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Ardern’s Labour Party wins New Zealand election

New Zealand’s prime minister has claimed a huge victory in the general election, cementing three more years in power.
Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party has won more than half of the parliamentary seats.
It is an unprecedented result that could see her govern without any coalition partners.
Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports.

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  1. Avatar

    The country has shown we appreciate our health and lives being given top priority.

  2. Avatar

    Congratulations Jacinda . . .! The whole world is proud of you and New Zealand. We're looking forward to your next visit to the US.

  3. Avatar

    RIP New Zealand. 1840-2020.

  4. Avatar

    A horse wins the race.

  5. Avatar

    Congratulations to the beautiful World class leader, Jacinda Ardern.

  6. Avatar

    Good morning 🌻🌹💐💜

  7. Avatar

    We love you 💜💐🌹🙋🌷

  8. Avatar

    I'm sochin bodho good luck 🍀💜🌹💐

  9. Avatar

    finally a peaceful and fair election

  10. Avatar

    As a kiwi watching this, it's decent journalism, everything you needed to know in under three minutes with very little spin. Would've been nice to have seen a mention of David Seymour and the ACT party gaining 10 seats in parliament but whatever

  11. Avatar

    Congrats New Zealand for voting Jacinda Arden to lead ur country. 👏👏 She is one of the most respected women leader in the world. 👍👍 I hope someday my country, Malaysia, will have a wholistic leader like Jacinda to lead my country. 🙏🙏

  12. Avatar

    National will always be evil

  13. Avatar
    Bartolome Esteban Murillo

    No one should be declaring victory just yet. NZ is an island nation in the bottom of the world, sparsely populated I mean there's more people in Brooklyn NY than there is in NZ and they have had new cases and I give Arden tons of credit for weathering the crisis relatively better than many nations.

  14. Avatar

    I am from New Zealand and am proud to have Jacinda Ardern as my leader. In the past year that has been dominated by Covid, we can finally compare how competent and effective every government in the world are by looking at the death rates. New Zealand is one of only a handful of western democracies to have passed the Covid test. Nearly every country in Europe, Latin America plus the US failed spectacularly. The Labour Party earned their right to be elected by a landslide (whereas the world hopes Americans will throw out Trump). NZ may be only a small country, but its government listens to scientists/doctors and is COMPETENT at doing its job! On Covid, the approach NZ has managed to take, and the results it has gotten, has more similarities with places like Vietnam, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia than the countries it is normally peered with.

  15. Avatar

    Legit, one of the better politicians I've experienced. Doesn't blame others. And actually tries unifying her country.

  16. Avatar

    Allhamdillia this woman has a good heart ❤ ♥

  17. Avatar

    I’m sorry for your loss New Zealand

  18. Avatar

    A part time PM for NZ and a part time MUM for her baby – where are the men of this world??

  19. Avatar

    US could learn a lot from New Zealand.
    NZ so successful people no longer required to wear masks or social distance. That's the difference between a great leader– Ardern, and a terrible "leader"– Trümp

  20. Avatar
    Spartacus Maximus

    If you are wide awake, you know this women is a left communist. Where to from here? UBl for all,….. NZ continues it march towards A-2030

  21. Avatar

    Australians are not happy😅

  22. Avatar

    Compassionate, strong, committed, present, honest, respected worldwide = success

  23. Avatar

    NZ u ppl r so lucky. Keep inspiring the world.

  24. Avatar

    If only we had that here

  25. Avatar

    I want to move to NZ!

  26. Avatar

    Bulugh al-Maram 1409
    Narrated Abu Bakrah (RA):

    The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: "A people who make a woman their ruler will never be successful." [Reported by al-Bukhari].

  27. Avatar

    Great jesinda ardan.

  28. Avatar

    At least some are having fun

  29. Avatar

    We need PM like her in UK . Please can u takeover UK as our government is incapable even to deal with covid 19.

  30. Avatar

    Nationals got crushered

  31. Avatar

    Did well for someone under house arrest.

  32. Avatar

    Congratulations prime minister jacinda💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  33. Avatar
    Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise

    Strong woman

  34. Avatar

    A lot of manipulated comments here. I hope these people enjoy the labour camps for you pathetic U.B.I.
    The people should count the votes and Jacindas body language says it all.
    Total fraud this postal voting.

  35. Avatar
    Armana Saint Clair

    🎉Conversations🎊 and God Bless New Zealand !!!

  36. Avatar

    An iconic leader,that lead with passion and compassion, New Zealand and it Citizens are her top priority.

  37. Avatar

    Enoch Powell, was RIGHT!!!
    He knew Multiculturalism, Diversity and Racial co-existence is WRONG!!!
    He supported Mandatory Repatriation of all Illegal Immigrants and other Coloured Dependent!!!
    Enoch Powell's, River of Blood Speech, 20th April 1968…
    Showed Polls taken afterwards, that 74-75% of The British People, agreed with Powell's opinions on Mass Immigration!!!

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