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Are the latest protests in Thailand a game changer? | Inside Story

Thailand’s King is facing his biggest challenge since ascending to the throne four years ago.
Pro-democracy protesters are demanding curbs on his powers and are calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister, a former army general.

Presenter: Imran Khan


Nutta Mahattana – Leader of the ‘We Vote’ movement.

Pavin Chachavalpongpun – Kyoto University.

Jade Donavanik – College of Asian Scholars.

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  1. Avatar

    Pavin is right and always gives him straight answer.

  2. Avatar

    I think Jade here is living in his own imagination

  3. Avatar

    In the UK the Queen holds no power, in Thailand Rama 10 face is everywhere and I know from my Thai friends that they all hate him. I know enough Thai to uderstand what they are saying about Tu and the king in the protests. Hopefully the Thai people will get democracy and what they want. And open the borders I need to come back to Thailand.

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    Eccentric behavior = corruption and ignorance.

  6. Avatar

    No need king in this century..

  7. Avatar

    Time for the king to go. Power to the people.

  8. Avatar

    The King stays in Germany because of his son and even the king is not in thailand, His sister is the one in charge because she is popular and like their father

  9. Avatar

    its not a healthy action among externally-insinuated pro democracy politicians to herd the thai youth along the dirty course of their political interests.

  10. Avatar

    All the commanders that staged coupes against the elected government gets promotions by the Monarchy, which tells you something

  11. Avatar

    Fake news becarefull everyone

  12. Avatar

    Pls​ help Thailand

  13. Avatar

    Jade is trying so hard to defend the King and try to point his finger to the Junta he served instead.

  14. Avatar

    Why did Al Jazeera interview this lady (BO)? She is completely supporting Thanksin's party and she is very political and her ex-boyfriend who was politician in Thanksin's party is also facing Jail due to his corruption. Excepted Dr. Pavin, he is a real man on this protest and he consisted that the monarchy must be reformed and I support him 100% but BO who just uses this opportunity to take the government down for her own benefit. I would say that many Thais on the street are NOT BO's supporters. She just uses this situation for her own advantages.

  15. Avatar

    OMG I've learned just now that Nuttaa is just an activist who "สู้ไป กราบไป" (Fighting and prostrating), a strategy adopted by the Pheu Thai Party since the beginning of time. No wonder she's shacking up with that fuddy-duddy from that party. I've completely lost my respect for this woman.

  16. Avatar

    Wants Freedom not Kingdom? This alienated pro democracy leaders wont find peace like those christians who awaits a King saviour Jesus but deny His Kingdom😂😀😀😂

  17. Avatar

    Thats the derivative of not deciphering the meaning of Cons and Pros…are we in a CONS TITUTIONAL or in a PROS TITUTIONAL Crisis?

  18. Avatar

    Pavin lives in Japan so he can speak without fear.

  19. Avatar

    Jate could go in jail for life if he doesn’t answer the way the king wants.

    From your questions Mr. reporter, Jate is on hot water now lol also he will be jailed lol

  20. Avatar

    Bless the Thai students… most of world are with you. I am not Thai but we are Thai now.

  21. Avatar

    Pavin can speak the truth because he is not stay in Thailand.I believe in Pavin.

  22. Avatar

    Я кажу вам у апошні раз: вы спытаеце ў Госпада Бога, калі Захад кіруе, вы знішчыце вас, вы ўспомніце мае словы, будзе позна, вы ўсё роўна пашкадуеце

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    The Thai monarch definitely needs reforming. However I can see similarities with the Hong Kong protests. Current Thai Government is pro China, they refuse to ditch Huawei and a few days after a visit by the US army chief James McConville, the Bangkok Post reported on 9/7/2020 that the Thai army chief Gen Apirat said ‘ No US base in Thailand ‘. Someone is stirring up the pro democracy/anti government movement.

  25. Avatar

    У Чычаноўскай хворая Душа, яна прадала цябе на Захад, не верыш? Але вы будзеце верыць позна, вы станеце рабамі Захаду, і вы не паправіцеся, проста стане горш, для вас усё роўна, што вы абсалютна проста злоўжывалі лялек

  26. Avatar

    Cichanovska has a sick Soul, she sold you to the West, don't you believe? But you will believe it late, you will become slaves to the West and you will not get better just worse will be, it does not matter to you you are absolutely just abused dolls

  27. Avatar

    Cichanovska hat eine kranke Seele, sie hat dich in den Westen verkauft, glaubst du nicht? Aber du wirst es spät glauben, du wirst Sklaven des Westens und du wirst nicht besser werden, nur schlechter wird es sein, es ist dir egal, dass du absolut nur missbrauchte Puppen bist

  28. Avatar

    У Чычаноўскай хворая Душа, яна прадала цябе на Захад, не верыш? Але вы будзеце верыць позна, вы станеце рабамі Захаду, і вы не паправіцеся, проста стане горш, для вас усё роўна, што вы абсалютна проста злоўжывалі лялек

  29. Avatar

    Jade is scared of being arrested to tell the truth or giving his honest opinion, unless he is a royalist. .

  30. Avatar

    คนเหมือนกัน เกิดมาก็ตายเหมือนกัน เดินสองเท้าเท่ากัน ทำไมจึงต้องมาหมอบคลาน
    เหมือนสัตว์ เจ๊อุบลรัตน์ แกก็ทำให้เห็นเป็นตัวอย่างแล้ว เสี่ยหอยว่าไง เมื่อไหร่จะเลิกบ้าอำนาจ
    ก้าวลงมาจากหน้ากากเทวราชาชั่ว ลงมาเดินมาคุยกับคนธรรมดาโดยที่ไม่ต้องให้คนหมอบ
    กราบยกมือไหว้คุยด้วยตลอดเวลา มีสภาพเหมือนทาสหรือขี้ข้าคุยกับเจ้านาย เสี่ยหอยทำได้ไหมเสี่ย

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    Dude with white beard will be deported

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