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Are MPs conspiring to block Brexit?

Boris Johnson has accused MPs and the EU of collaborating to block Brexit, as he failed to rule out calling a general election.

Sky’s Tom Rayner reports.

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  1. Avatar

    1640s: The Monarchy vs Parliament
    2010s: Parliament vs The People

  2. Avatar

    A new PM at the most critical time. He'd better be a new Winston Churchill.

  3. Avatar

    Boris in UK…. just like his twin brother moron Trump in America….
    are both BAD for the World…. bad for Democracy…. and TERRIBLE for their own respective country.

  4. Avatar

    The people voted for brexit they know the consequence economically and they still want to leave, these guys are a bunch of sleazy corrupt business men asshole cock suckers

  5. Avatar

    They seem to think there won't be a violent reaction if our vote to leave is not honoured. What folly

  6. Avatar

    Vote leave said we would or could leave on WTO

  7. Avatar

    Leave means leave. Besides, if no deal is not an option, then the EU will use that, as it did with PM May, as a way of forcing a bad deal and a BREXIT in name only.

  8. Avatar

    This clown will bring UK into recession as the clown in the white house is doing as we speak!

  9. Avatar

    Four people riding a car vote to go east, as they approach the bridge they see it has collapsed,but the driver keeps going screaming WE VOTED!

  10. Avatar

    It's bullshit . Don't buy it just leave they will say anything to keep the UK under boot , because once the UK leaves and all the crap they're talking about doesn't happen the EU falls completely and if we're lucky the UN goes right behind it….

  11. Avatar

    I vote the UK close all borders and stop all international travel, oh and stop all imports and exports.

  12. Avatar

    I'm not sure what Brexit is, but if it was a cereal, I would buy it.

  13. Avatar

    The no no deal leavers are starting to realise!

  14. Avatar

    I understand the 'no deal Brexit' Mr Hammond and I still WANT TO LEAVE!

  15. Avatar

    Philip Hammond on the EUs side. We won't forget that Phil

  16. Avatar

    Seems like Brexit is a bad idea and that the vote should be done over, now that voters have more information about what it would mean.

  17. Avatar

    Are they trying to block Brexit? Duh.

  18. Avatar

    tbf them dicking over bojo just puts everything back at square one, so better news than I'd expect from this shitshow

  19. Avatar

    Euroskeptics are willing to drive us off a cliff. At least there are sane MPs, patriots of history, who are willing to lead us out of this mess. Brexit is the thread that will unravel the very fabric of Europe. We all lose if Brexit happens.

  20. Avatar

    The people knew what they voted for in the referendum but those who voted for Hammond didn’t know they were voting for a treacherous anti democratic backstabber.

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    Do not care about the union I want an ENGLISH parliament, why should ENGLAND be the only country in the 4 nations WITHOUT its own government?

  23. Avatar

    THAT'S THE PROBLEM with the EU.
    They can't survive without the UK. In other words as Hannity says again and again and again and again. The UK is flipping the bill.. Pull out UK and let them sink or swim.

  24. Avatar

    im just a stupid American so maybe im missing something but I thought these ppl are elected to do the ppl's will not to protect the ppl from some perceived consequence. when will those elected stop pretending to be our parents and simply represent the will of the ppl?

  25. Avatar

    Pure fear mongering. The left in the US are brilliant at it.
    I learned a long time ago, the more the pigs squeal, the closer we are to upsetting their apple cart.
    IOW, the louder the entrenched become, the more I want whatever it is they oppose.

  26. Avatar

    Of course they are they want your money for their immigrants

  27. Avatar

    potential this potential that is not factual what is is what is not not. there's no such thing as no deal. we voted too leave Europe we didn't vote for a deal it was in or out referendum. backed by a general election reinforced by the EU elections. parliament needs too wake UK wants no deal with the EU but deals with EU country's.

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