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Appliance repair ripoffs caught on camera (Marketplace)

We wire up a house with hidden cameras, rig a washing machine that’s easy to fix and then shop for appliance repair companies on Google. Will you get the fix you need or get ripped off? And what happens when you end up with one company you never called in the first place? We uncover fake listings across the country and many lead back to one call centre north of Toronto.

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  1. Avatar
    Sıcak Saha Cephe Hattı


  2. Avatar

    So, when are the police brought in the charge the technician and company with fraud?

  3. Avatar

    How about not calling a shady company in the first place?

  4. Avatar

    This is the kind of reporting CBC should stick to. Leave politics alone, you are too left leaning to objectively cover politics.

  5. Avatar

    Now do one on the tax payer ripoff by the crimeminister

  6. Avatar

    Why are so many of these scam artists middle-eastern? I watched a bunch of these on Marketplace and on American news channels and it always seems to be some guy with a middle-eastern accent.

  7. Avatar

    Are the owners Chechen? No wonder.

  8. Avatar

    My washer was 5 years old and it only broke because of a metal bra piece.

  9. Avatar

    I absolutely love undercover Marketplace episodes.. Thank you

  10. Avatar

    Would have been interesting if Marketplace sent in one of Steve's own repairman without Steve's knowledge and see how he holds up…

  11. Avatar

    Wow guys way to go. What horrible social distancing in a lot of the scenes.

  12. Avatar

    Hey Marketplace, maybe ya'll wanna do an investigation on disabled personal Facebook accounts Lots of people the past few months are complaining to FB disabling their accounts, including me. I didn't do anything wrong, FB suddenly disabled me. They don't have any proper customer support option (no support live chat, phone support line, etc.) It seems that you can only appeal your account thru a form they provide but what's annoying is that they don't accept any appeal submissions due to the pandemic! It's really frustrating how they just leave you like this and all my precious data inaccessible. I'd like to see some answers as to why.

  13. Avatar

    i was a repairer the problem is what do you expect? i didnt overcharge and i didnt even charge anything if i coudnt fix it, but the only way to make it in this trade is to scam people. i coudnt afford a big truck or a secretary, because i was going this by the book and not being a scammer. if you see people with a storefront and big notebook coming to your door be ready to get ripped off.

    your washer is worth what? 500-1000$? just buy another one and ditch the old one on Kijiji.

  14. Avatar

    So when do their feet actually get put to the fire?
    No follow up?

  15. Avatar

    I have a lg 32 inch and mixer grinder that needs repair, but not sure who won't rip me off

  16. Avatar

    $280? you can almost buy a new machine

  17. Avatar

    subh (happy) navratri to all🙅🙅🤗
    today is navratri 😊😊😍😍

  18. Avatar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    It sounds like all of your problems could be solved if you install ad blocker…

  19. Avatar

    Thank you CBC Marketplace for doing this.
    Looking forward to seeing more of these criminals getting caught on camera.

    Locksmith scams.
    Rental car scams.
    Amazon returns.
    Appliance repair scams.
    What's next?

  20. Avatar

    thank you CBC for revealing this scam! You're doing God's work.

  21. Avatar

    This is literally the first good video CBC has made this year.

  22. Avatar

    Keep up the great reporting Marketplace!!

    Definitely sounds like they're making new company names to try to cover the poorly reviewed ones of theirs

  23. Avatar

    Hey CBC, I know this isnt in Toronto, but out here in Halifax I had a similar issue of getting re directed to the same company. I did find an excellent repairman locally, Keating Appliance Services. I thought after watching your story, its always good to share good and reputable technicians as well.

  24. Avatar

    I hate they are in my industry

  25. Avatar

    ilike the programm and use it learning english

  26. Avatar

    They are back, I love watching this, please make more and more.

  27. Avatar

    I don't give prices over the phone. That's not smart

  28. Avatar

    call the manufacturer and get a certified tech for your repairs

  29. Avatar

    Well it's a lot of companies like that. They are marketing agents. They charge high so people will work for them. Like puls they want 45% so they gotta be high so the tech can make money

  30. Avatar

    Never use the top google recommendation!!!!

  31. Avatar

    Profit has become a dirty word. Greed ruins all.

  32. Avatar

    So what does law enforcement do?

  33. Avatar

    How is this legal….

  34. Avatar

    At 8:08, CBC news said "we decide google to let Google point the way"……this is BS

    Why, you might ask……..continued at 8:19, CBC SPECIFICALLY typed in "appliance repair team", so of course that website is going to showed up.

    But NO, they made it sound like no matter what you search for, the "appliance repair team" is STILL going to be the first result of the search by Google engine.

    For example, if you type in the seach bar "Home Depot", of course you'll get Home Depot as the top result, what the hell you think Google gonna show?


  35. Avatar

    Guesstimate repairs. That's a load of BS. Repairmen are not psychic

  36. Avatar

    bring this to the us

  37. Avatar

    Shameful people in the world man, horrible.

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