.

  10. Avatar

    More concerned about filling the supreme Court seat than the life of the president.

  11. Avatar

    Ginsberg's revenge…

  12. Avatar

    So when pandemic was in its worst phase…democrats all allow BLM protest because its important sensitive issue and bend the rules. Total joke

  13. Avatar

    Looks like the hoax is playing trump down

  14. Avatar

    Fill the Seat Immediately. Just go straight to the Vote. No one cares what Hate Speech the Bolshevik Bettys Communistic Demorats have to say.

  15. Avatar
    Exhibitionist Yoga Pants

    Has anyone taken the time to research how many years Barret has actually been a judge? It's about two years. The majority of her career was teaching law. The SCOTUS is extremely important to our democracy. If I had to get a surgery I would want a doctor with many years of practical experience. Not one who has been TEACHING medicine for 15 years and then has a couple of years of surgeries under his/her belt.

  16. Avatar

    Ram her confirmation through.
    Ram it right down the Dems’ throat!!

  17. Avatar

    Only person scaring people from voting was trump, it now looks like his sycophants are gathering to do the same"

  18. Avatar
    Exhibitionist Yoga Pants

    Anyone following the republican voter suppression occurring in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania? Seems the part of law and constitutional order are quick to change the laws when they are in danger of losing power.

  19. Avatar

    fill that seat!!

  20. Avatar

    There's plenty reasons. There's just no legal, constitutional obligation.

  21. Avatar

    "my dog ate the paperwork"…haven't heard that excuse yet… wait for it…

  22. Avatar

    All the Great Empires were destroyed when the elite was rotten !!!!The swamp rots and stinks to the impossibility 👎👎👎!!!!!!!!

  23. Avatar

    Watch Hillary's AMERICA they show HOW EVIL and DEMONIC ARE democrats!!! WATCH it it shows who they REALLY ARE.WAKE UP WAKE UP GREAT NATION!!!

  24. Avatar

    213,524 covid deaths 7,549,323 covid cases after the WH took control of hospital data from the CDC, 1000 Americans dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' Trump has covid is fake news so that he does'nt have to debate Biden again and can call off the election.

  25. Avatar

    We're not racist here at Fox it's just our script writers who are 🤭……

  26. Avatar

    Your absolutely right about everything not shutting down , I work at a poultry further processing plant in central Wisconsin . We never stopped through all of this covid-19 to process food . Move forward now on the vote

  27. Avatar
    Exhibitionist Yoga Pants

    So we are going to vote in a SCOTUS justice who only has about 2 years of judicial experience?

  28. Avatar

    This whole coronavirus thing has been and is used for political gane

  29. Avatar

    Chuck Schumer should be arrested in question deeply before the American people get a hold of him because someone's coming for him. There's people way more angry than me on a completely different level that wants Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's. Chuck and Nancy's p time and the awful things that they said they should just retire because I don't think they'll live through this. No one's going to allow her to get into the White House. Nothing's going to happen to Donald Trump He's going to come back and troll Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi out of office.

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