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Anti-mask protesters in Quebec demand 'liberté'

Thousands of anti-mask demonstrators filled the streets of Montreal on Saturday, demanding the right to personal freedoms and criticizing Quebec’s pandemic response.

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    Valentyna Krasovska

    People, just wait for September let children set down school. Look at US what happens if the people don't want to follow the rules. It is not just a mask, all things together protect you. It is not perfect but it works better. Do you want the same scenario like in US. We could make it just because we follow the rules. Beside your freedom there is responsibility to protect people around you. Don't let your memory forget what we just accomplished together! Be patient!!!

  3. Avatar

    Go ahead with mask free and then segregate yourself from the rest of Canada directly. I'm good enjoy your liberty at your own expense.

  4. Avatar

    Freedom must be defended at all costs.

  5. Avatar

    This should happen in every city.

  6. Avatar

    Here's a REAL question how did Quebec not only test but confirm 104 cases in 24hours? Covid tracing apps have been snuck into all our phones so start publishing the positive people so people can independently verify these are real individual cases not the same covid positive person being repeatedly tested and repeatedly counted as a positive case. GET WHAT IM SAYING? And shove your privacy right you know where tha tracing apps are added without consent and your staying home if your sick people know anyways

  7. Avatar

    No Mask as God intended ✝️

  8. Avatar

    Everyone knows that the numbers have been pumped up to silence us.

  9. Avatar

    how dare THEY make me drive on the right side of the road! your life means less than my freedom to do whatever i damn well feel like!

  10. Avatar

    The CBC journalist is not wearing a mask they are inside a building. Hipócrates

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    Masks are important!

  13. Avatar

    How many actually were sick? How many that died, actually died FROM, NOT WITH, COVID. HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD HAVE DIED IN THAT THAT SAME TIME PERIOD IF THE VIRUS NEVER HAPPENED. ? we are being manipulated .

  14. Avatar

    I was watching a documentary on the HIV outbreak. It's funny how things never change.

  15. Avatar

    They are free to liberate themselves from this planet.

  16. Avatar

    you didnt ask the individual who protest why they were doing it and get the reasons for it only talk down to the viewers it would be a better story then get told by cbc the same information you have the personal freedom to do that.

  17. Avatar

    Lol 😂 The signs !! Hahaha SO FOR THE FOLKS THAT SAY JESUS SAVES , DO YOU OWN A WEAPON FOR PROTECTION ? I’m with you 100% lord is my Shepard but you still have free will and if you get sick well your fault !! God can’t save em all I guess 🐑

  18. Avatar

    That's it, start building that wall.

  19. Avatar

    The kiwis didn't whine like little bitches, and now they're covid free for more than 100 days.

  20. Avatar
    epsonage cheerios

    The tactic used by the govt is the same that used by horse trainers. They put a mask to cover the horse eyes to make them feel more calm and obedient.

  21. Avatar

    Let’s give them what they want and they should give up the free health insurance
    !Why should tax paid insurance cover someone denying the health authorities direction?!!

  22. Avatar

    Anti-masker and anti-vaxxers will either be remembered by history as either the minority voice of reason in a virus witchhunt or ijits who fully deserved the Darwin awards they received

  23. Avatar
    Commander Shepard

    We must unit together. We are the people. Isnt this country supposed to have the most acceptance of belief.

  24. Avatar

    You can choose to put what you want on your face, or not. The law doesnt get to say what I wear, sorry but thats a law I won't listen to.

  25. Avatar

    Trumps plaque is spreading. We got em here as well. Conspiracy Theory Trump loyalist’s. Wonderful…

  26. Avatar

    The protest is not just about masks. It’s about the child rapists and Hunan trafficking of criminal Government is perpetrating. Those in high places are the biggest pedos.

  27. Avatar
    Sandra Richardson

    I would believe cotton mustbe going up "! Hence sythentics" should be a good substitute°™

  28. Avatar
    The Cheese Factor

    No one ever said quebecers were smart.

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  30. Avatar

    if anyone reading this is not absolutely sure of being 100% guaranteed heaven, please watch this 7min youtube video with an open heart:
    => “the bible way to heaven sanderson1611”

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  32. Avatar

    What is happening now that people don't trust experts??!

  33. Avatar

    how can ppl say covid isnt real remmber that guy in usa sayin il never wear i f in.mask did see him in icu cant breathe tongue waggging not fun

  34. Avatar

    Protesters should have signed that if that got infected that they wuld not use hospital resources…see how many would sign that!

  35. Avatar

    To much freedom,

  36. Avatar

    I live in north west Quebec and our town has fully embraced the mask rule.

  37. Avatar

    The only conspiracy is the concerted efforts to censor and shutting down of competing medical opinions on Covid-19. We are presented with a single narrative that this is a new virus and we don’t know much about it and there’s much more to learn etc. etc, etc. But like magic, they know exactly what needs to be done and not surprisingly, they know it’s been handled exactly right. Anyone who has a different medical professional opinion is obviously just a crazy conspiracy theorist. Vomit…can you just stop using that term for people who simply have a different view on something we know very little about. Anyone still using that term has very little credibility remaining.

  38. Avatar

    I learned absolutely nothing in this “news” report. No interviews of demonstrators. Apparent “conspiracy theories” of demonstrators. Pandemic apparently “growing”. Another reason why CBC and their $1.2B annual budget in urgent need of a redefined mandate & reform for the 21st century.

  39. Avatar

    Darwin will fix this

  40. Avatar

    -stop wearing wearing and buying masks. They do nothing
    -start wearing masks , we only said that because our citizens are morons, and we needed to conserve masks for the doctors……
    -daaaammmnnnn now im paying for masks!!!!!!!!!!

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    martial law!!!! please

  43. Avatar

    You mean the numbers for the common cold …. ohbthe trending name is covid 19 such BS

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