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Are churches 'essential?' Ohio Gov. DeWine weighs in

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine discusses his state’s plans to continue lifting stay-at-home restrictions.

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  1. Avatar

    TOTAL B.S. !!!

  2. Avatar

    trumpers want to die it's fine by me.

  3. Avatar

    You are s JOKE Captu…you are an embarassement to conservatives

  4. Avatar

    what the hell is this liar still doing working for FOX ?? cavuto is a liar.

  5. Avatar
    Chuck Feazell Sr.

    Essential ? How about our constitution rights, they are DEFINITELY Essential !!!

  6. Avatar

    J-sus made it crystal Clear that we are to assemble ourselves together in one accord on every holy convocation UNLESS our Government rulers say otherwise. J-sus made it plain that we are to do what is OFFICIAL at the time. < Cane make it no plainnurn GNAT!!

  7. Avatar

    Great 👍🏼 governor

  8. Avatar

    I live near Toledo. He needs to REALLY just open up, everything, and get the Govermnent the hell out of the way.

  9. Avatar
    Pieter Verhaeghe

    Of course they arn't in relation to "disaster response" which this essentially is. It's the same like if you had say some flood or earthquake, afcourse things like police, fire department, hospitals etc are going to be deemed essential during any disaster that significantly disrupts daily life and work, but youre not going to consider youre church service absolutly nessecary during a flood or a erthquake either. And notably even religious doctrine tends to support that idea, faith starts with oneself and it's typically perfectly possible to remain fathfull withought having access to a church it's more important to consider the moral guidelines and adhere to the beliefs of the religion than to slavisly follow the lip service given to it even if certaintly the service of a church/temple would typicly be seen as added value to any flock of believers. Furthermore from a religious perspective there is actually very few added value in the building rather than the religious community itself, as such a remote church service aking to what teleevangelists do is technicly sufficient to provide such added value too. When we are all asked to consider how we can do our services more remotly and/or do our work from home, why should it be considered particulary hard for there to be church services by tv and online including priest consultation?

  10. Avatar

    I just wish fools could only infect each other and then it’d be fine by me if they wiped themselves out.

  11. Avatar
    Garrett Barbosa

    Good job Dewine!GOD is watching

  12. Avatar

    The Official Fox News/Trump Mission Statement — Flood the zone with excrement; there is no such thing as truth.

  13. Avatar

    The far right loves churches they need it to promote their hate

  14. Avatar
    Charles Burkhart

    Open the whole country before there are no businesses left.

  15. Avatar

    Yes, to many people they are!!

  16. Avatar
    Rose Marie Leonard

    And the CoronaGate goes on!

  17. Avatar

    I’m shocked the weekend is normally used for Trump Bashing. Especially with this News Hack Anchor

  18. Avatar
    I’ve Got The Gift Of GOODBYE

    Why are they “essential” now and not on Easter when this was first striking this country as Raw! Now it’s full on rampage…it’s essential all of a sudden 👍

  19. Avatar

    Messing with people's Freedom of Religion is like playing with FIRE.

  20. Avatar

    If there is ever a time when people needed to churches this is one of them. Don't interfere with their religious rights and gatherings. Are big people they can make choices they will speak to their God and receive the answers. They do not need government to control their God

  21. Avatar

    American politics and organized religion. Both a bunch of BS and people still buy into it. People really do love drama and to be in full flight from reality. Both make for great entertainment.

  22. Avatar

    Trump urged churches to be open. What's the first thing he does after that announcement?


  23. Avatar

    nothing is the bill of rights says the government has the right to choose what rights you can have in the name of protecting you. There is no amendment that says the government is you daddy and must protect you from a virus

  24. Avatar

    Answer: No, you don't need churches to survive, but if your psyche is so fragile that you can't live without church, perhaps you should consider letting corona take you.

  25. Avatar

    Separation of church and state! If the state can shut the church the state is the church! I’m very saddened and disappointed that my church closed!

  26. Avatar

    Well, the Constitution of the United States says that they are in unequivocal terms(without even bothering with the term "essential"). So, that answers that. No one can make a valid argument otherwise. If they do try to argue it, they just prove that they are idiots.

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