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Are nursing homes above the law? Exposing repeat offenders (Marketplace)

Warning: This video contains graphic content.

CBC Marketplace’s new data analysis reveals 85 per cent of all Ontario nursing homes have broken the law repeatedly with almost no consequences — for abuse, neglect, medication errors and much more. This special hidden camera investigation features shocking video inside homes, a rare interview with a former nursing home inspector and our fight for answers.

To read more: www.cbc.ca/1.5770889

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  1. Avatar

    Criminal Charges need to be laid. Period. No more Excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar

    I'm so sorry for your loss! That must be so hard on you! Working in nursing homes, it breaks my heart to see people treated like this. This coronavirus isolation in nursing homes has been so hard on residents with nothing to do in their rooms if they don't have a tv, ipad, or even a phone. If you have a loved one in a nursing home. Ensure there is a way you can make them feel less alone even if you can't be there to help them cope during this difficult time. Loneliness kills worse than this virus! God bless!

  3. Avatar

    the problem is most of these homes are owned by american companies and canadian goverment is helpless before those companies they scared of americans

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar
    Annette Melnychuk

    My grandmother lives in a nursing home. I have volunteered in nursing homes and have seen some of the horrors. One of the homes I used to volunteer at had a rat infestation so bad that they were crawling all over a helpless dementia resident. One other home I volunteered at another care home where a resident was told to wait 3 hours just to go to the bathroom to which I came very close to socking the nurse for saying that to her but instead I left that home and never went back. Thank God I had not been at that last home when that rat infestation broke out because I would have broken resident confidentiality and called the health inspector right then and there

  6. Avatar

    Seen the same thing happen to my grandfather a world War 2 veteran, they broke his arm and my family immediately took him after that

  7. Avatar

    what the hell is this ? is there any reason why this is happening and why no action?

  8. Avatar

    The kids if the really love their parents should keep their parents at home not in nursing home this way the parents would be happy having them around. The parents don't want to be in nursing homes without their families they want to be with them. I would blame the kids for putting parents in the nursing homes in the first place.

  9. Avatar

    The Owner of the Facility should be held liable for damages, fined and jailed. They make a killing off the rent fees.

  10. Avatar

    This is what neoliberal (Conservatives and Liberal) austerity get you. American multinationals that run the majority of the homes in Quebec and Ontario, with slumlord owners that have no interest in the health of the elders, or the staff. So many dead, and neither party cares.

    The settler state does not support elders

  11. Avatar

    The root cause of these problems begins with government corruption. Former Premier Mike Harris paved the way for this when he was in office, and now, according to Wikipedia – "Harris serves as the Chair of the Board for Chartwell Retirement Residences.[64] During the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada, Chartwell was one of the three "for profit retirement homes that had "far worse COVID-19 outcomes than public facilities." These three also "paid out $1.5 billion to shareholders over the last decade."[65]" Our current Premier, Doug Ford called out nursing home care publicly when his mother-in-law was being affected during the first wave, yet has clearly done NOTHING to fix the problem. Liberal, Conservative, NDP, – NONE OF THEM ARE WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE ANYMORE. The profiteers of corruption need to be prosecuted in the same way as war criminals!

  12. Avatar

    I have a girlfriend, Her Mom has Demetria her brother is taking care of her Mom, There are going 2 put her in a Nursing Home, She has 3 kids!!!! I told my girlfriend I took care of my grandmother until she died, I took care of her 10 yrs!!!! I told my girlfriend she should take care her Mom!!!! I just feel so sad about here Mom!!!! I live is America, Our Nursing Homes are the same as Canada 🇨🇦!!!!! But if a Nursing Homes gets 2 many complaints there will shut down a Nursing Home!!!!

  13. Avatar

    Wow that is horrible that's why it's better to keep parents home

  14. Avatar

    also FYI Ontario basically stopped doing checks during the pandemic. So who even knows how bad things are right now

  15. Avatar

    Thank you for doing this story. Especially important now. So tough to watch.

  16. Avatar
    Oxnyx of The Winter Stars

    Given at the start of COVID how upset the homes were to not let cams in.. I don't think I would ever be willing to use one. They pay to little and are not worthy of the trust. My friends daycares send parents pictures multiple times a day of their toddlers. There is no expectation of privacy at work.

  17. Avatar
    Jesus isOurKing4ever

    Omg…what a joke of a Minister of LTC …..you will all stand before Almighty God …shame on u

  18. Avatar

    What in the world is going to happen to Canada it's shameful to see things like this it's so sad

  19. Avatar
    Annette Melnychuk

    You know when the home is poorly run is the first thing when you enter the building and all you smell is rank body odor to which is disgusting. That should be the first clue as to whether or mom or dad should even consider living there. Last place I volunteered at over half of the residents living there smelled like they had not bathed or showered in days if not weeks. They were often left with very little to do. When there were activities the only people who were helping were the volunteers, all of the nurses were outside smoking their brains out. Not cool

  20. Avatar

    Perhaps but so is our pm

  21. Avatar

    its so sad, these people in long term care build this country and this is the pay back. this has been going on for at least 31 years. regardless how many times I have complaint nobody cares…these are crimes that are being allowed every second

  22. Avatar

    Time to hunt down the owners of these homes who profit from them and hang them up on the bridges.

  23. Avatar

    Right now Ontario has 6,000 less Personal Support Workers that are needed to help with all these residents’ needs. Why? Minimum wage for backbreaking work, constantly short staffed, overworked and overwhelmed. These homes are not willing to pay full time wages and benefits either so many employees have multiple homes to go to. Add Covid to this and now you have over 6,000 dead seniors….
    Not shocked to see any of this.

  24. Avatar

    Lord. 85% in Ontario. That can't be someone missing something, that's a failure on all systems. I'm wondering what's going on in the other provinces now, if it's just Ontario or if it might be in my own province, too.

  25. Avatar

    government ppl pagal hai, un ko nahi patta hai ke kiya hora hai

  26. Avatar

    Please do this investigation in BC.

  27. Avatar

    I thought these things happen in the 'third world' scocking

  28. Avatar

    For profit long-term-care often results in rationed supplies, ridiculously high patient-to-staff ratios, and low wages resulting in staffing holes and high turnaround. For profit healthcare means the top are only concerned about money, not the residents, not the families, nor the staff. Better regulation, better ratios, and adequate supply could make a world of difference.

  29. Avatar

    20:15 The way that the minster is answering the questions is very telling. She must go.

  30. Avatar

    Thank you Marketplace for this in depth look at how government officials and law enforcement are so out of touch with what's really going on.. I guess it's all about a hefty tax payer funded paycheck for them.. I plead with officials that can make a difference to think about more then themselves. It's your moral duty!

  31. Avatar

    I'm gonna need an update on what happens. We are watching

  32. Avatar

    I could not believe how little action was taken in the response to COVID-19 breakouts in nursing homes. People were just left there in a hot zone, surrounded by walls. It made no sense at all. Well, this explains it.

  33. Avatar

    Like TCHC. FORD took a cue from Trump and has blocked any possible recourse. That's communism.

  34. Avatar

    Well the Ford government once again is going to allow corporations of for-profit homes to get away with their crimes- he passed bill 218 that exempts corps if they had done an "honest effort " effort in following health officials guidelines; it allows they not to pay any costs as the result or legal consequences 🥴🥴

    Again the PC party is always for the elites and corporations and profit over humanity🤷🏿

  35. Avatar

    When the NDP, Libs and Green party proposed the elimination of for-profit homes , the PC majority government rejected it then passed bill 218 the next day

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