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Argentines protest over government reforms, response to COVID-19

Protesters in Argentina have accused the president of mishandling the coronavirus pandemic.as cases go past the 900,000 mark.
Demonstrators are also angry about the worsening economic crisis.
And they are against controversial plans to reform the judiciary, a move they believe protects the political elite.

Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from the capital Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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    S korea Rigged Election CCP Out

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    S korea is now under martial law

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    S korea Moon Jae-in is either a diplomatic genius or a communist set on destroying his country ( bbc)

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    S korea ' s liberal rulers unleash their inner authoritarians ( the economicst)

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    S korea Moon Jae-in DICTATOR

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    Peronism is fascism.

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    Same in Philippines the president is soooo corrupt.

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    Brazil should roll the leopards over there and finish them once and for all

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    Coming to a country near you.

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    Make economic measures.

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    Alita Battle Angel

    Riots worldwide due to covid. We as humanity won't reach 2023. The false messiah, dajjal al masih will come & performs miracles to blind the people into worshiping him. Do not worship him, for your God is not blind in one eye.

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    the bot's AI is so low,it's Argentines news,but it says how S korea is so bad here=,=~!

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    Protest: Les go to Indonesia

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    0:32 Don Malatini seems to be a good man. 2:18 Senor Rubenstein is a liar and a crook.

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    Take muzzles off, liberate yourselves!

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    Most people there wear the mask but wear it wrong…what’s the point??? I never understood Argentinians, they keep on choosing the same corrupted politicians over and over again….

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    Whole world is in Chaos !!😭🙏

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    In the philippines we cannot ask for reforms and change. Duterte will kill us if we speak out. He has destroyed our democracy and freedom. We pay more and more taxes for idiots to run the country to the ground.

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    Chrome Federation

    Are they going to invade the Falklands again as a distraction?

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    wadson aleffi menezes

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    wadson aleffi menezes

    this tv was propaganda for communists in argentina and against Bolsonaro now trying to be a partial tv

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    Are they wanting Bolsonaro as their President?

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    "Argentina has been destroyed in the last 50 years". In other words, Argentina has been destroyed by his generation ^^

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    These Italians and Spanish decedents can't manage anything.

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    Trekkie from New Zealand

    Peronism is resulting in: Argentine millenials leaving Argentina, high taxes, a stagnant economy, foreign companies (except China) refusing to invest in Argentina and a currency that's worthless compared to other global currencies.

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