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Apple's iPhone 12: New features and some new hurdles

New cameras on Apple’s new iPhone 12 may prove more useful than new, hyped 5G capabilities. The Washington Post’s Geoffrey Fowler details what you should know. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Personally I like small, so I’m opting for the mini

  2. Avatar

    i don't know about you but when its time to upgrade my phone its time to upgrade my charging cable because the thing has a short in it or it just doesn't seem to charge as fast. now i have to buy one separate!

  3. Avatar

    Apple has overcharged people for years,android forever,cheaper and better.

  4. Avatar

    Nope. Not interested.. The charger an

  5. Avatar
    Elyse Rojas Claire Heath

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  6. Avatar

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  7. Avatar

    You don't really have a compelling story as a critic! You use cleshay… and general knowledge to state a claim. Com'on you are a technology reviewer, really? God!
    Everyone gets a job as a tech professional now, and at Washington post is the surprising bit! This is not very credible of WP. This may raise questions around other bread and butter parts of WP business. … this guy is pathetic unless you've living under a stone !

  8. Avatar

    Tell us about 5G network

  9. Avatar
    Leighton Roberts Emmalyn Mata

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  10. Avatar

    I am ordering the 12 Pro Max as soon as it’s available in November. I love my 11 Pro Max, but want the better camera and video. 5G won’t be available in our area for years, so that’s a moot point for me. I ordered the new watch in September, and it came with a charger, even though I thought it wasn’t. I have plenty of chargers, so I’m good with not having one included with the phone. If they lowered the price, people would just order more unneeded chargers.

  11. Avatar

    Me personally am staying away from 5G.

  12. Avatar

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  13. Avatar

    Sorry Apple, still no really good reasons to give up our 6's & 7's, and when we do.. then maybe just maybe, we'll consider the 11 …
    (and, Yes ours are still working just fine thanks to that Apple store "battery swap".)

  14. Avatar

    Until Apple adds back the headphone port, I'm keeping my 6s. It works just fine

  15. Avatar

    The 18W "fast charging" is just a joke

  16. Avatar

    Seal Team 6 info……NOW !!!!!!

  17. Avatar

    Looks the same

  18. Avatar

    I want smart people not a smart phone.

  19. Avatar

    Can we get a piece of a suicide net as memorabilia?

  20. Avatar

    The only rumors people cared about were it being notchless and Touch ID. I don’t see any meaningful difference between the 11 and the 12. I own a real mirrorless camera, so that will never be a selling point for me… shockingly stale. I would have used Covid as an excuse to push it back in the oven until it was ready. The 11 actually LOOKS better to me.

  21. Avatar

    Using the environment as an excuse for charging you more money… BAHAHAHAH but they have factories in China

  22. Avatar

    I Love my iPhone 11. This Phone can do more than I know how to do. I love the Camera, it’s all I need…….and MORE

  23. Avatar

    Not buying it. I’m sticking to my iPhone X

  24. Avatar

    asked Apple what's new this year? Apple's response ,this year we put a 12 on the box

  25. Avatar

    Features? What features? It has a lidar sensor and a slightly better camera, other than that it’s an iPhone 11.

  26. Avatar

    I just made up my mind that I’m NOT buying an iphone. Terrible apple. You’ve wasted our time. I want a phone not a damn camera

  27. Avatar

    Hard wiring is much faster than 5G and microwaves are causing leaukemia in children, who aren't supposed to be within 1500' of cell towers. Firemen in CA had towers removed when they got sick. Why not those near children?

  28. Avatar

    Idk why I'm here, im a Samsung person

  29. Avatar

    If Apple was smart, they'd study the aftermarket modifications they offer in China, and then add them to their next version.

  30. Avatar

    apple sucks android bettet

  31. Avatar

    This apple ripe 😅

  32. Avatar

    Based on charging block I’m passing on this boring little addition

  33. Avatar

    5G will give you cancer

  34. Avatar

    Definitely like the form factor – return to a quality chassis. I pick up my old iPhone 4 from time to time and love the quality feel in my hand. I’ll wait 2 years to buy a 12 lol.

  35. Avatar

    Trash, I'm keep my note 20 ultra

  36. Avatar
    sophie joseph-brown

    Everyone on the chat saying no they aren’t buying the 12 but just give them a few months to a year…they will

  37. Avatar

    no charger port?

  38. Avatar

    ah yes to help the "enivornment"
    totally not for profit or anything

  39. Avatar

    I pay for 4G and always get upwards of 2 bars.

  40. Avatar

    I’m still doing good with my IPhone 7🤦‍♂️🤣😂

  41. Avatar

    So apple is never going to understand that ripping off the customer is a bad tactic?
    How long until everyone bails on them?

  42. Avatar

    Thanks, I’ll wait!

  43. Avatar

    Apple is owned and ran by slavers. America is hypocritically sick supporting these monsters who use suicide nets to refuse their slaves any peace. Inhuman monsters.

  44. Avatar

    As a longtime iphone user, no thanks. I dont need a better camera!

  45. Avatar

    "most significant upgrades in years"???? What are you smoking? The 12 is a iPhone 11 with 5G. "Apple says" the company of liers. Apple is always screwed over their customers. They never even put a fast charging brake in the box ever now they take away the charging brake entirely so you have to pay for it if you don't have a fast charging brake which they never gave you in the first place.

    there's no reason to buy an iPhone Android does so much more than all iPhones and has much better cameras and features. It's the same price as the note 20 which is the most amazing phone period there is no reason to buy an iPhone over the Samsung Note.

  46. Avatar

    5G was a waste of time

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