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Angela Merkel outlines new coronavirus restrictions for Germany

Germany will impose an emergency month-long lockdown that includes the closure of restaurants, gyms and theatres to reverse a spike in coronavirus cases that risks overwhelming hospitals, the chancellor said on Wednesday
Germany to impose new coronavirus rules amid record rise in cases
Coronavirus news – live updates

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  1. Avatar

    does a straight face come naturally, or do they have to practice.

  2. Avatar
    Ťêâm Ťěmpěšt

    After watching Netflix documentary “Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries” I'm wondering why Merkel is part of The Bilderberg Group.

  3. Avatar

    I like Angela Merkel but she shouldn’t have opened the door to the Middle East, these people have no respect for Europe and they don’t wear masks or social distance

  4. Avatar

    "Angela Merkel hits self destruct button"

  5. Avatar

    She‘s the devil

  6. Avatar

    Oma braucht Hilfe , sie ist komplett verrückt geworden .

  7. Avatar

    Sensible measures. Wish we had a decent government like Germany’s here in the UK

  8. Avatar
    Tinfoil Lives Don't Matter

    Merkel for World President 🙂

  9. Avatar

    What is wrong with these people? IQ of a crayon.

  10. Avatar

    She is ruining Germany with that insane immigration 'policy' and now wants to finish the job

  11. Avatar

    She takes things a little too obviously but I think she's a decent leader

  12. Avatar

    I don't get corona virus because i wear my imperial mask. Be like me !

  13. Avatar

    She's looking more like her grandad Adolf every time we see her.

  14. Avatar

    Who bought her soul?

  15. Avatar

    Hey Germany, you've been down this road before you know. In 1930s.

  16. Avatar

    Merkel 🇪🇺🇩🇪❤️

  17. Avatar

    Why so many dislikes?

  18. Avatar

    Do you know anyone with covid, that’s the real question

  19. Avatar

    All other respiratory illnesses down this year🤔 wonder why?

  20. Avatar

    Germany always choose safety over freedom!

  21. Avatar

    Satanists, Deceivers, !! Sabatanians

  22. Avatar

    how come Rats who live in sewers full of virus and bacteria never go into lockdown? Oh but Rats create loads of their own Vitamin C. Rats rarely get any vitamin D rom the sun either yet they never wash their paws and turn up at A&E with a nasty virus cough? Just asking. Hahaha. Rats don't speak German, Parleuz vous Anglais? Sprechen zee Deuschland? Rats squeak Ratish. Hahaha.

  23. Avatar

    frankenstiens sister!

  24. Avatar

    1930's here we go again.

  25. Avatar

    Winter is nearly here

  26. Avatar

    We don’t believe you, games up.

  27. Avatar

    Globalist agenda. Every country is slowly doing the same thing again

  28. Avatar
    Northern Konspiracy Theorist

    There will come a time when we will be asked by future generations why we allowed ourselves to have our freedoms taken away by a virus that only exists in the media.

  29. Avatar

    We English Scottish welsh irish are not!!! zee Germans so why are we broadcasting something which has nothing to do with our country and doesn't affect us.? Basically we don't care.

  30. Avatar

    what an atrocity on Europe this woman has been, and now on the world

  31. Avatar

    Guardian trash

  32. Avatar

    All Merkel needs is a little brush moustache

  33. Avatar

    Health is the most important thing!
    Without health you cannot work .

  34. Avatar

    She looks like she smells? Anyone else get that opinion of her 😂

  35. Avatar

    Its seems like they really want the citizens to totally revolt so they can impose their plan. These leaders totally disgust me.

  36. Avatar

    Looks like all the trolls from tweeter have landed here. Goodness me.

  37. Avatar

    Will the Germans put up with this.

  38. Avatar

    27 person who dead of COVID !!

  39. Avatar

    Next they will starve us. Rona is so you can’t assemble and so that gov can enforce it.

  40. Avatar
    Nanny Needs Coffee

    Every country's government is reading from the same script. It's so obvious what's going on I can't believe that there are people still believing in this 🐂💩

  41. Avatar

    All this for a virus that hasn't even been isolated therefore might not actually exist and for which the test kits are woefully inaccurate and not fit for purpose.

  42. Avatar

    Wonder how long until UK is in full lockdown

  43. Avatar

    Trust & Truth

  44. Avatar

    This political virus is spreading like wildfire.

  45. Avatar

    Angela Merkel outlines new coronavirus restrictions for Germany against the advice of most of the world's doctors and scientists.

  46. Avatar

    Boycott France

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