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Angela Stanton King storms out of interview after QAnon questions

Angela Stanton King, who is working to help Donald Trump win Black voters, walks out of an interview with the Guardian after questioning over her views on the QAnon conspiracy theory. Asked whether she believed the retailer Wayfair was involved in a global pedophilia conspiracy, she says: ‘You know they are. You saw it. You watch the news just like I did’

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  1. Avatar

    A whole new generation of grifters using Qanon is already here

  2. Avatar

    Donald Trump has got to go. I saw a fight nearly break out in a McDonald's drive-thru yesterday. Some guy cut in front of another guy, and when he got called on it he got super-aggressive and acted like he was entitled to just do whatever he wanted and as if it was actually the guy he cut in front of's fault.

  3. Avatar

    Her utmost ignorance, meanness, and nastiness shows that she's a true Trump supporter and a Qanon whack.

  4. Avatar

    Civil rights and Qanon candidates: the fight for facts in Georgia | Anywhere but Washington ►

  5. Avatar

    Why are her eyebrows half way up her forehead?

  6. Avatar

    I will laugh my head off seeing the tears roll off the cheeks of every single qanon conspiracy theorist when Biden wins outright. Water will coming down faster than niagra falls baby! Biden 2020 lets defeat the anti-science anti-facts Christian fundamentalist doctrine with a reckoning so hard these people type of beliefs never enter anyones minds again.

  7. Avatar

    Good for Her!

  8. Avatar

    And the Republican Party has this crackpot as a candidate for Congress??? 😂😂😂

  9. Avatar

    He is disrespectful. And with that accent, he isn't even American. Disgusting

  10. Avatar

    wow. just…wow.

  11. Avatar
    NoneOfYour Beeswax

    Angela… "You done!"

  12. Avatar

    Wow. She is a joke.

  13. Avatar

    Save the children from Angela, a lot of 🍕🍕🍕 in her house

  14. Avatar

    I dare say Angela has seen many a rainy day.

  15. Avatar

    This dude has an AGENDA

  16. Avatar

    Who is this "reporter". He is woefully ill-informed. I suppose he is a Guardian hack.

  17. Avatar

    She will end up in jail again

  18. Avatar

    this guy is a disgrace. she ate his lunch.

  19. Avatar

    She a dope. Props to the interviewer. Only thing he should have said, walking off makes her look bad. Well worse.

  20. Avatar

    That woman is dumb as a rock.

  21. Avatar
    Brittany Lauren Wheeler

    "I supported him before he gave me a pardon!"

  22. Avatar

    remember: "it was raining that day" 😂😂😂

  23. Avatar

    What’s happened to her eyebrows.

  24. Avatar

    Trump four more years

  25. Avatar

    He’s pardoned people who have nothing to do w him and Obama did opposite. Exactly what he said of Trump. She left bec it was an attack

  26. Avatar

    She answered well.

  27. Avatar

    She did not storm out

  28. Avatar

    I don't trust anyone with eyelashes like that.

  29. Avatar
    Christine M Lester

    Wow! They won't let her get her message out, they just wanna attack her!

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    Really disappointed in this woman….she thinks like Trump does which is why she supports him. Please don't vote for her!

  32. Avatar

    She made public accusations, gave no context then stormed out of an interview. And people down here say she is persecuted. Like how?

  33. Avatar


  34. Avatar

    She's like a Trump supporter. Talks, thinks and acts like Trump.

  35. Avatar

    Rubbish reporter….

  36. Avatar

    Ahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Avatar

    Repatriation is a word every recent ethnic minority person needs to learn. We have fed you, educated you, sheltered you, but now is the time to return to your homelands. Your first class citizen card over the indigenous population has been declined.

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