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Anti-COVID lockdown protestors hit the streets in Barcelona

These were the wild scenes in Barcelona as lockdown protestors hit the streets calling for an end to restrictions. Police officers can be seen putting out fires, as hundreds of people demonstrated across the city.

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    Lock down is not a cure for pandemic. At the beginning it was supposed to buy time and find better ways to resolve this crisis. But not one country (of what I personally am aware off) didn't do anything different to fight it. What about all the data gathered over almost a year? Everything is being disregarded. Politicians are pushing the same folty solutions. It is not about the health of the population. If it was there wouldn't be allowing BLM protests or banning Hydroxychloroquine in some countries. Doctors with different ideas and results of their work are being silenced, while media is spreading fear and governments are pushing new radical laws.
    Soon they will force us to be vaccinated like cattle. With first in history, rushed mRNA vaccine developed for humans.

  2. Avatar

    Poland is with you great people.Politics are idiots and take idiotic decisions.Sorry for my week english .

  3. Avatar

    end the lockdown = protests stop 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Great awakening. When people will end socialist rule. #MakeEuropeGreatAgain

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