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Andy Burnham: the government is trying to penny-pinch on tier 3 lockdown

The Greater Manchester mayor, Andy Burnham, said he would not ‘break the law’ if the government put the region into tier 3 coronavirus measures, but accused Westminster of ignoring those on a low income who will be most affected by the curbs. The government’s highest risk tier requires some businesses, mainly in the service sector, to close.

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    UK coronavirus news – live updates ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2020/oct/20/uk-coronavirus-live-greater-manchester-last-minute-plan-boris-johnson-tier-3-lockdown-deadline-covid
    Coronavirus: Burnham condemns late-night ultimatum to Greater Manchester ► https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/20/coronavirus-burnham-condemns-late-night-ultimatum-to-greater-manchester

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    Only 0.6 of the population is at risk of dying from the flu

  3. Avatar

    Andy you need to stand strong regardless of what they do , your very popular and no doubt internationally as well mate . Don't back Down Andy !

  4. Avatar

    Obviously that cheque had a few more o added ,Manchester under lockdown for the rest of the year, there all rowing in the same boat with bill at the helm.

  5. Avatar
    James Cornelius Taylor

    The government is a bunch of financially privileged law dodgers, how can they expect people to obey the law and lose their homes?

  6. Avatar

    Herd immunity won’t work to all you people saying it’s the only option, you can get covid twice and it’s worse the second time just look it up

  7. Avatar

    People in power are walking all over everyone without resistance!. Where's the true Brit gone!. Needs to be re- born.

  8. Avatar

    Why they didn't lockdown at the start for two weeks is beyond me should have closed everything down.

  9. Avatar

    The Great Barrington Declaration is the only way

  10. Avatar

    If every single business in Greater Manchester decides to stay open, what are they going to do? Arrest every single business owner? All the police have to do is decide not to enforce this farce and we'll just carry on as normal thanks.

  11. Avatar

    The Tories using the north as a testing ground for an unpopular policy why does that sound familiar?

  12. Avatar

    The current UK death rate from Covid-19 is 0.0002% of the population. Is that worth mass unemployment, bankruptcies and suicides?

  13. Avatar

    Virus. What virus? The only virus’s in this country are in Westminster and the City. ALL the data tells a completely different story than the Government’s.

  14. Avatar

    When will Labour learn there isn't a magic tree. The one size fits all national lockdown fails to recognise regional and local differences, a targeted approach makes more sense on every level.
    I can see a case however for an even more targeted approach, by way of shielding the most vulnerable until such time as infections rates have decreased or a vaccine becomes available.
    Defining exactly who would fall into this vulnerable category is more difficult and has many practical problems on an individual level.
    What is clear is that there are no easy answers.

  15. Avatar
    Angeline Lowery Chaya Shannon

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  16. Avatar

    It is interesting how the Covid narrative has changed over time.

    When it was just China, certain sources were saying it was a world issue and we should not stop people coming over from China.

    When it came to the UK, the same people were desperate for the country to be shut down as "lives were more important than money".

    People who protested against lockdowns on civil liberty grounds or due to the damage to the economy were mocked.

    Now, I see the same sources backing Andy Burnham's opposition to being put in tier 3, that there should be lengthy discussion before imposing lockdowns.

    I think the Government is going to find it increasingly difficult to enforce lockdowns in the coming months. In turn there is going to be more opposition to local authorities imposing lockdowns on its constituents – if the Mayor can oppose the PM then why shouldnt the Mayor's constituents oppose anything imposed my the Mayor?

  17. Avatar

    Control the wealth.
    Create conflict.
    Martial law
    Where are we at?

  18. Avatar

    This is why we love Andy!. He's really put himself out there for us Mancunians. Thanks Andy.,top bloke.

  19. Avatar

    Andy gives a third of his salary to help the homeless, what does Hancock and the rest of the tory cabinet criminals do, line their own pockets, a total disgrace.

  20. Avatar

    Andyburn Andy Burnham did nothing help enforce the rules – crowded pubs, venues, drinking enmasse in the sreets till the early hours, many overlooking the face mask and social distancing rules. The Tier 3 us a result of fhe minority infecting the innocents and he doesnt care. Just wants to score politics. Disgusting

  21. Avatar

    Your lives are slowly disappearing down the TOILET whilst more and more of you are being INDOCTRINATED to FEAR and thus SUBSERVIENCE, and 99pc of you are so obsessed with the Coronavirus, fail to recognise how your mindset has been manipulated via that very "INDOCTRINATION OF FEAR", and equally fail to see the REAL THREAT TO YOUR LIVES STARING YOU IN THE FACE : "THE FREEDOM TO LIVE YOUR LIFE AS YOU CHOOSE" that the Government are taking away from each and everyone of you … INDOCTRINATION OF FEAR just as much a threat as WAR. Indeed, what you FEAR will destroy you..!

  22. Avatar

    This governments startegy just make a massive tragedy mate. My Romanian Opinion only. Anyway who are scare about covid19 they will die by panic and will be sick people's. whatever like I said My Romanian Opinion 😎😃

  23. Avatar

    Stick to your guns Andy.

  24. Avatar

    Finally, the U.K has a potential leader.

  25. Avatar
    Christopher Teasdale

    Shut up you northern

  26. Avatar

    Let Manchester go their own way and when everything goes South, Burnham can walk, barefoot, to London, cap in hand, pleading for more, just like in Oliver!

  27. Avatar
    Patricia Michalak

    I’m more scared of economic crisis than Covid itself lol

  28. Avatar
    Belinda Blunderbus

    Someone has to say it. The tories will always put wealth over welfare.

  29. Avatar

    seems chaotic at the moment.

  30. Avatar

    This country is getting more and more populated by sheep doffing their cap to muppets in Westminster and their SAGE advisors.

  31. Avatar
    Lord Ball-sac the 2nd

    Penny pinching how so ? All govenements worls wide have shown they can print money at an unending levels.

    Also have a practicable riot you poorest of the most effected. New horse body armour and horse cams can be purchased next year and the arm's industry's would love a bit of that contracr

  32. Avatar

    The ambulance refuse to take any patients into hospital now. And gps are refusing to register

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