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Apple blocks widow from honouring husband's dying wish

An Ontario widow is fighting Apple to gain access to an account she and her husband shared. But instead of giving her the password she’s forgotten, the tech giant is demanding she jump through complicated and expensive legal hoops.

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  1. Avatar

    Go to Zero Hedge to see the Hunter Biden information the media is trying to hide

  2. Avatar

    Yep Apple are hard on security
    And it’s great most of the time
    Add it to your testament !

  3. Avatar

    Idk what to type lol

  4. Avatar

    Another reason to never buy apple

  5. Avatar

    Another example of how the rich lack empathy for the poor. Even if both parties are the same race

  6. Avatar
    Pepper Acton McGowan

    that’s not right. i better get my own papers in order because i’m sitting in the hospital right now and i’m an author and songwriter who is bound to not be around that long. humans are like that.

  7. Avatar

    Things like this are why it is important to talk to IT professionals. Yes, I'm available for hire.

  8. Avatar
    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    Too bad I own an Apple.

  9. Avatar

    Apple didn’t block her. It’s called privacy. Apple doesn’t have to do it.

  10. Avatar

    or find an honest whitehat hacker and then be able to hack it for you get the password Apple or no Apple device doesn't make any difference

  11. Avatar

    She should just get it jailbroken.

  12. Avatar
    Rotaryfever Linguisticbeaver

    Blind shhhhhhheeeeppp looking to pummel pounanies?

  13. Avatar

    Apple didn’t block crap. Her husband did by putting a password on something that he owned which is the right thing to do. So let’s all blame apple for protecting people’s privacy. And how do we know that the widow is even telling the truth? She could be just trying to access the iPad because she don’t want to buy one

  14. Avatar

    You cannot want security and then decide you don't want it. I'm surprised someone didn't start a go fund me. A Court order is reasonable.

  15. Avatar
    Karen Prophet-Lacasse

    Good luck to these families that need the information. Maybe people could give information to a designated person like a power of attorney to help solve this issue?? Just a thought. God bless 🙏

  16. Avatar

    You signed a legal contract when you use the service allowing ownership over the account, and its contents to not be passed down to anyone else, other than the original user.

    Stop clicking yes before reading the user agreement.

    If everyone did this, and not used the service, the company would be forced to change the user agreement where this would not have occured in the first place.

    Blame yourselves ninnies.

  17. Avatar

    Curious, it was so important that she finished the book, why not leave her the password????????

  18. Avatar

    I am sorry to hear this but it is important that digital privacy is protected. I don't even think apple should have the ability to do this with a court order, it will get abused to easily by the worlds governments I fear

  19. Avatar

    Well if you really read the terms and conditions, you don't even own your own information if it is stored on their systems.

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    Did she say bequeef? 0:59

  23. Avatar
    nnystikai Gakushū

    Your husband out a password on his device. How you you both didn’t share passcode especially knowing what’s to come. To those talking about how much they hate  because of this, Goodluck finding someone at google to even speak to if you have an issue like this.

  24. Avatar

    Try and find a device of his that was automatically logged into the email address that would get a reset password email sent to it. Follow the forgot password thing and there you go. If you don’t have his email/password for that then you could try google (or whatever his email was through) but may get the same result

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