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Anime gets blackness wrong, here's how fans are fixing it

Josh Toussaint-Strauss loves anime but too often sees black characters portrayed using racist stereotypes. Even some of the biggest and well-loved shows, like Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop and One Punch Man, fail in their representation of black characters. This is part of the reason why being a black fan of anime can be difficult. Josh talks to black fans, writers and critics about how they view racism in anime and what creators are doing to change it

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  1. Avatar

    Judging people by their skin colour is racism. x

  2. Avatar

    Rent a girlfriend

  3. Avatar

    They called for a civil war on whites. We’ve been in genocide your entire life. We’re slaves. See white slavery and where we was slaves. Being called a racist or white supremacy. Is a hate crime. There was more slaves in America on slavery ships 🚢 less than 1.2% of whites had slaves. Over 500 million whites was murdered in white slavery in America. Every race and nation had slaves. Only whites was murdered. Only whites was blamed hated. Murdered over something we WASNT alive to do. We’re killed over slavery every day. Can’t wait for judgement day. Because racism works both ways.

  4. Avatar

    they get Greeness and Blueness wrong too

  5. Avatar

    They should just not even make anyone black. I don't know why the Japanese need to kneel before race hustlers in America.

  6. Avatar

    See thats why i make fun of all races that like anime

  7. Avatar

    Never got into anime because of the inherant racsist tropes in the anime media. I was though a big Kung Fu fan more to the point Shaw Bros and Golden Harvest, director Chang Cheh. Jackie, Sammo, Li, and Yen. In their movies the antogonist was most often the Japanese or British colonial powers and I understood the context. There were hardly any racism in these films because mostly they were set in history. Bruce Lee did his part for black inclusion with Kareem Abdul Jamar and Jim Kelly. However lookin just frm this great video some of the depictions are not as offensive as I thought while others definitely. The black one punch man character actually looks cool. But I have to see the show to determine whether it is offensive. All the best

  8. Avatar

    Also when watchin these shows they are made in Japan but the characters are inherently "looks wise" Western. I believe thats a deliberate choice on their part

  9. Avatar

    I am also a big big Kurosawa fan, the lady who said she was too can she marry me?

  10. Avatar

    Oh lord now its Anime, nothing is safe! Leave it to networks like the guardian among others to lure minorities like us into these senseless debates to take focus off of real issues.

  11. Avatar

    I recommend watching the film Hafu, where a black Japanese tells of his experience growing up in Japan. It's sad. The truth is that Japan is racist but they don't know it. A black miss Japan was elected and some were saying that she was not "really" Japanese. Finally, my father in law is Japanese and before going there he told me to say that I have a PhD before saying that I am Mexican because people would treat me better this way.

  12. Avatar

    Remember when people just watched the shows and not try to politicize every single aspect of it? Fun times

  13. Avatar

    Black luster is not black, he's white. He trained so hard he lost all hair in his body as well as skin pigmentation.

  14. Avatar

    Anime/manga are modern king-fu.

  15. Avatar

    Wow my post about how Mr Popo isn't even supposed to be human got fucking deleted already? Really? He's a deity.

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