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Anger as 39% of A-Level results marked down in England- BBC News

Hundreds of thousands of students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have received their A Level and vocational qualification results, after the exams were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, schools and colleges were told to estimate grades, which were then moderated by exam boards, with the aim of ensuring results were not significantly higher or lower than in previous years.

78% of A Level results were A-star to C, up 2.6% from last year. 28% were the top grades A-star and A. However there has been angry criticism of the results in England, where 39% of grades were marked down, while just 2% went up.

The UK’s equalities commission has warned that it will intervene after it emerged that disadvantaged students had been worst affected by the system in England, while private school pupils benefited most.

The university admissions service UCAS says the number of UK students who’ve already accepted places is up by almost 3% on this time last year. Nearly 359,000 students have confirmed their choice of university so far, including more than 7,500 who’ve found a place through clearing.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting from education editor Branwen Jeffreys, Dan Johnson and political correspondent Chris Mason.

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  1. Avatar

    First Boris was pointing at Sturgeon now his problem is twice as big.
    More then 100,000 Student were deprived of the hard work.
    Thanks Boris.

  2. Avatar

    Carol said Computer says no.

  3. Avatar

    Unfortunately it was my dream to enter the arts but high school bikes were all bad because of the stress of life I went through. 😔😔

  4. Avatar

    Boris Johnson told us they were prepared but they wasn't.
    44,000 official deaths
    56,000 covid deaths documented in death certificates.
    63,000 additional deaths compared to last years first 7 months.

  5. Avatar

    I should of listened school 😥

  6. Avatar
    Helena Monique Clarke

    Appeal if you need to do so. But where are their masks?

  7. Avatar

    how do you think university students feels… no graduation or jobs and a crap grade…

  8. Avatar

    They just gives us Ar15s and a laptop now in America. Bill gates starts school at 9am on Zoom for all the kiddos. The curriculum was designed by Jeff Bezos and Epstein

  9. Avatar

    You people are lucky ; I had a fool for a teacher who let half the class mess around when revising for exams.
    Our exam paper also contained much material we had never learned during lessons, so it is no surprise I failed, along with many others who were expected to pass.
    British education has always been shitty.

  10. Avatar
    Pavel Paul Davila Garfias

    Good thing I graduated last year. Can you believe that happy crappy?

  11. Avatar

    We demand the government to give A level students their teacher assessed grades
    Click this link to sign the petition:

  12. Avatar

    why it is on news it happens

  13. Avatar

    Dude I've had constant As and Bs this year for Alevel and they gave me all Cs🙄 smh

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  15. Avatar

    Yayyy resits exist!! Now where do I get £300 from?

  16. Avatar

    Now remember, your hard work is capped, we must make sure the grades given are inline or the same as last year.

  17. Avatar

    Worst thing is, I was an idiot when I was younger and didn’t give a fuck about my mocks but smashed my expected grades none the less. I promise you if other schools were like mine, there’s gonna be a lot of kids being left disappointed.

  18. Avatar
    Ulysses Henderson

    2% upgrade shows that overall it’s fine. Obviously teachers are going to over-predict🤣🤣

  19. Avatar

    These teleprompter reading 'journalists' are great at reading, not so great at journalism.

  20. Avatar

    My sister did good… yay!?!

  21. Avatar

    My panic has gone from 1000-1,000,000. It already went from 100-1000!

  22. Avatar

    This is so stupid, Tory government fucks everything up again and again. Then labour after 5 months of silence tries to swoop in and save the day. I can’t with our government. Just go off teacher assessment not everyone is gonna get a/ a*. 😤😤

  23. Avatar

    Rise up students! Burn that admin building to the ground, HOW DARE THEY!

  24. Avatar

    You need to redo this. Because the students deserve a second chance due to covid19.

  25. Avatar
    Ben Palmer-Jones

    Year 13s before: I sure hope I get into uni this year
    Year 13s now: 'computer says no'

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    discover charing https://youtu.be/7KZ-inpfvzM

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  29. Avatar

    this is how you create cleaners and all the other jobs nobody wants by downgrading the majority of the population and keeping those in private schools and money with A grades…. this is a RIP OFF of the masses!

  30. Avatar

    If the purpose of learning is to score well in a test, we've lost sight of the real reason for learning. 'sheeple'

  31. Avatar

    I get my GCSEs a week from today. Like them I don't get a chance to prove that I can get the grades I want. Re sitting is useless, after 3 years of working towards something that never happened. And 5 months of not having work to do means I've forgotten most of the stuff I revised. Boris Johnson, you have fucked over so many people by favouring private schools. If I too have been cucked. I will be massively dissapointed.

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    toybonnie bunny 220 sfm,gmod

    UK gas no deaths so there's no chance for second wave

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    Looks like all but white students got down-graded. 👀

  34. Avatar

    Students will be filling their Pot Noodles with extra hot boiling water in protest over this

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