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Anywhere but Westminster coronavirus diaries: alone, together

The headlines have so far been all about a panic-buying, lockdown-defying Britain. But in video sent by viewers and their own neighbourhoods, John Harris and John Domokos find distancing and isolation giving rise to amazing community spirit, even as Covid-19’s effects deepen
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  1. Avatar

    Submissions guidance for the next episode on gig workers (couriers, drivers etc)
    1) Mostly importantly, follow government guidance and stay safe
    2) Hold your phone horizontally
    3) Avoid noisy environments
    4) Show don’t tell: if you are talking about something, point the camera towards it
    5) We want personal, powerful testimony. Show us things that are personal, and affecting you/other people speaking

    Know people we should talk to or places we should go? Fill in this form ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/19/anywhere-but-westminster-we-need-your-help-covering-the-coronavirus

  2. Avatar

    May we all stay safe during this tough time

  3. Avatar

    If only people voted labour there would have been a competent response.

  4. Avatar

    bloody hell……nobody wearing mask. in Bangladesh..everybody wearing it.& some people sooscared as if the could they would multiple mask.

  5. Avatar

    Thank you, I feel less isolated now. There’s so many helpful lovely people in this country!

  6. Avatar

    So very sorry! We are in bad shape USA too. No place safe! 😥❤️

  7. Avatar

    Asda had announced that on Friday 20th they were making from opening to 9am the hours would be dedicated to elderly and vulnerable customers.
    This information seems to have passed this journalist by…

  8. Avatar

    I have no income at all. I don't know if i can go out to get food or even if there will be food in the shop anyway.

  9. Avatar

    Good people pulling together for their communities. So good to see this amongst all the anxiety. 💙

  10. Avatar

    Great project…..just one point….there were some examples of peopling not social distancing…..stay safe.

  11. Avatar

    Hopefully all countries realise we need to be more self sustainable. We need to grow more of our own food and produce more of our own produce. Covid 19 has shown the flaws of global trade reliance.

  12. Avatar

    YOU People "WHO" TRUST MEDIA, And ALL The lies,. And "GOVERNMENT". THAT'S the ""PROBLEM""….

  13. Avatar

    THE SKY IS FALLING,,. THE sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING The sky is FALLING,. GOVERNMENT HELP US..

  14. Avatar

    Community volunteers have always quietly shown the way. Thanks for shining a light on this John Harris & team.

  15. Avatar

    This series is the guardians saving grace

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